Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC

Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC

Sep 23, 2023 (UTC-5)
Hudson River Trails, New York City, NY 10001


The Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC is a small, private group run that takes place in New York City. Runners will have the opportunity to run alongside others and our run pacers as they navigate a beautiful and scenic route on the Hudson River Trails. This event is the perfect way to celebrate Oktoberfest while also staying active and healthy. The race is open to participants of all paces and ages (under 18 with a guardian) who can choose to run or walk. Each wave of the run is capped at just 15 participants to prioritize health, safety, and ensure the right amount of encouragement. It's important to note that the run may be postponed if there are less than 7 runners, but there is no fee for transfer in such cases. Participants who sign up for the Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC will not only be joining a race, but also embarking on a journey towards better health. They will receive a swag bag that includes a premium running shirt and either a finisher's medal or a custom mug. Additionally, participants will gain access to a virtual community of runners from around the world, complete with a leaderboard, activity tracking, rewards, badges, and the option to fundraise for a cause. They will also receive an inspirational newsletter and have their own personal profile. If you're unable to secure a spot in one of the waves, there is a virtual run option available, as well as a waiting list for future runs. The Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC also offers sponsorship and vendor opportunities for businesses looking to promote themselves locally and nationally. For those interested in staying fit and keeping up with running events, The Best Races offers inspiring newsletters and the option to customize your own events. Join the Cheers to Oktoberfest Race NYC and experience the joy of running in a supportive and spirited environment.

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