Empower HER: Personal Defense Seminar | 12627 Wisteria Dr

Empower HER: Personal Defense Seminar | 12627 Wisteria Dr

Dec 9, 2023 (UTC-5)
12627 Wisteria Dr


Don't miss the chance to attend the Empower HER: Personal Defense Seminar in Germantown on December 9th, 2023. This empowering and interactive women's self-defense seminar is designed to equip women of all ages and fitness levels with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate personal safety. The seminar will cover the fundamentals of personal safety, situational awareness, and the psychology of self-defense. Experienced instructors will guide attendees through practical and effective self-defense techniques, focusing on easy-to-learn moves that leverage natural strengths. Simulated scenarios will allow participants to practice their newfound skills in a controlled environment, reinforcing their self-defense techniques and building muscle memory. The seminar will also include exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and stamina, as well as opportunities to connect with like-minded women and build a supportive network. Expert instructors with expertise in self-defense, martial arts, and personal safety will be on hand to answer any questions during an open Q&A session. Invest in your safety and well-being by registering for this seminar now. Remember to bring comfortable workout attire, water, and a positive attitude. The seminar will be held at 12627 Wisteria Drive, Germantown, MD 20874. Tickets are priced at $40.

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