Two Day Conceal Carry | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Two Day Conceal Carry | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Apr 20–Apr 21, 2024 (UTC-5)
Ares Firearms Training Facility


Join the Two Day Conceal Carry event at the Ares Firearms Training Facility in Leesburg. This hands-on, in-person event is perfect for those looking to enhance their pistol skills. Designed for intermediate to advanced shooters, this event is not suitable for beginners. Participants should have a good understanding of safe firearm handling and be experienced in drawing from a concealed holster. Throughout the two days, attendees will learn advanced techniques in defensive pistol shooting. The course includes range orientation, firearms safety, shooting fundamentals, reloading techniques, and malfunction clearance drills. Participants will also engage in drills focused on accuracy, speed development, and engaging multiple targets. The event will cover the use of cover, alternate shooting positions, and moving and shooting. Students are required to bring their own equipment, including a semi-auto pistol, ammunition, eye and hearing protection, magazines with carriers, a sturdy belt, and a quality holster. The event has a limit of 6 students, and tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that there are no refunds unless the course is canceled by the organizers. For more information or to contact the organizers, please email

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