Mythical Creature Workshop for 13 -18 years PART ONE | Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Mythical Creature Workshop for 13 -18 years PART ONE | Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Jan 12, 2024 (UTC+10)
Maitland Regional Art Gallery


Calling all teenage dreamers, artists, and adventurers! The Maitland Regional Art Gallery is hosting an extraordinary Mythical Creature Workshop for 13-18 year olds. This captivating two-part workshop will transport participants to the realm of fantasy as they learn the art of sculpting their very own mythical creature. The first part of the workshop will take place on Friday, January 12th, from 10.00am to 1.00pm. During this session, attendees will unleash their imagination and bring their wildest fantasies to life by transforming wire and plaster bandage into unique and enchanting creatures. They will have the freedom to choose the form, features, and personality of their creation, making each sculpture a true reflection of their artistic vision. Skilled artist educators will be present to guide participants through the process, allowing them to experiment and create extraordinary pieces of art. This is a two-part workshop, with the second part taking place on January 19th, where the sculptures will be painted and decorated in an elaborate style. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the magic of sculpting and create your own mythical masterpiece. Admission is free, so join us at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery on January 12th for an unforgettable artistic experience.

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