History of Art Research Seminar Series: Linda Safran

History of Art Research Seminar Series: Linda Safran

Nov 23, 2023 (UTC+0)
Hunter Building (Edinburgh College of Art) 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF


Join the History of Art Research Seminar Series for an enlightening lecture by Linda Safran on an exceptional sixth-century Byzantine censer. This seminar will explore a rarely studied gilt-silver censer from the Sion Treasure, which bears imperial stamps dating it to the reign of Byzantine emperor Justinian. The censer features a unique figural frieze depicting episodes from the life of the Virgin Mary, elevating her as a vessel of salvation and reflecting the growing devotion to the Theotokos during mid-sixth century Byzantium. Linda Safran, an accomplished scholar and Associate Fellow of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, will present this seminar. She has taught at prestigious institutions such as the Catholic University of America, the University of Toronto, and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Safran's extensive research in art and architecture of the Middle Ages has resulted in several notable publications, including "Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages: Exploring a Connected World" and "The Medieval Salento: Art and Identity in Southern Italy." She is also an experienced editor, having served as the editor of the medieval-art journal Gesta for six years. Following the lecture, there will be a drinks reception in the Higgitt Gallery. For access requirements, please contact We value your privacy, and your personal details will be used and stored in accordance with ECA's privacy notice. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the rich history of Byzantine art with Linda Safran at the History of Art Research Seminar Series.

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