Powerlifting (Squat, Bench & Deadlift Maxes) - Mission48 - Oklahoma | Black Wall Powerlifting

Powerlifting (Squat, Bench & Deadlift Maxes) - Mission48 - Oklahoma | Black Wall Powerlifting

Sep 22, 2023 (UTC-6)
Black Wall Powerlifting


Don't miss the thrilling Powerlifting (Squat, Bench & Deadlift Maxes) event as part of Mission48's 22nd stop in Edmond, Oklahoma! This empowering event, hosted by Kelsey Lensman, is a part of her incredible mission to complete 48 fitness competitions in 48 states in just 48 days. On September 22, 2023, join Kelsey and the Edmond community at the prestigious Black Wall Powerlifting venue for a day of unforgettable powerlifting action. This FREE event welcomes participants of all ages and fitness levels to experience the excitement of powerlifting. However, due to limited capacity, it is recommended to register early to secure your spot. The event kicks off at 5pm CST with warm-ups and an explanation of the workout, followed by the powerlifting competition. The powerlifting workout includes three attempts to max out in Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. If you're an intermediate level participant, there are scalable options available as well. For those who prefer a less intense workout, try performing with just the bar or opt for dumbbell exercises. Additionally, as a part of Mission48's initiative, you can also join Denise for a one-mile walk or run/jog with Kelsey's dad. This event is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. By participating, you'll not only support Kelsey's mission but also raise awareness for ROX, a fantastic charity that empowers young girls through self-confidence, body image, and leadership programs. Let's come together and make a difference! Stay updated with Kelsey's journey and find more information about Mission48 on her website. Don't forget to follow her on social media for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes content. Mark your calendars for September 22, 2023, and join us at Black Wall Powerlifting for an extraordinary day of powerlifting and empowerment. Admission is free, so don't miss out!

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