Kutaisi International Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, how many flights depart from Kutaisi International Airport(KUT) each day?

On average, Kutaisi International Airport(KUT) has 1 departure flight(s) each day.

What is the earliest departure flight from Kutaisi International Airport(KUT)?

The earliest flight is W66403, which departs for Larnaca at 16:15. If you wish to take this flight, we recommend you stay at a hotel near the airport on the night before departure.

What is the latest departure flight from Kutaisi International Airport(KUT)?

The latest flight is W61576, which departs for Warsaw at 21:20. If you wish to take this flight, please check the operating time for the latest airport transfer, train, or any other transportation you may take to get to the airport.

What are some popular international flight routes departing from Kutaisi International Airport(KUT)?

Popular flight routes from Kutaisi International Airport(KUT) include Kutaisi⇒Moscow, Kutaisi⇒Thessaloniki, Kutaisi⇒Larnaca, Kutaisi⇒London, Kutaisi⇒Athens, Kutaisi⇒Dortmund, Kutaisi⇒Milan, Kutaisi⇒Paris, Kutaisi⇒Warsaw and Kutaisi⇒Barcelona. [singular] is the most popular international flight route.[singular] [plural]are the most popular international flight routes.[plural] [switch]

What is the closest airport to Kutaisi International Airport(KUT)?

The closest airport is Kutaisi International Airport(KUT), it is 96km away.

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