Harlem Street Arts Festival 23

Harlem Street Arts Festival 23

Aug 26, 2023 (UTC-5)
Harlem River Drive, New York, NY 10035


The Harlem Street Arts Festival 23 is an event that aims to display the therapeutic benefits of various art forms and promote art engagement among both the youth and the elderly. This festival provides a platform for highly skilled artists to showcase their work and teach valuable skills to the younger generation. By exposing the community to different types of art, the festival fosters an appreciation for creativity, self-expression, and cultural diversity. Taking place in New York City, specifically at the Crack Is Wack Playground on Harlem River Drive, this event promises to be a vibrant celebration of artistic talent and cultural enrichment. With the festival scheduled for August 26, 2023, attendees can expect a day filled with captivating performances, immersive art installations, and interactive workshops. The Harlem Street Arts Festival 23 offers something for everyone, whether you are an art enthusiast, a supporter of local talent, or simply looking for a unique and inspiring experience. The event is open to the public, and ticket prices range from $0 to $40, ensuring accessibility to individuals of all backgrounds. Mark your calendars and join the community in celebrating the power of art at the Harlem Street Arts Festival 23. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, be inspired by talented artists, and embrace the transformative potential of art engagement.

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