Two Day Advanced Conceal Carry | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Two Day Advanced Conceal Carry | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Apr 20–Apr 21, 2024 (UTC-5)
Ares Firearms Training Facility


Join the Two Day Advanced Conceal Carry event at the Ares Firearms Training Facility in Leesburg, FL. This action-packed, hands-on event will take your pistol skills to the next level. Led by expert instructors, you'll learn advanced techniques and drills designed to enhance your accuracy, speed, and overall proficiency with a pistol. The course covers a comprehensive breakdown of shooting fundamentals, including grip, stance, breath control, trigger control, hold control, sight picture, and sight alignment. You'll also practice reloading techniques, malfunction clearance drills, and engage in dry fire/live fire drills. The event focuses on developing accuracy and speed, with drills for engaging multiple targets, using cover, alternate shooting positions, and moving and shooting. The course includes timed pistol drills and a gear discussion/selection. To attend, bring a semi-auto pistol of your choice, a minimum of 1000 rounds of quality ammo, eye and hearing protection, 4 magazines minimum with magazine carriers, a pistol cleaning kit, sturdy belt and quality holster (no serpia, flimsy, cloth, ankle, shoulder, or small of the back holsters), suitable clothing for training in any weather, a notebook and pen, and a willingness to learn. Please note that the course is limited to 6 students. Refunds are only available if the course is canceled.

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