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Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Kim Lumelius

Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Kim Lumelius

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Mar 19, 20211,62318

Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Kim Lumelius

In honor of #IWD21, we‘re celebrating stories from female travelers that have completely redefined the landscape of adventure through their own courageous acts of exploring new lands with curiosity and bravery.

One of our favorite stories is the one from Kim Lumelius, a passionate girl from Germany who has traveled all over the world on 4 wheels. To her, Lutzi, her wheelchair and travel buddy, signifies freedom and independence. And as a travel blogger (@wheeliewanderlust), she writes about barrier-free travel, including detailed information about destinations and activities plus helpful tips for travel planning.

Kim aims to inspire other fellow travelers to keep exploring the world. “No one should give up on a well-deserved holiday, what might sounded complicated to some can now be mastered with preparation and a little research.”

To get to know this incredible traveler and discover more about her inspirational journey, we’ve asked Kim a few questions on how travel inspired her and triggered her wanderlust.

What does travel mean to you?

"To travel means longing for life.” Out of the millions of travel quotes, this is the one that speaks to me the most, because I, too, am longing for life and adventure! I love to meet new people, learn about their stories, and explore their countries. That gives me thousand times more joy as things.

How would you describe yourself as a traveler? Tell us more about your favorite travel experiences and destinations.

I'm not the classic backpacker, as my luggage and my mobile stand have wheels after all. Nevertheless, I am drawn to the desert, the trees, and going high up into the mountains! As soon as I plan a trip, you could almost say that I go on vacation three times. It starts with the anticipation - in my opinion, the most beautiful joy - which continues to increase as the holiday approaches. Next is the beautiful feeling that accompanies me throughout the trip. After the trip, the unforgettable impressions and memories remain, inspiring me for my next adventure.

Among my favorite destinations, especially for accessible travel, I would definitely include London, Capetown, New York, Switzerland, and the USA.

What inspires you to keep pushing your boundaries?

I don't like to pay too much attention to all the stumbling blocks that we encounter in everyday life. Rather, I believe that even if the path is long it is worth leaving one’s comfort zone and discovering new things. In fact, with good planning, there is always room for freedom, spontaneity, and fun!

What motivated you to start sharing your stories on your blog?

My desire is to inspire people to fully experience every minute of their lives. I want to get readers to leave the cozy sofa at home and instead discover the world and grow beyond themselves. As my life motto goes, "Maybe it won't work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”

Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Kim Lumelius

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