PROM NITE at The Black Cat Ball (Baltimore) | Westminster Hall & Burying Ground

PROM NITE at The Black Cat Ball (Baltimore) | Westminster Hall & Burying Ground

Oct 7, 2023 (UTC-5)
Westminster Hall & Burying Ground


Get ready to dance the night away at PROM NITE, the highly anticipated arts event taking place at the prestigious Westminster Hall & Burying Ground in Baltimore. This enchanting evening will transport you to a world of elegance and allure as you step into the magnificent venue located at 519 W. Fayette Street. The Black Cat Ball, renowned for its grandeur and mystique, sets the stage for this unforgettable celebration. On October 7, 2023, PROM NITE promises to be an experience like no other, captivating attendees with its sophisticated ambiance and captivating performances. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere, where artists from various disciplines come together to create a symphony of artistic expression. Delight in the beauty and grace of the curated exhibitions, showcasing the brilliance and creativity of Baltimore's vibrant arts scene. As you mingle with fellow patrons, indulge in tantalizing culinary delights and sip on exquisite libations. This is a night sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Secure your tickets now, with prices ranging from $149 to $200, and join the distinguished guests at PROM NITE, the highlight of Baltimore's cultural calendar.

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