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One day tour around Zurich. Here are the recommended spots!
From Zurich there are tons of great places where you can go for a day tour. You can try to summit the Uetilberg, check out the Rhine Falls and nearby Schaffhausen, or the Medieval wall painting town of Stein, or St Gallen, the fairytale town.
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Besides Watches and Swiss Army Knives, These are Also Worth Buying in Switzerland
Without a doubt, the most well-known commodities manufactured in Switzerland are brand name watches and Swiss Army knives. Shops selling these items are everywhere in this country. Besides watches and knives, Swiss skincare products and handicrafts are also worth buying. Swiss chocolate and other foods make for great gifts for families and friends. |
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Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines
Switzerland's cheese and chocolate are well-known all over the world, and its daily catering culture is deeply influenced by neighboring Germany, France and Italy. In addition to the famous Swiss Cheese Fondue, you can also taste different local cuisines in various regions.
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Stroll Around Zurich, Experience a Metropolis with a Small Town Charm
Stroll Around Zurich, Experience a Metropolis with a Small Town Charm Although Zurich is a big city, it still has a unique small town charm with its old streets and exquisite buildings. You can stroll around the city to visit the Zurich Cathedral and Kirche Fraumünster on the bank of the Limmat River, the Swiss National Museum near the train station, and the art gallery next to the University of Zurich. You can also go to the FIFA headquarters to take photos of the World Cup Trophy.
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Best 12 Things to do in Zurich
Zurich is the biggest city having the highest population in Switzerland, and if you happen to holiday in this lovely city, you will have plenty of things to do in Zurich which will ensure that you will never get jaded or inactive as long as you are here. You might be surprised to know that the official language here is German, but this is more like Zurich German. Zurich has a relatively small population of around 400,000 for a big city, but still, it is one of the world’s major financial centers, apart from being a Research and Development hub. The low taxes and other incentives here attract international investment in finance and other areas. When you visit the city, you will have an opportunity to find out the possible reasons for its high ranking among the 450 cities of the world covered under the survey. Zurich has maintained such high standards for decades now.
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