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Okinawa to Tokyo - Flights Starting at US$39

Book one-way or return flights from Okinawa to Tokyo from as little as US$39. Choose from the popular airlines below and book your flight today!

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Cheapest airlines flights from Okinawa to Tokyo

View airlines operating flights from Okinawa to Tokyo. Compare prices, find the option that best suits your travel needs, and enjoy a comfortable journey with a trusted airline.

Peach Airlines
From US$41
Jetstar Japan
From US$42
Solaseed Air
From US$52
All Nippon Airways
From US$52
Japan Airlines
From US$75
Skymark Airlines
From US$77
Japan TransOcean Air
From US$156
Korean Air
From US$263
Asiana Airlines
From US$319
Jin Air
From US$600
ANA airlines

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Alternative Routes from Okinawa to Tokyo

Discover different routes, airlines, and transfers and find the best alternative flights for your journey from Okinawa to Tokyo.

  • Cheapest
    Jetstar Japan
    2h 35m
    Naha Airport - Narita International Airport
    Wed, Sep 4Jetstar Japan
  • Skymark Airlines
    2h 25m
    Naha Airport - Haneda Airport
    Sun, Aug 25Skymark Airlines
  • Skymark Airlines
    2h 25m
    Naha Airport - Haneda Airport
    Sun, Aug 25Skymark Airlines
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are flight tickets from Okinawa (OKA) to Tokyo (TYO) the cheapest?

    Airlines adjust prices for flights from Okinawa to Tokyo based on the departure date and time of your selection. By analyzing data from all airlines, we've discovered that on, you can find the lowest flight prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  • How much do flights from Okinawa (OKA) to Tokyo (TYO) cost?

    According to's data, the lowest price is around $219.
  • How long does it take to fly from Okinawa (OKA) to Tokyo (TYO) and what is the distance?

    It takes around 2 hours 29 minutes to fly from Okinawa (OKA) to Tokyo (TYO).
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Tokyo?

    • The distance from Narita International Airport to downtown is about 57km. It takes about 1 hour 10 minutes by taxi.
    • The distance from Haneda Airport to downtown is about 13km. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi.
  • What are the most popular airlines that fly from Okinawa (OKA) to Tokyo (TYO)?

How to find a cheap flight from Okinawa to Tokyo

Wait until the last minute and flight costs are often sky-high. Plan ahead, book the right way, and your savings can soar. We have loads of saving tips to help you find a cheap flight from Okinawa to Tokyo. Book your flights at the right time and save more.
Book Early
Once prices are gone, they're gone. Lock in deals while you can!
Compare Flight Prices
Compare prices on travel agency and airline websites.
Look Out for Deals
Check airline and travel agency websites for latest flight deals
Check One-way Fares
Buying two cheap one-way flights can sometimes be a better deal than a round-trip.
Try Different Dates
Flying during the week, early in the morning, or late at night can help save money.
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Okinawa to Tokyo Flight Information

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Average flight time

2 hours 29 minutes

Popular airline

All Nippon Airways

Flights from Okinawa to Tokyo

Overview of Flights from Okinawa to Tokyo

When it comes to travel in Japan, the flight route from Okinawa to Tokyo is a bustling corridor connecting the vibrant island culture of Okinawa with the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. This route stands as a vital link, catering to both leisure and business travelers, offering a seamless transition between the tranquil shores of Okinawa and the urban energy of Tokyo.

For those considering air travel, the average one-way flight cost from Okinawa to Tokyo typically falls within the range of $50 to $180, depending on the airline, time of booking, and class of service. Round-trip fares often offer a more economical choice, averaging between $100 to $400. The flight distance between Naha, Okinawa's capital, and Tokyo is approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers), with flights taking around 2 to 3 hours, making air travel the most time-efficient option.

While flights are the primary mode of transportation, alternative options exist for those seeking a different experience.

For those with a penchant for sea travel, ferries are available, providing a unique perspective on the journey. The ferry ride from Okinawa to Tokyo takes approximately 36 hours, covering a distance of about 1,400 miles (2,253 kilometers). Ferry tickets can range from $300 to $600, offering a budget-friendly yet time-intensive option for travelers.

Travelers can tailor their trip to suit their needs and embark on a seamless adventure between these two distinct corners of Japan.

Major Airport in Okinawa and Transportation

Okinawa, a gateway to the stunning Ryukyu Islands, is served by a major airports catering to domestic and international flights: Naha Airport.

Naha Airport (OKA)

Located in Naha, the capital of Okinawa, Naha Airport has two terminals, offering a range of services to travelers. Terminal 1 primarily handles domestic flights, while Terminal 2 serves international destinations.

Travelers can enjoy amenities such as free Wi-Fi, baggage services, and charging stations. Transfer options between terminals are convenient, with shuttle buses running regularly.

Transportation from Downtown to Airport

Taxi: A taxi from downtown Naha to Naha Airport takes around 15 minutes, covering approximately 5 miles. The fare ranges from $15 to $20.

Public Bus: For budget-conscious travelers, public buses offer a cost-effective option, taking approximately 30 minutes, with fares ranging from $5 to $8.

Navigating Okinawa's airport and reaching it from downtown is a seamless experience, with transportation options catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether opting for the speed of a taxi or the affordability of public transportation, travelers can transition smoothly between the vibrant city and the departure gates of Okinawa's airports.

Major Airports in Tokyo and Transportation

Tokyo, a bustling metropolis, is served by two major airports catering to international and domestic flights: Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport.

Narita International Airport (NRT)

Situated about 49 miles (79 kilometers) from downtown Tokyo, Narita International Airport operates three terminals. Terminal 1 and 2 handle international flights, while Terminal 3 is dedicated to low-cost carriers.

Amenities include free Wi-Fi, baggage services, and charging stations. Convenient shuttle buses and trains connect passengers between terminals.

Haneda International Airport (HND)

Located closer to central Tokyo, Haneda International Airport is officially known as Tokyo International Airport. It is about 18 miles (30 kilometers) from the heart of the city. The airport has three terminals: international flights are primarily served by Terminal 3, while domestic flights operate from Terminals 1 and 2.

Passengers can enjoy services like free Wi-Fi, baggage assistance, and numerous charging stations. The terminals are connected by walkways and shuttle buses.

Transportation from Airport to Downtown

Narita International Airport

Airport Limousine Bus: Direct buses to various Tokyo destinations take around 60 to 90 minutes, covering approximately 40 miles. Fares range from $15 to $30.

Narita Express Train: The express train takes around 60 minutes to reach Tokyo Station, covering approximately 35 miles. Fares range from $20 to $40.

Haneda International Airport

Keikyu Line Train: The train journey to Tokyo takes around 30 minutes, covering approximately 15 miles. Fares range from $5 to $15.

Airport Limousine Bus: Buses to Tokyo stations take around 30 to 40 minutes, covering approximately 10 miles. Fares range from $10 to $25.

Tokyo's airports seamlessly integrate modern amenities and efficient transportation options. Whether arriving or departing, travelers can navigate between the terminals and the city with ease, experiencing the dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary Japan that Tokyo has to offer.

Best Time to Book Flights from Okinawa to Tokyo

For savvy travelers seeking the best deals from Okinawa to Tokyo, consider booking in the shoulder seasons for optimal savings. The cheapest month tends to be during the early spring months of March or April when cherry blossoms bloom. Airlines often offer lower prices as demand hasn't peaked yet. In contrast, the most expensive month is typically August, coinciding with the peak of summer vacation and festivals in both Okinawa and Tokyo. High demand during this period, coupled with favorable weather, leads to increased flight prices. For the latest and most accurate pricing information, consult for exclusive deals and insights.

Tips to Travel to Tokyo

● Currency: Japan uses the Japanese Yen (JPY). Familiarize yourself with yen denominations for smooth transactions.

● Visa Requirements: Check visa requirements before departure. Many countries enjoy visa exemptions for short visits.

● Language: While Japanese is the official language, basic English is understood in tourist areas. Learn a few Japanese phrases for a richer experience.

● Time Difference: Tokyo is in the Japan Standard Time (JST) zone. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

● Local Customs: Respect local customs, like bowing and removing shoes indoors. Politeness is highly valued.

● Embassy Information: Know your embassy's location for assistance if needed.

Prepare for an enriching journey by embracing Tokyo's unique culture and customs.

Explore Tokyo

● Tokyo Tower: Iconic landmark with panoramic views of the city.

● Senso-ji Temple: Tokyo's oldest temple in Asakusa, rich in history and charm.

● Shibuya Crossing: World-famous pedestrian scramble in the heart of Shibuya.

● Akihabara: Tech and gaming hub, a paradise for enthusiasts.

● Tsukiji Outer Market: Culinary haven with fresh seafood and local delicacies.

● Meiji Shrine: Serene Shinto shrine surrounded by lush greenery in Shibuya.

● Odaiba: Futuristic entertainment district with shopping and attractions.

Transportation Options:

● Tokyo Metro: Efficient subway system connecting major districts.

● JR Yamanote Line: Circular train line looping through key neighborhoods.

● Buses: Extensive bus network covering areas not serviced by trains.

● Taxis: Readily available for convenient and comfortable travel.

● Rental Bikes: Explore neighborhoods at a leisurely pace on two wheels.

Navigating Tokyo is a seamless experience with an array of attractions accessible through a well-connected transportation network. Explore the city's vibrant districts, historic sites, and modern marvels for an unforgettable Tokyo adventure.

The content of this article was created on 21 November 2023.