Sprint Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) - Mission48 - Arkansas (Little Rock) | TBD

Sprint Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) - Mission48 - Arkansas (Little Rock) | TBD

Sep 25, 2023 (UTC-6)


The Sprint Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) - Mission48 - Arkansas is set to take place on September 25, 2023, in Little Rock. This event, organized by Mission48, is the 25th stop on their mission to complete 48 fitness competitions in 48 states in 48 days. The Sprint Duathlon consists of a 5k run, 20k bike ride, and 2.5k run. Participants of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join. For those looking for a less intense option, there are scalable options available, including a 1-mile run, a 5-mile bike ride, or a combination of both. The event is free to attend, but registration is required due to limited capacity. Participants are advised to arrive at 11:30 am for warm-ups and an explanation of the run before the 12 pm start time. The venue is yet to be determined. This event is part of Mission48's efforts to inspire girls and women to step out of their comfort zone and build self-confidence. By completing these fitness competitions, Kelsey Lensman, the organizer of Mission48, aims to bring awareness to ROX, a charity that empowers young girls through self-confidence, body image, and leadership programs. For more information and to stay updated on this event, visit Kelsey's website.

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