Walk Leadership Next Steps - Aberdeen | Beach Leisure Centre

Walk Leadership Next Steps - Aberdeen | Beach Leisure Centre

Mar 8, 2024 (UTC+0)
Beach Leisure Centre


The upcoming Walk Leadership Next Steps - Aberdeen course is specifically designed to provide Ramblers Scotland volunteers with the essential skills for planning and leading safe and enjoyable walks. Aimed at individuals who currently lead walks with Ramblers Scotland, this course offers a valuable opportunity to enhance practical skills related to leading walks. Participants will spend a full day immersed in the outdoors, delving into key navigation skills such as map reading and basic compass work. In addition to this, the course covers emergency response, essential equipment, and more. Conducted in small groups comprising no more than six volunteers, this 100% practical course is facilitated by experienced walk leaders who themselves are volunteers for the Ramblers. While the course is particularly suited for those who lead Leisurely and Moderate walks, individuals leading Easy, Easy Access, Strenuous, or Technical walks are also welcome to attend. By participating in this course, walk leaders can gain the confidence to lead more challenging walks in the future or simply refresh their foundational knowledge. Both new and experienced walk leaders from Ramblers Scotland are warmly invited to take part in this training. Please note that completion of the Walk Leader Foundations e-Learning course, available free on Assemble, is a prerequisite for attending this training. Ensure you complete this ahead of the training day. Join the Walk Leadership Next Steps - Aberdeen course at the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen on March 8, 2024. Admission is free.

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