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TOP Winter Places to Travel in China for WInter 2020
Xishuangbanna Reason for recommendation The most popular panda manor in Supu's children, the second tropical rainforest tour destination
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The Beauty of Ancient Chinese City Names and What It Means 2020
Ever wondered what prominent place names mean in Chinese? Explore their hidden beauty in this short article.
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An Insider’s Travel Guide to China: Xi’an, Guilin and Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie and More
China is an enormous country. The world’s most populous nation is a case study in contradiction. Gleaming skyscrapers dot the Shanghai skyline while the garrison at Jiayuguan has guarded the country’s western approaches since the Ming Dynasty. Time seems frozen in Shangri-La, deep in remote Yunnan Province. Beijing’s modern architecture rises above centuries old, densely-packed hutongs. Everywhere you go you find a country constantly moving towards the future yet never managing to escape its past. In this short guide, we provide our recommendations to those places that captured our imagination. Places that stuck in our heart and minds long after we left. This is our insider’s travel guide to contemporary China.
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[Xi’an Delicacies] Enter the World of Foodies and Make a List of Xi’an’s Popular Delicacies!
[Xi’an delicacies] Enter the world of foodies and make a list of Xi’an’s popular delicacies!
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Xi’An Net Red Restaurant List, Cixi Ate Here and Said it Was Good.
De Fa Chang Dumpling: Listen to the story while eating. De Fa Chang Dumplings is a famous old name in Xi’an. It is an indispensable place to receive VIPs from other places. Different shapes of dumplings containing different insets. Each kind of dumpling has different meanings. The waiter will explain each: dumplings, meanings, ingredients, allusions, etc. You can experience great pleasure when eating dumplings while listening to the stories.The last dish is called“Taiwan Hot Pot.” Under the pot is a small pearl dumpling. Turn off the light before cooking, then turn the light back on before eating it.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Xian's Hot Springs. Did You Get It?
Mei County—Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Springs Hotel Not to miss: The four-seasons landscape of Taibai Mountain, Taibai Mountain’s local, mountain hot spring comes from high-quality deep rock minerals, 2000 meters below the surface. The single-family hot spring villa is equipped with a large hot spring pool. The air is very fresh, and you can see the Taibai Mountain and the cableway on the mountain too. Soaking in the hot springs, watching the seasons change.
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Tand Dynasty: Historical Sites in Xi’an
To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position when almost nothing is so familiar is taken for granted. One of the famous destinations these days for travelers is Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province in China. Xi’an is believed as the birthplace of the Chinese nation and civilization. Hence, to have in-depth knowledge regarding the history, religion, culture of China, the best-renowned place in Xi’an. Visitors who like to dig into each aspect of how the things originated, the historical sites in Xi’an is the perfect holiday destination. The only matter of fact is one should have ample time to plan the trip. The city has a history of more than 6000 years, which is the most attractive thing. In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall throw light on the Tand Dynasty of the city, i.e., the historical sites which can give immense knowledge about the place.
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