Cheap Flights from Exeter to Limoges

    Prices shown are for 1 adult ticket including taxes & fees.(As ticket fares can change frequently, these advertised prices are for reference only. The actual prices will be shown at time of booking.)

    FAQs for Exeter Airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport Flights

    Below are some common questions asked about this flight route:
    • Flight distance

    • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Limoges?

      • The distance from Limoges – Bellegarde Airport to downtown is about 6km, by taxi about 20 minutes.
    • What's the closest airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport (LIG)?

      The closest airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport (LIG) is Perigueux Airport. The distance is around 79km.
    • Cheapest one-way ticket price

    • Cheapest return ticket price

    • How can I buy cheap flights from Exeter Airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport?

      Ticket prices are influenced by the day of the week, time, route, and other factors. Here are some tips on how to buy cheap airline tickets. Please note that airline ticket prices are constantly changing due to factors such as airline company policy and ticket availability.

      • 1. Try changing the departure and arrival airports.
      • 2. Try to set the day of departure to a day other than Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
      • 3. Try booking outgoing and return flights individually (tends to be cheaper for domestic flights).
      • 4. Try booking flights together with your hotel.
      • 5. Look for deals on social media.
      • 6. Fly with the same airline as much as possible and save miles.

    • Plan Your Trip from Exeter to Limoges

      Tickets from Exeter Airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport tend to be expensive during busy seasons such as the year-end and New Year and summer holidays. This season is high season, and even if you can book with an early-bird discount or low-cost carrier, the fare is often still almost the same as the regular fare. To save on flight tickets, try to avoid booking during peak season whenever possible. If you can, try to book when tickets are relatively cheap. From mid-January to February, the number of travelers tends to decrease. Especially in Europe, flights are cheaper during this period. In April, airline tickets also tend to be cheaper because few people travel. Also, around October, many people refrain from traveling towards Christmas or the end of the year, so ticket prices can drop again. Flights from Exeter Airport to Limoges – Bellegarde Airport tend to be relatively cheap for flights departing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.