Bath County Plein Air Festival 2023 (Warm Springs)

Bath County Plein Air Festival 2023 (Warm Springs)

Sep 25–Oct 1, 2023 (UTC-5)
12 Katydid Trail, Warm Springs, VA 24484


Welcome to the 10th Bath County Plein Air Festival, a remarkable event that celebrates the natural beauty of Bath County, Virginia. From September 25th to October 1st, 2023, Warm Springs Gallery proudly presents the TENTH Annual Bath County Plein Air Festival. This festival gathers some of the most renowned artists from all over the country, who come together to paint and capture the breathtaking landscapes of Bath County. Throughout the seven-day festival, thirty-two nationally acclaimed artists will immerse themselves in the picturesque scenes of Bath County, setting up their easels and showcasing their extraordinary talent. Visitors and locals alike will have the unique opportunity to witness these artists as they paint on location, gaining insights and knowledge from daily demonstrations. The Bath County Plein Air Festival not only offers a chance to observe artists in action, but also provides an opportunity to delve into the rich artistic traditions and techniques behind this renowned painting style. As you explore the festival, you will become an integral part of our thriving arts scene, connecting with both the artists and the vibrant culture of Bath County. To culminate this extraordinary week, we invite you to join us for the Gala Celebration, where you can cast your vote for the best painting at the Reception and Awards Ceremony. This is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the beauty of Bath County while engaging with some of the nation's top plein air painters. Don't miss out on this incredible experience! Come and discover one of Virginia's most enchanting small towns, Bath County, and embrace the artistic excellence of the Bath County Plein Air Festival 2023.

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