Millfield Dance & Drama - Staged | The Meyer Theatre

Millfield Dance & Drama - Staged | The Meyer Theatre

Feb 29, 2024 (UTC+0)
The Meyer Theatre


Millfield Dance and Drama proudly presents "Millfield Dance & Drama - Staged," an exciting evening filled with captivating performances that showcase the immense talent of our students. Join us on February 29, 2024, at The Meyer Theatre, located at Millfield School on Butleigh Road, Street, BA16 0YD. This event will feature a collection of short pieces from our highly esteemed program, encompassing a diverse range of performances. Experience the artistry of our GCSE, A level, and LAMDA scripted and devised work, as well as student choreography and extracts from our spectacular summer production projects. Immerse yourself in an evening of dance and drama, where the stage becomes a canvas for our students' creativity and expression. Witness the culmination of their hard work and dedication as they deliver captivating performances that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Best of all, admission to this mesmerizing event is free, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty and power of the performing arts. Don't miss out on this remarkable showcase of talent. Mark your calendars for "Millfield Dance & Drama - Staged" and prepare to be enthralled by the extraordinary performances that await you.

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