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A Walking Guide to Memorials in Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. is replete with monuments and memorials dedicated to both American and world historical figures and events. This is your guide to making the most of your next visit to the District with a monuments and memorials walking tour.
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10 Domestic US Cities to Visit in June
Are you thinking of scheduling a family vacation or weekend away? If yes, then consider going to some of the most exciting places to visit in the US? New York would be voted high as the exciting cities in the US or the most exciting among the places to visit in the US. With so many American cities reinventing themselves, travelers can discover something exciting right around the corner. There are cities all over the country brimming with energy, just a short flight, road trip, or train ride away. Pack your carry-on, and in a few hours, you’ll be surrounded by distinct American cultures, iconic dishes, and live tunes.
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Parades and Fireworks: Great Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is that classic American holiday when all our grandiose display of flags, barbeque, apple pie, and fireworks come together in a delectable slice of true Americana. Many of us fondly remember trips across the state line to purchase obscenely powerful firecrackers. There’s also the annual family trip to the beach and the time-honored tradition of the Main Street parade. These quintessential Fourth of July traditions are what make the Fourth of July…well…the Fourth of July. We took a look around the United States and are bringing your our favorite places to enjoy the Fourth in all its patriotic glory. These are our recommendations for ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.
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Must-Visit Shopping Malls
As the capital of the United States, Washington DC is not only a major political center, but also an ideal shopping place. There are many large-scale shopping malls and outlets in DC. There are many high-end luxury brands and entry level luxury brands there. There are different discount events at different times of the year.
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Everything You Need To Know About Historical Sites in Washington
Washington D.C., formerly known as District of Columbia and named in honor of President George Washington, is best known for The White House – one of the most iconic and recognized landmarks across the globe. The city is known for its rich cultural history, evident from the monuments, museums, and historical sites in Washington spread across the map.
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Must-Have Guide to Top Museums in Washington
Does space fascinate you? Or does natural science excite you? If not all these, do you like the dinos? Not in movies but in real life? Of all the things that were once there, isn't it just so intriguing to wonder how life was back there? If you aren't about science, artifacts of very famous painters might fascinate you as well. These are the things which we all could live again, and yes, I am not talking about movies but museums that are designed in such a way that you could go back in time. When we visit these places, we will realize one thing; that history made us what we are today. What if the fire was not discovered? Could we grill the marshmallows on the camp, or maybe have the luxury of riding a vehicle if the wheel was not invented at all? You will appreciate the time when things were not that easier, and this makes history interesting.
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An Insider’s Guide to Hotels in Washington, D.C.
The District, as it’s affectionately known to residents, is the epicenter of American power and national prestige. New York City may get all the love, but Washington is where the real action takes places. This is where movers and shakers from around the world gather in the halls of power. Towering landmarks to American history line the National Mall, which is also home to some of the finest museums in the world.
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Lincoln Memorial Guide – Facts and Useful Information
An iconic landmark, Lincoln Memorial is located in Washington DC and as the name suggests was built in the year 1914 to honour the then legendary American president Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the US and had fought numerous battles to preserve the nation and strengthen the government during his realm. The superimposing 99 ft tall monument has been a coveted tourist attraction, since the early 1930s.
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