Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

Oct 11, 2019


  • Overview of the spokane riverfront park
  • Things to do in riverfront park
    • 1.Hike up spokane falls on the skyRide
    • 2.Enjoy the waterfalls and views
    • 3.Rollerblading
    • 4.Looff carousel
    • 5.Walk and bike
  • Pavilion at riverfront
    • 1.Watch light show
    • 2.Schedule for watching
  • Kids activities
    • 1.Spider jump
    • 2.Pedal karts
    • 3.Looff carousel
  • General information
    • 1.Location:
    • 2.Admission fee
    • 3.Fee for skyride, spider jump, pedal karts and looff carousel
  • Skyride:
  • Spider jump:
  • Looff carousel:
    • 4.Parking
  • How to get there
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Think Spokane; think Riverfront Park. Riverfront Park is undoubtedly the defining landmark of Spokane. Embroidered in the city’s history, Riverfront Park was designed specifically to accommodate the Expo’ 74, a World’s Fair event. The one hundred acre public park is beautiful in that it sits right by the Spokane River. Given that the Spokane Falls is located with the area, calling it just a “park” is frankly an abomination to the monstrous public breathing space that it is. The well-defined, winding pathways, the beautiful scenery and the calmness that Riverfront Park holds within it, is truly a magnificent undertaking and has the served the city of Spokane well for decades now. In essence, no trip to Spokane without a day well-spent at this magnificent destination.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

Not just a breathing space, Riverfront Park offers several activities that are a class apart from the usual. True to its conception, the park frequently holds several fairs and events and there’s always something that’s buzzing within its borders. Apart from the falls, the Clock Tower, the expo plaques, the U.S. pavilion as well as the rotary mountain are some noteworthy sights. The place is amok with several features that are fun the whole family. The sprawling campus is the perfect quick getaway within the city and offers a good chance to catch up on a Sunday sojourn.

Several notable travel journals including Conde Nast Traveller, MSN and Daily Traveller have named the Skyride one of the top 12 Scenic Cable Rides in the World, since it became open to public. The 15 minute ride is a thrilling venture for the young and old alike. Fret not if you are visiting Spokane in winter as the cable car ride is carried out in an “all weather” cabin, making it a not-to-miss venture that you can take through the year. Convenient and accessible, the SkyRide takes you past the deco City hall from where you would encounter a gradual 200 feet drop over the Huntington Park Natural Area. Post this mini-adventure ride, you will glide across the river in front of the falls, where you’ll truly get to live out your Tarzan & Jane magical dream. Cameras are more than welcome and there are several spots along the way where you can take some beautiful snaps that will light up your social media game.

One of the finest natural attractions, Riverfront Park is a remarkable urban destination in that it is one of the few parks across the world that features a full-fledged waterfall. Watching the water gush past in all its might and glory is a riveting experience, that really motivates one to follow their dreams and goals no matter what while others watch on. A view of the Spokane falls provides a real parallelism to the saying “The destination may seem far, but the journey is worth every second”. The Spokane Falls is really the heart of the park, as it makes tumultuous transitions offering unparalleled views along the 111 mile path. True to the work it’s doing even to this day, the falls were in fact a gathering place for the native tribes of the area as a force that brought them closer to nature. Conveniently, the park holds several vantage points from where you can capture some of the best angles of this natural phenomena. If you are visiting in spring or early winter, you can feel the power of mighty nature through to your bones as you stand across the falls. Monroe Street Bridge is a must visit site to catch a good view.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

Come spring time and it’s time to bring out the Tony Hawk in you. Rent a rollerblade or scooter and get your whole family involved in a superb springtime activity. Get the kids involved and have a beautiful father-children bonding time, for a memorable experience lived out at one of the most scenic locations. You are free to bring your gear as long they are non-motorized. Get the sweats out and head over to the Sky Ribbon Café nearby to beat the hunger. During the winter, the Skate Ribbon hosts a loop with a huge adjoining pond. If you’re not into it, sit back at the fire pits, relax, have some cocoa and watch the kids have a stellar time.

The historic Looff carousel is one that’s sure to stir up some nostalgic moments. Originally a wedding gift that carver Chales Looff presented to his daughter, the Looff Carousel features ornate woodwork that dates back to 1909. It is one of America’s most well-preserved hard carved carousel, and is now seated inside a climate controlled structure that looks like a music box. Featuring 54 horses, a giraffe, a tiger and 2 dragons, the carousel is fun for all ages and is even wheelchair friendly. An iconic sight in itself, the carousel has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a must-do item on the Spokane bucketlist.

The Centennial Trail covering a stretch of 40 miles takes you the roaring heart of the city. The unbeatable views along the Spokane River Walk is sure to get your senses rejuvenated while you gawk at the beauty that the Intermountain Northwest holds. A gentle giant that sets you afoot on a leisurely walk, the trail takes you through some of the best vantage points. Head over Huntington Park to partake in a short sojourn that is complete with the sprinkling of mist that falls over you as a glide past. There are several bike rental shops, where you can hire a family-seater or a two-seater bicycle for a remarkable time in the city.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

Dominating the Spokane Skyline is the Pavilion, a wire-mesh structure that was built as part of the Expo ’74. Interestingly, it was a gift to Spokane form the US government. Having a funny background story to its current look, the original tent structure was stripped down to its wire frame due to bad maintenance and stands as a testament to how happy accidents occur. The Pavilion was however recently restored, the site is now a marketable venue and a prominent structure of the Spokane landscape. It’s unique design renders a bold statement, and is one of the last remaining pieces of Spokane Expo history. The flexible space is the central gathering place of the city and hosts a variety of events from games to award ceremonies, concerts and festivals. If you are in Spokane during the summer, make sure to check the concert list for the year.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

The Pavilion hosts a spectacular light show year round. Complementing the unique architecture, the brilliant bright lights that shimmer and glisten are sure to take your breath away and is a great way to get your weekend started. The dramatic effects that the light create was a central piece in the renewal strategy for the structure.

The lights show is hosted every Friday post sunset till 10.00 pm. Stick around the area for a while and catch up on some shopping and dining nearby while you wait it out. Please note that the show timing are subject to change without prior notice.

Riverfront Park Spokane is undoubtedly an arena that lets kids are presented with a wild time that helps them shell out their energy in a fun and healthy and manner. The park hosts several activities that are sure to get every kid jumping up and screaming in excitement as they look forward to a thrilling time.

For the ultimate adventurism, head over to Spider Jump that takes your trampoline game to a whole other level. Perform your best somersaults and flips or go crazy and come up with your own moves that are sure to impress the whole family. At the Spider Jump Bungee Trampoline, you are connected by special elastics to the structure that offers a safe way to get 20 ft high in the air. You may even think of it as your preparation time to take on more riveting adventures like Bungee Jumping. To give it that extra bit of family-time pizzazz, the Spider Jump is designed to be able to host up to 4 jumpers at a time, making for a sure laughathon.

While we adults are sure to enjoy a leisurely walk along a beautiful river, it may take more than that to get the kids excited. Head over to the Numerica Skate Ribbon & SkyRide Building and rent out pedal karts available in single seater and double seater styles. The Karts are designed with adjustable seats and large frames so that any kid or even adult can sit comfortable during their joy ride. To make it safe so that parents may feel comfortable, use of helmets are mandates and special care has been taken to design 4 wheel karts that sit firmly on the ground, making it a safe one even during wild turns. Spend hours discovering the new and revitalized Spokane River and catch up on some adult only talks, while the kids are adulting away with their “cars”.

The Looff Carousel is sure to make every little kid feel special while they possibly take their first carousel ride. This ride is sure to make some unforgettable memories that are going to get carried through the generations of storytelling. With more than 1056 jewels, 333 mirrors and 180 lights, this bejeweledbeauty has completed more than 1,200,000 rides, having served more than 24.3 million rides in its lifetime.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

Heart of the city, Riverfront Park is located at the center of Downtown Spokane. It runs along the Spokane River and the upper Spokane Falls. Riverfront Park address is 507 N. Howard Street, Spokane, WA.

Riverfront Park is open daily from 5 am till midnight

The fees for the SkyRide are placed at an affordable $7.75 for adults and $5.75 for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Admission is free for children under 2. SkyRide offers 10% discount to Military, seniors, college students and AAA members. Please note that these prices are not inclusive of taxes. The SkyRide is wheelchair accessible. Patrons under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

The SkyRide allows for purchasing two types of tickets; $5.95 for 3 minutes and $7.95 for 5 minutes. The activity is open to 18 months or older patrons.

Pedal Karts:

Pedal Karts can be rented at $7.95 for half an hour, or at $9.95 for one hour. Please note that helmets are a must.

A ride on the Looff Carousel is placed at $2.50, plus tax. If you really love the ride, as most would, you can purchase the unlimited day pass for $5.50. Children of 2 and under get free rides with paid adult. Groups of 10 or more can avail 15% savings on a single transaction.

Riverfront park offers convenient and affordable parking at several locations around the park. Parking Lot #1 is located at the North end of the Washington Street Bridge. Parking Lots #3 , #4 and #5 are all located on Cataldo Street. Parking Lot # 6 is at the west side of the park off Post Street, north of Spokane falls Blvd. Parking Lot #6 is the most popular as it is located just a few yards from the Skate Ribbon and SkyRide. Parking Lot #7 is located on the corner of Summit Parkway and Lincoln. The parking at all the lots are priced at a very feasible $5 for all day use. Fees at Lot #6 varies between $5 and %10 during special events. Should you be planning an extended trip to Spokane, it is recommended that you purchase a monthly pass at $35.

Spokane Best Park: 10 Best Things To Do in Riverfront Park

If you’re driving from the East or West, travel on the I-90 towards Seattle and take the US-2 N/US-395N exit 281 towards Newport/Spokane Arena. Take a slight right to S. Division Street and turn left onto West Spokane Falls Blvd.

If you’re driving from the North, travel South on US-2/Newport Hwy/Division St and turn right onto West Spokane Falls Blvd. From the south, take a slight right to S. Division St/US-2east/US-395 and turn left onto West Spokane Falls Blvd.

From West Spokane Falls Blvd, turn right onto Washington Street going North. After passing the second bridge, you will find Parking Lot #1 west of the Centennial Hotel.

Please note that vehicles are not allowed to drive through Riverfront Park.

The closest bus station to Riverfront Park is Howard @ Gardener. Bus 124, 45 and 61 pass near Riverfront Park

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