Kids Paint Party: The Grinch

Kids Paint Party: The Grinch

Dec 3, 2023 (UTC-6)
5706 North Centerpark Way VIBEZ Creative Arts Space, Glendale, WI 53217


Prepare for an extraordinary and vibrant adventure at the upcoming Kids Paint Party: The Grinch. This event will ignite the imaginations of young artists as they unleash their creativity and craft a masterpiece. Set in the lively VIBEZ Creative Arts Space located at 5706 N Centerpark Way in Glendale, this event promises an exhilarating and spacious venue that is ideal for this enchanting experience. During this fun-filled afternoon of painting, children will have the opportunity to express themselves on pre-sketched canvases while receiving light instructions. To keep their energy flowing, each painter will also be provided with one drink, such as juice, soda, or water. This ensures that your little ones will stay refreshed and focused on their artistic endeavors. The Kids Paint Party: The Grinch will take place on December 3, 2023. With a ticket price of $25, this event offers an affordable opportunity for children to explore their artistic talents in a playful and engaging environment. Make sure to secure your spot ahead of time to guarantee your child's participation in this memorable event. Join the excitement and let your child's inner artist shine at the Kids Paint Party: The Grinch. Embrace this unique opportunity to witness their creativity blossom and create lasting memories in an atmosphere filled with joy and inspiration.

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