BookTowne Welcomes Laurie Frankel, Author of Family Family

BookTowne Welcomes Laurie Frankel, Author of Family Family

Jan 30, 2024 (UTC-5)
610 South Street, Brielle, NJ 08730


Join BookTowne on January 30, 2024, at the Brielle Public Library in Brielle, NJ, as they welcome acclaimed author Laurie Frankel for a captivating discussion of her latest book, "Family Family". This event promises to be an enlightening experience as Frankel delves into the complexities of adoption and challenges the tired narrative of tragedy that often surrounds it. Through her own experiences as an adoptive mother, Frankel aims to shed light on the beauty and strength that can be found within non-traditional families. In this thought-provoking tale, India Allwood, a successful actor and adoptive mother, finds herself at the center of a media storm after speaking out against a movie's portrayal of adoption. As she navigates the pressures and criticisms from all sides, India's twin ten-year-olds become her anchor, reminding her that family is not defined by blood or love alone. Laurie Frankel, known for her bestselling novels such as "This Is How It Always Is", has crafted yet another compelling story that explores the complexities of familial bonds. Secure your spot now by purchasing a ticket for $35, which includes a copy of "Family Family". Don't miss this opportunity to engage with Frankel's powerful storytelling and gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of family.

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