Proxima Parada 2023 Tour Concert (Dallas)

Proxima Parada 2023 Tour Concert (Dallas)

Nov 4, 2023 (UTC-6)
2200 N Lamar St, Dallas, TX, 75202


Proxima Parada is an eagerly awaited concert that will take place on November 4, 2023, at The Cambridge Room at House Of Blues in Dallas, TX. This is an event that music enthusiasts should mark on their calendars. The venue, located at 2200 N Lamar St, promises an unforgettable experience for fans of music. Proxima Parada will feature a captivating lineup of songs that will transport attendees to a realm of musical bliss. From the first note to the last, the audience will be swept away by the magical melodies and soulful harmonies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in an evening of pure musical delight. Tickets for Proxima Parada will be available for purchase starting June 23, 2023, at 15:00, and will remain on sale until November 5, 2023, at 02:00. Secure your spot at this extraordinary concert and be part of an unforgettable experience. Plan ahead, spread the word, and get ready for Proxima Parada!

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