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The White Walled-Black Roofed Huipai Village with Horse-Head Walls: You Must Come to Wuyuan to Appreciate It Properly.
Wuyuan is the source place of the ancient Huizhou culture. In most of the villages the intact Huipai architecture is still preserved: we can find white walls, black roof tiles, horse-headed walls, and exquisite stone carvings, brick carvings and wood carvings. When you come to Wuyuan, you must enjoy it a lot.
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Ancient Architecture of Huipai 7 Must See Architectural Sites of Wuyuan
Wuyuan acts as the origin of the ancient Huizhou, it preserves the complete ancient architecture of Huizhou: white walls, black roofs, walls with dragon head, narrow bluestone road, exquisite stone and wood carvings are the biggest attractions of this kind of architecture.
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Visit These 8 Places to Play around Mount Sanqing and Wuyuan
Mount Sanqing, which is next to Wuyuan in the North, has not only the "grandeur, danger, steepness, beauty and seclusion" of the five famous mountains in China, but also the "oddity" of Mount Huangshan. It is reputed as the most "immortal mountain on earth". Mount Sanqing is not only beautiful, but also a Taoist ancestral court with a long history. Each famous peak here is closely related to Taoist legends.
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Top 10 Holiday Destinations in China for November
Dali:The Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon Season of Cherry Blossoms There is more to Dali than its four famed landscapes, each represented by the local saying of "wind, flowers, snow and moon". As the weather turns cooler in November, cherry blossoms bloom.Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley was originally a tea plantation. By happy chance, a few cherry trees began to grow. The plantation owner found them to be a pretty sight and planted cherry trees all over the mountain.
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