Beginner's Yoga Workshop

Beginner's Yoga Workshop

Dec 12, 2023 (UTC-5)
921 North State Road Gathering Room, Davison, MI 48423


Join the Beginner's Yoga Workshop at Davison Holistic Therapies in Davison, MI, and learn Yoga fundamentals from the ground up. If you've always wanted to explore Yoga but feel hesitant about joining a local studio, this workshop is perfect for you. Designed specifically for beginners, this workshop doesn't require any prior experience. During this workshop, you will learn the basic floor movements and progress to different poses and flows. You will also become familiar with the Sanskrit names and meanings of the postures, enabling you to understand instructions given in a studio flow class. The workshop will meet every week from 6-7 PM. To participate, simply bring a yoga mat or blanket and wear comfortable, stretchy clothes. It is important to practice in bare feet. The cost of each session is $20. If you're looking to commit to your Yoga practice, consider our Yoga Club Membership Card for $75, which includes 5 sessions. Alternatively, our Yoga Club 10 Card offers you 10 pre-paid sessions, with the 11th session being free, for $150. To secure your spot in the workshop, preregistration is required as attendance is limited to 10 people. The registration cut off is every Tuesday at 5 PM. If you prefer to pay in cash, you can preregister and pay at the time of the class by calling (810) 652-6262. Don't miss this opportunity to learn Yoga from the ground up. Sign up now for the Beginner's Yoga Workshop at Davison Holistic Therapies and embark on your Yoga journey.

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