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Contents #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

Jun 28, 20212310

Summer is here and that means it's time to bring out your beach blanket, hit the hiking trails, or plan a great hotel stay. Post your best #SummerVacation photos for a chance to win a new iPhone 12 or boat loads of Trip Coins! We're getting in the summer spirit here at by having a #SummerVacation photo contest. This is your chance to win big cause we're giving away a new iPhone 12 along with lots and lots of Trip Coins! All you have to do is post Trip Moments about your favorite #BeachVacation, #HikingTrails, or #HotelStay. Get yourself into the summer mood and enjoy those long, lazy days under the sun. Wrap yourself in night's warm embrace and let the magnetic summer winds carry you off to places far and wide. Summer 2021, promises to be a summer like you've never experienced before. Show off your style in the #SummerVacation photo contest and give yourself a chance to win a new iPhone 12. Read on to learn how to get involved...


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#SummerVacation Photo Contest
#SummerVacation Photo Contest Themes
Content Guidelines

The Trip Moments Community #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

If this is your first encounter with the Trip Moments Community, you might be wondering what it’s all about. The Trip Moments Community is a network of travel experts, weekend warriors, influencers, and vagabonds stitching together an expanding social space stretching clear around the globe. It’s somewhere to share photos, travel tips, recommendations, and a visceral desire to explore places unknown. As we all struggle with the travel restrictions arising from the pandemic, the Trip Moments Community can be your place to find inspiration and remember that brighter times are indeed ahead. Let this be where no matter how far away you wander, you’re always at home. Find out how to join here.

#SummerVacation Photo Contest #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

From June 9 to July 22, 2021, the Trip Moments Community is celebrating summer with a #SummerVacation photo contest. We aim to make things extra special by giving away a brand new iPhone 12 128GB in a snazzy purple color to our grand prize winner! All you have to do is wrack up the most "featured" Trip Moments during the contest. It takes a minimum of 50 featured moments to qualify so that means you'll have lots of chances to show off all the things you love about summer. For our other top-10 finishers, we're giving away boatloads of Trip Coins. If you don't know, these work just like cash across so you can save big on tons of great products like flight tickets or hotel stays. Our 2nd through 5th place finishers with a minimum of 30 featured Trip Moments will each take home 15,000 Trip Coins! Our 6th through 10th place finishers will each snag 5,000 coins as long as they have at least 10 featured Trip Moments. This means there are plenty of ways to participate and plenty of chances for you to win. Check out our photo contest themes below and get started today for your chance to win a new iPhone 12 and other great prizes.

#SummerVacation Photo Contest Themes

#BeachVacation #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

Does your idea of the perfect #SummerVacation involve laying out your beach blanket and soaking in the rays? Do you relish the white sands, cool waters, and the soothing sounds of waves breaking against the shoreline? If this sounds like your ideal summer, then post your #SummerVacation photos using the #BeachVacation hashtag and let the would know you're proud to show off that beach body and work on that tan line. Snag the top spot at the end of the competition and you'll be able to snap your next set of beach vacation photos with a new iPhone 12!

#HikingTrails #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

Maybe for you it's the thrill of the backcountry and getting away from it all. You delight and double-checking your gear, packing your portable camping stove, and lacing up your hiking boots. Whether it's single-day or multi-day, you can't wait to just get out there and see where the trail leads. Sound familiar? If so, post using the #HikingTrails hashtag and share your favorite loops and routes. Just think about how good those trail photos will look on your new iPhone 12.

#HotelStay #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

When it comes to a good summer vacation, everyone has memories of their favorite hotel stays. Maybe it's practicing your cannon balls and jackknifes into the hotel pool, or maybe you enjoy bouncing around on a new bed from time to time. Whatever the case may be, we want to know about your favorite memories, reviews, and recommendations. Add the #HotelStay hashtag to your contest moments. And what's better than a relaxing stay at a great hotel? Well, maybe a hotel stay where you can show off your new iPhone 12.

Content Guidelines

To make sure all your Trip Moments count, here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Post a minimum of 3 photos and attache your best photo first
  • Write at minimum 100-word description that includes the #SummerVacation hashtag
  • Make your Trip Moment relate to either #BeachVacation, #HikingTrails, or #HotelStay
  • Earn a "featured" tag

You can find more helpful suggestions in our Quality Content Guidelines. Follow these guidelines to make sure you don't miss out on your chance to win a new iPhone 12. #SummerVacation Photo Contest: Win a new iPhone 12

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