Aunt Marge's .5K | Turtle Creek Park

Aunt Marge's .5K | Turtle Creek Park

Sep 9, 2023 (UTC-6)
Turtle Creek Park


Join Aunt Marge for a day of Fitness and Fun at the highly anticipated Aunt Marge's .5K event in Dallas. This incredible gathering will take place at Turtle Creek Park, located at 3333 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75219, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience. The event will feature a range of activities including stretching, motivational speaking, and other life-changing experiences. Participate in this unique event on September 9, 2023, where attendees will come together to support PrismHealth North Texas. To kick off the festivities, we will convene at Turtle Creek Park, at the intersection of Turtle Creek and Hall Street. From there, we will embark on an invigorating walk to Woodys, where the after-party will commence. Aunt Marge's .5K promises an enjoyable and fulfilling day, all while making a difference in the community. By joining us for this event, you are supporting PrismHealth North Texas and their noble mission. Tickets for the event are available at prices ranging from US$20 to US$500. This is an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary, so mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable day of fitness, fun, and philanthropy.

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