2024 Creatology Experience Conference | Creative Collective

2024 Creatology Experience Conference | Creative Collective

Jul 12–Jul 13, 2024 (UTC-5)
Creative Collective


The 2024 Creatology Experience Conference is a must-attend event for all creatives. This year's theme, "The Year of the Creative," sets the stage for an immersive and enriching experience. Join current, new, and emerging creatives, including business owners, at the Creative Collective in Tampa, Florida, from July 12th to July 13th. Elevate your skills in music production, songwriting, and performance through interactive lessons led by top music producers, songwriters, and creative professionals. Immerse yourself in engaging activities such as mini sessions with poets, actors, and music producers, where you can shape original content alongside industry experts. Don't miss out on exciting giveaways and our special NEW scholarship ceremony, where we will honor talented creatives with scholarships to further their artistic endeavors. The conference will also offer a Virtual Global Networking Meet & Greet on July 11th, followed by an Open Mic Night, Networking, and Scholarship Ceremony on July 12th. Mark your calendars for the creative sessions on July 13th, featuring insightful discussions and panel talks. This highly anticipated event promises to ignite your creativity and connect you with like-minded individuals in the creative industry. Secure your spot at the 2024 Creatology Experience Conference now. Tickets are available at prices ranging from $7 to $300. Join us at the Creative Collective in Tampa and be a part of this transformative experience.

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