Youth Lagoon (Houston) | White Oak Music Hall - Upstairs

Youth Lagoon (Houston) | White Oak Music Hall - Upstairs

Sep 28, 2023 (UTC-6)
White Oak Music Hall - Upstairs


Youth Lagoon, a highly-anticipated concert event, is set to take place at the prestigious White Oak Music Hall - Upstairs on September 28, 2023. This enchanting venue, located at 2915 N Main St, Houston, TX, 77009, will provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening of music. Prepare to be captivated as Youth Lagoon delivers a mesmerizing performance, showcasing their incredible talent and unique sound. From the haunting melodies of "Rabbit" to the electrifying beats of "Prizefighter," this concert promises to be a sonic journey like no other. As the powerful notes of "Deep Red Sea" fill the air, you will be transported to another world, lost in the music. With each song, Youth Lagoon will weave a tapestry of emotions, taking you on a rollercoaster ride of joy, melancholy, and everything in between. The night will be filled with other incredible hits such as "Trapeze Artist" and "Montana," each leaving an indelible mark on your soul. Don't miss your chance to experience Youth Lagoon live in concert. Mark your calendars now and get ready for an evening you will never forget. Tickets for this extraordinary event will be available for purchase from April 7, 2023, at 15:00 until September 29, 2023, at 03:00. Secure your spot and immerse yourself in the magic that is Youth Lagoon.

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