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Osaka to Sapporo - Flights Starting at US$34

Book one-way or return flights from Osaka to Sapporo from as little as US$34. Choose from the popular airlines below and book your flight today!

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Cheapest airlines flights from Osaka to Sapporo

View airlines operating flights from Osaka to Sapporo. Compare prices, find the option that best suits your travel needs, and enjoy a comfortable journey with a trusted airline.

Jetstar Japan
From US$34
Peach Airlines
From US$35
Skymark Airlines
From US$43
Air Do
From US$45
Japan Airlines
From US$84
From US$160
Korean Air
From US$286
Jeju Air
From US$325
Hahn Air
From US$338
IBEX Airlines
From US$418
ANA airlines

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Alternative Routes from Osaka to Sapporo

Discover different routes, airlines, and transfers and find the best alternative flights for your journey from Osaka to Sapporo.

  • Cheapest
    Jetstar Japan
    2h 0m
    Kansai International Airport - New Chitose Airport
    Tue, Jul 9Jetstar Japan
  • Skymark Airlines
    1h 50m
    Kobe Airport - New Chitose Airport
    Tue, Aug 27Skymark Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
    1h 50m
    Osaka International Airport - New Chitose Airport
    Mon, Jul 1All Nippon Airways
  • All Nippon Airways
    1h 50m
    Osaka International Airport - New Chitose Airport
    Mon, Jul 1All Nippon Airways
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are flight tickets from Osaka (OSA) to Sapporo (SPK) the cheapest?

    Airlines adjust prices for flights from Osaka to Sapporo based on the departure date and time of your selection. By analyzing data from all airlines, we've discovered that on, you can find the lowest flight prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  • How much do flights from Osaka (OSA) to Sapporo (SPK) cost?

    According to's data, the lowest price is around $226.
  • How long does it take to fly from Osaka (OSA) to Sapporo (SPK) and what is the distance?

    It takes around 1 hour 51 minutes to fly from Osaka (OSA) to Sapporo (SPK).
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Sapporo?

    • The distance from New Chitose Airport to downtown is about 40km. It takes about 1 hour by taxi.
    • The distance from Sapporo Okadama Airport to downtown is about 5km. It takes about 20 minutes by taxi.
  • What are the most popular airlines that fly from Osaka (OSA) to Sapporo (SPK)?

How to find a cheap flight from Osaka to Sapporo

Wait until the last minute and flight costs are often sky-high. Plan ahead, book the right way, and your savings can soar. We have loads of saving tips to help you find a cheap flight from Osaka to Sapporo. Book your flights at the right time and save more.
Book Early
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Compare Flight Prices
Compare prices on travel agency and airline websites.
Look Out for Deals
Check airline and travel agency websites for latest flight deals
Check One-way Fares
Buying two cheap one-way flights can sometimes be a better deal than a round-trip.
Try Different Dates
Flying during the week, early in the morning, or late at night can help save money.
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Osaka to Sapporo Flight Information

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Flight distance


Average flight time

1 hour 51 minutes

Popular airline

Japan Airlines

Flights from Osaka to Sapporo: Flight Info, Ticket Prices, Airports, and Travel Tips

Flights from Osaka to Sapporo are a popular and important route for travelers in Japan. The average flight distance between the two cities is 1,084 km. The most popular airline for this route is Peach Airlines. However, there are also other transportation methods available for those who prefer to travel by train, bus, or ferry. Let's explore these options and their average cost and duration.

Flight Information: Flights from Osaka to Sapporo

Odori Park, Sapporo

Odori Park, Sapporo

Flights from Osaka to Sapporo are in high demand due to the popularity of both cities. Peach Airlines is the most popular airline for this route, offering convenient and affordable flights. However, if you prefer other transportation methods, there are trains and buses available as well.

Transportation MethodAverage CostDuration
Shinkansen (Bullet Train)JPY20,000-JPY40,0002 to 3 hours
Night BusJPY12,000-JPY20,00012 to 14 hour
CarJPY20,000-JPY30,00017 to 18 hours

These alternative transportation methods offer different experiences and price ranges, allowing travelers to choose the option that best suits their preferences and budget.

Major Airports in Osaka and Transportation

Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka

Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka

Osaka is served by several major airports, each offering different services and facilities. The airports in Osaka are:

  • Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport): Osaka International Airport, also known as Itami Airport, is located in Itami City and serves domestic flights. It offers free Wi-Fi, baggage services, and charging stations for your convenience.
  • Kansai International Airport: Kansai International Airport is the main international airport in Osaka. It is located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay and offers a wide range of services and facilities, including free Wi-Fi, baggage services, and charging stations. If you need to transfer between terminals, there are shuttle buses available.

When it comes to transportation options from downtown Osaka to the airports, you have several choices. The estimated price range for each transportation method is as follows:

To Kansai International Airport:

  • Train (Nankai Line): JPY1,200-JPY1,500
  • Airport Limousine Bus: JPY1,550-JPY2,000
  • Taxi: JPY16,000-JPY20,000

To Osaka International Airport

  • Monorail and Train: JPY500- JPY700
  • Airport Limousine Bus: JPY640-JPY1,550
  • Taxi: JPY6,000-JPY9,000

These transportation options provide you with easy access to the airports, ensuring a smooth and convenient journey.

Major Airport in Sapporo and Transportation

Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo

Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo

Sapporo, Japan, is primarily served by New Chitose Airport (CTS). Located in Chitose, this airport provides free Wi-Fi, baggage service, and charging stations. It has two terminals, and transfer options between terminals are available.

Transportation options from New Chitose Airport to the downtown area include:

  • TrainTrain (JR Line): JPY1,070
  • Rapid Airport Bus: JPY1,030-JPY1,100
  • Taxi: JPY15,000-JPY20,000

These transportation options ensure convenient access to the city center for travelers arriving in Sapporo.

When is the Best Time to Buy Flights from Osaka to Sapporo?

Hokkaido University, Sapporo

Hokkaido University, Sapporo

If you're looking for the best deals on flights from Osaka to Sapporo, it's important to consider the timing of your purchase. The most expensive month to buy flights is July, while the cheapest month is January. By planning your trip accordingly, you can save money and enjoy a budget-friendly journey.

How to Find Cheap Flights from Osaka to Sapporo

Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo TV Tower, Sapporo

Finding cheap flights from Osaka to Sapporo is easier than you might think. Here are some tips to help you secure the best deals:

  • Book in advance: By booking your flights early, you can take advantage of lower prices.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates: Consider flying on weekdays or during off-peak seasons to find cheaper fares.
  • Compare prices: Use a reliable flight comparison website, such as, to compare prices and find the best deals.
  • Sign up for alerts: Subscribe to airline newsletters or set up price alerts to receive notifications when prices drop.
  • Consider alternative airports: Check if there are other airports near Osaka or Sapporo that offer cheaper flights.

By following these tips, you can find affordable flights and make the most of your travel budget. is a trusted platform that can help you find the best deals on flights from Osaka to Sapporo.

Tips to Travel to Sapporo

Hokkaido Jingu, Sapporo

Hokkaido Jingu, Sapporo

If you're a first-time visitor to Sapporo, here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Learn basic Japanese phrases: While English is spoken in some tourist areas, knowing a few Japanese phrases can help you navigate the city and communicate with locals.
  • Try local cuisine: Sapporo is known for its delicious food, so be sure to try local specialties such as ramen, seafood, and Hokkaido milk products.
  • Visit during the Snow Festival: If you're traveling in February, don't miss the Sapporo Snow Festival, where you can admire incredible ice sculptures and enjoy winter activities.
  • Explore Odori Park: Located in the heart of the city, Odori Park is a beautiful green space perfect for picnics, strolls, and enjoying seasonal events.
  • Experience the hot springs: Sapporo is surrounded by natural hot springs, known as onsen. Take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in these therapeutic waters.

These tips will help you make the most of your trip to Sapporo and create unforgettable memories.

Explore Sapporo

Jozankei Onsen, Sapporo

Jozankei Onsen, Sapporo

Sapporo offers a variety of attractions that cater to different interests. Here are 10 popular spots to visit:

  1. Sapporo TV Tower: Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observation deck of this iconic tower.
  2. Susukino: Explore the vibrant entertainment district of Sapporo, known for its nightlife and shopping.
  3. Odori Park: Relax in this spacious park and admire the beautiful flowers and seasonal events.
  4. Hokkaido Shrine: Visit this peaceful shrine and learn about the spiritual heritage of Sapporo.
  5. Sapporo Beer Museum: Discover the history of Sapporo's famous beer and enjoy tastings.
  6. Shiroi Koibito Park: Indulge in delicious sweets and learn about the production of Hokkaido's famous Shiroi Koibito cookies.
  7. Mt. Moiwa: Take a cable car ride to the top of this scenic mountain and enjoy breathtaking views of Sapporo.
  8. Sapporo Clock Tower: Visit this historic landmark, which is a symbol of Sapporo's early development.
  9. Nijo Market: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of this seafood market and sample fresh local delicacies.
  10. Sapporo Dome: Catch a baseball game or concert at this impressive stadium with a retractable roof.

Getting around Sapporo is convenient with various transportation options available, including buses, trains, and taxis. These options ensure easy access to the city's attractions and allow you to explore Sapporo at your own pace.

With so much to see and do in Sapporo, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring this vibrant city.