Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine

Dec 26, 2019

What is “Kyoto cuisine”? In short, it is originated from the traditional cuisine in Kyoto. It is the most authentic and time-honored local cuisine in Japan. Kyoto cuisine stresses on seasons, consisting of tofu, bamboo shoots and vegetables with light taste. Moreover, the cuisine looks exquisite, which is similar to Kaiseki.


  • Kikunoi
  • Kitcho Arashiyama
  • Kichisen
  • Hyotei
  • Mizai
  • Nakamura
  • Sangencha


If “eating” is an art, then Kaiseki is at the highest level of it. The most famous Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto is Kikunoi, a three-star Michelin restaurant founded in 1912. Every time when chrysanthemum blooms, the water of a well in the restaurant will gush up, so it is named as Kikunoi.

Kikunoi adheres to the temperament of Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto. According to different seasons, we choose the most seasonable ingredients for cooking. In addition to the cuisine, interior decoration and utensils are all made by famous people. Celebrities and refined scholars often visit our restaurant.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine

Kitcho Arashiyama

Kitcho Arashiyama is located in Arashiyama, Kyoto, and it is the most expensive 3-star Michelin restaurant in the world. The average consumption starts from 50,000 yen. It was founded by Teiichi Yuki in 1930. Teiichi Yuki can be regarded as the legend of Japanese cuisine industry. He has trained a number of chefs for three-star Michelin restaurant, including Hirohisa Koyama (a famous contemporary Japanese cuisine master), Toru Okuda (the owner of Ginza Koju),Hiroyuki Kanda (the owner of Kanda Store), Seiji Yamamoto (the owner of Ryugin Store), etc.

Currently, Kitcho Arashiyama is under the operation of Tokuoka Kunio, the descendant of Teiichi Yuki who inherits the cooking spirit of Teiichi Yuki. Each cuisine is delicious and exquisite, and the utensils are the level of art museum collections. It is full of ingenuity in the details. The dining environment of Kitcho Arashiyamais also impeccable. The Japanese four-season garden is famous all over the world, so it has become the first choice for Japanese politicians to entertain foreign guests.


Kichisen, a 3-star Michelin restaurant in 2019, was praised as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. The chef Yoshimi Tanigawa participated in the cooking reality show Iron Chef, and his cuisine contains a taste in Japanese and western styles. There is no menu in Kichisen. The dishes are changed according to the seasons. You can tell the food you like when making a reservation. The food includes seasonal seafood, wagyu, steamed rice, pickles and desserts. The afternoon price is 8,000 yen.which is equivalent to around 75 USD. This price is almost the same as the Japanese cuisine abroad. It is definitely worth trying a 3-star Michelin restaurant at some point in your life.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine


Located near Nanzen-ji Temple, Hyotei is an old Kyoto cuisine restaurant with a history of 400 years and appraised as a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Unlike other Michelin restaurants, Hyotei is famous for its traditional breakfast. It is said that the ancient Kyoto dignitaries were crazy about their night life in summer and needed to take breakfast directly outside, then breakfast came into being. Therefore, only in July and August can they taste the Japanese breakfast with Kyoto style.

Among the hassun (collection for single items), Hyo-tei egg is the most famous, which is soft, sticky and palatable. It is impeccable. There is also oshi-zushi with Kansai features, and it is combined with pickles and dried fish to form a dish. In addition, the restaurant will serve the guests with elegant and white porridge and thick sauce mixed with kelp, skipjack soup-stock and soy sauce. It looks bright and smooth and can nourish the stomach.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine


Mizai, a Kaiseki store as a 3-star Michelin restaurant, is located in Maruyama Park, Kyoto. It looks like a detached cabin in the Japanese countryside. The restaurant is not huge, and with only about ten seats, so you have to make an appointment a year in advance, which is more difficult than reserving Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and it is damn hard to have a real treat!

The chef Hitoshi Ishihara served as the food chief of the famous pavilion “Kicchou Arashiyama” at the age of 27, and then opened a shop independently. In addition to a lot of attention to food, the rules in the shop are also necessary, such as: no photos are allowed in the shop. Be sure to arrive at the store 15 minutes in advance, and so on. Even so, people are willing to wait for seats, because each dish is not only the perfect combination of color, aroma and taste, even utensils are very fastidious, as if preparing food is engraving art for diners coming from afar.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine


Nakamura, an old cuisine family in Tokyo, was built in 1827, and has been handed from generation to generation in the way of “one son”. It is now the sixth generation. In recently years, it was awarded Michelin 3-star by virtue of the compatible dish between the old and new.

Nakamura is known for traditional Kaiseki dishes. Among them, the seeming simply “tilefish wine poaching” and “white miso miscellaneous cooking” are the unique inherit skill of the Nakamura family: Tilefish barbecues with salt and saki, and the delicacy of fish with the fragrance of wine leaves you an unforgettable smell. Only the master chef and shopkeeper-Nakamura Shunso and his father can make the white miso miscellaneous cooking. Although it looks very ordinary, it will give you a surprise.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine


Located in the hidden alleys in Gion, Sangencha‘s Kaiseki cuisine with fresh ingredients and soup is excellent.The dessert options include soft yokan, which are highly sought after for their tender taste. The highlight of the main part of the meal is the wonderfully cooked rice, which is divided into five portions when eaten.

Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine

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