Ocean Resin Art Workshop | Beach House 5317

Ocean Resin Art Workshop | Beach House 5317

Feb 24, 2024 (UTC-5)
Beach House 5317


Join the Ocean Resin Art Workshop in St. Petersburg at Beach House 5317 on February 24, 2024. This event will take place at the Studio 6 Green Building at Five Deuces Galleria, located at 2135 3rd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712. During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn valuable tips and tricks for working with resin. The instructor, Jamie, will guide attendees through the process of preparing a canvas panel for the resin seascape. Participants will then be instructed on how to paint an ocean scene on the canvas. The workshop will also cover the mixing and pouring of the resin, as well as techniques for eliminating air bubbles using a blow torch. All necessary materials will be provided, including an 11” x 14” canvas panel, paints, resin, seashells, pebbles, and glass pieces. Participants are welcome to bring their own special shells to incorporate into their artwork. Once the artwork is complete, it will be cured and ready for pickup within 2 days. The resin used in this workshop is non-toxic and does not have a harsh smell. Please come dressed in craft-safe clothing and shoes, and consider bringing a hair tie if you have long hair, as resin can be messy. Tickets for the Ocean Resin Art Workshop are available for $65. Please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, so please ensure you are able to attend before making a purchase. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and create your own stunning ocean resin artwork!

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