FINA Speed and Endurance Competition | The Master's School of Gymnastics

FINA Speed and Endurance Competition | The Master's School of Gymnastics

Feb 24, 2024 (UTC-6)
The Master's School of Gymnastics


The FINA Speed and Endurance Competition, held on February 24, 2024 in Hendersonville, is an event that challenges athletes to test their skills and strength. Whether you are a Speed Demon or possess exceptional grip strength, this competition is designed for you. Participants can choose to register for the Speed Only or Endurance Only courses, or take on both for a discounted price. The FINA Speed courses consist of 8 obstacles that will push athletes to their limits. These courses are perfect for those who thrive on speed and want to prove their agility against the clock. Athletes will have two chances to beat the clock and secure their victory. On the other hand, the FINA Endurance courses are tailored for individuals who may not excel in a foot race, but have unmatched grip strength. With 12 challenging obstacles, these courses will test an athlete's ability to endure pain and push themselves until they have nothing left to give. The Speed courses will take place on Saturday morning at 9am, while the Endurance courses will be held in the afternoon. The detailed schedule will be sent out the week of the event, ensuring participants are well-informed and prepared. Don't miss your opportunity to conquer the FINA Speed and Endurance courses and earn a spot in the World Championships. Join us at The Master's School of Gymnastics in Hendersonville, Tennessee and witness the remarkable feats of athleticism. Tickets for this exhilarating event are available at prices ranging from $54.63 to $71.01.

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