Glenn Hughes 2024 (Jim Thorpe) | Penn's Peak

Glenn Hughes 2024 (Jim Thorpe) | Penn's Peak

Feb 17, 2024 (UTC-5)
Penn's Peak


Glenn Hughes, a captivating concert that promises to transport music enthusiasts into a realm of pure bliss, will grace the stage at Penn's Peak on the enchanting evening of February 17, 2024. Nestled amidst the splendid landscape of 325 Maury Road, Jim Thorpe, PA, 18229, this mesmerizing event is set to captivate the hearts of all those in attendance. As the curtains rise and the melodies begin to weave their magic, Glenn Hughes will take the audience on an unforgettable journey through his timeless repertoire. With his soul-stirring vocals and magnetic stage presence, Hughes will ignite a fire within the hearts of music lovers, leaving them yearning for more. This extraordinary musical extravaganza will showcase a carefully curated selection of Hughes' most celebrated songs, each one a testament to his unparalleled talent and creativity. It is an event not to be missed, an opportunity to surrender oneself to the intoxicating spell of Glenn Hughes' music. Mark your calendars, for tickets to this extraordinary concert will be available for purchase from October 6, 2023, at 14:00, until February 18, 2024, at 00:30. Prepare to immerse yourself in a night of pure musical brilliance, as Glenn Hughes transports you to a world where melodies reign supreme.

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