Annual Freedom Church Golf Tournament

Annual Freedom Church Golf Tournament

Sep 23, 2023 (UTC-5)
18 Fairway Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22406


The Annual Freedom Church Golf Tournament is an exciting and highly-anticipated event that takes place in the beautiful city of Fredericksburg. This thrilling tournament is held at the prestigious Gauntlet Golf Club, located on Fairway Drive in Fredericksburg, VA, USA. Golf enthusiasts from near and far gather to showcase their skills and compete in this prestigious tournament. Mark your calendars for September 23, 2023, as this is the day when this extraordinary event will take place. The ticket price for this golf extravaganza is set at a reasonable $90, ensuring that it is accessible to all. The Annual Freedom Church Golf Tournament offers an incredible opportunity for players to test their mettle on the lush green fairways and challenging greens. So, if you're a golf aficionado looking for a thrilling and competitive golf tournament, make sure to mark your calendars for the Annual Freedom Church Golf Tournament. This is an event you won't want to miss!

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