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Find cheap one-way flights from Taipei to Manila starting at CNY 48.

We've found these cheap flights for you. You can book one-way or round-trip flight tickets.

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Cheapest airlines flights from Taipei to Manila

Compare prices, find the option that best suits your travel needs, and enjoy a comfortable journey with a trusted airline.

Royal Air Philippines
From US$46
Cebu Pacific Air
From US$63
Philippines AirAsia
From US$63
China Airlines
From US$122
Philippine Airlines
From US$126
HK Express
From US$126
From US$144
Malaysia Airlines
From US$150
Greater Bay Airlines
From US$161
STARLUX Airlines
From US$166
ANA airlines

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Find cheap flights from Taipei to Manila by different airports

Searching for potential routes that might be cheaper and faster? Check out these alternative flights from Taipei to Manila.

  • Cheapest
    Philippines AirAsia
    2h 10m
    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport
    Tue, May 7Philippines AirAsia
  • Xiamen Airlines
    24h 0m
    1 transfer
    Taipei Songshan Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport
    Mon, May 6Xiamen Airlines
  • Xiamen Airlines
    24h 0m
    1 transfer
    Taipei Songshan Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport
    Mon, May 6Xiamen Airlines
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are flight tickets from Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL) the cheapest?

    Airlines adjust prices for flights from Taipei to Manila based on the departure date and time of your selection. By analyzing data from all airlines, we've discovered that on, you can find the lowest flight prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  • How much do flights from Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL) cost?

    According to's data, the lowest price is around $235.
  • How long does it take to fly from Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL) and what is the distance?

    It takes around 2 hours 20 minutes to fly from Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL).
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Manila?

    • The distance from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to downtown is about 10km. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi.
  • What are the most popular airlines that fly from Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL)?

How to find a cheap flight from Taipei to Manila

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Book Early
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Taipei to Manila Flight Information

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2 hours 20 minutes

Popular airline

Cebu Pacific Air

Flights from Taipei to Manila: Flight Info, Best Deals, Airports, and Top Attractions

Overview of Flights from Taipei to Manila

The flight route from Taipei to Manila is a vital connection between Taiwan and the Philippines. This route has gained immense popularity, serving both business and leisure travelers.

A one-way ticket from Taipei to Manila typically costs around $100 to $300 USD, with round-trip fares ranging from $200 to $600 USD. The flight distance between Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) is approximately 1,000 miles (1,604 kilometers), with a flight duration of about 2.5 hours.

Ferry services connect Taiwan and the Philippines, but they involve multiple transfers and can take several days, making flights the preferred choice for most travelers. The Taipei to Manila flight route is the best choice for travelers seeking a convenient, quick, and affordable means of transport between these vibrant Asian cities.

Major Airport in Taipei and Transportation

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, located in Taoyuan City, is Taiwan's largest and busiest international airport. It has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, offering a wide range of passenger services. Travelers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, baggage services, charging stations, duty-free shopping, lounges, and a variety of dining options.

Address: No. 9, Hangzhan S Rd, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)

Taipei Songshan Airport is a domestic and limited international airport situated in Taipei City. While it's smaller than Taoyuan International Airport, it offers convenience for domestic travel. It provides free Wi-Fi, baggage services, and duty-free shopping.

Address: No. 340-9, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has a shuttle bus service between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, ensuring easy and convenient transfers for passengers.

Transportation from Downtown to Taipei Airports

There are several ways to reach Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport from Taipei City:

Bus: You can take the Kuo-Kuang Bus from downtown Taipei to TPE. Prices cost around $10 USD.

MRT: Taoyuan Airport MRT is an efficient option for travelers as it only takes 35 minutes from the airport to Taipei Main Station. Prices cost around $5 USD.

Taxi: Taxi fares from downtown Taipei to the airport typically cost around $30 to $40 USD.

Taipei Songshan Airport:

By MRT: You can take the Taipei Metro Wenhu Line to Songshan Airport Station. The fare is approximately $1 USD.

By Taxi: Taxis from downtown Taipei to Songshan Airport usually cost about $5 to $15 USD, depending on the location.

These transportation options provide convenient access to both airports from the Taipei city center.

Major Airport in Manila and Transportation

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, commonly referred to as NAIA, is the primary gateway to the Philippines. It's located in Parañaque and Pasay, serving the Manila metropolitan area. The airport consists of four terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 (also known as the Centennial Terminal), Terminal 3, and Terminal 4 (Domestic). Passengers can access services like free Wi-Fi, baggage services, charging stations, duty-free shopping, and an array of dining options. There are shuttle buses available to transfer between terminals within NAIA, ensuring a seamless connection for passengers.

Address: Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

Transportation from Airport to Downtown

By Taxi: Taxis from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to downtown Manila usually cost around $5 to $15 USD, depending on traffic and your specific destination.

By Airport Bus: The airport offers bus services to key areas in Manila, with fares from $8 USD.

Best Time to Book Flights from Taipei to Manila

August and September offer the most budget-friendly flights from Taipei to Manila. Post-summer vacations and pre-holiday seasons , airlines provide competitive prices during this shoulder season, making it an ideal time for cost-conscious travelers.

December stands as the costliest month due to the holiday season. Christmas and New Year festivities drive up demand, resulting in higher ticket prices. Booking well in advance is advised to secure more affordable fares during this peak travel period.

You can easily access data on the cheapest and most expensive months for these flights on

Tips to Travel to Manila

For First-Time Visitors, here are some tips that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Manila from Taipei:

● Currency: The currency in Manila is the Philippine Peso (PHP). Exchange some money at the airport or local banks for convenience.

● Visa: Check the visa requirements for your nationality. Many countries and areas, including Taiwan, can enter the Philippines visa-free for a specific duration. Ensure your passport has at least six months' validity.

● Language: English and Filipino are widely spoken.

● Time Difference: Manila is in the Philippine Time Zone (UTC+8), which is the same as Taipei.

● Local Customs: Respect local customs and traditions, such as removing shoes before entering homes.

● Local Embassy: Locate your country's embassy or consulate in Manila for assistance during your stay.

Explore Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, offers a diverse range of attractions for travelers:

● Intramuros: Step back in time and explore the historic walled city of Intramuros, where Spanish colonial influences come to life. Visit Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, and San Agustin Church.

● Rizal Park: Pay tribute to national hero Jose Rizal at this vast park featuring gardens, monuments, and the Rizal Monument.

● Manila Bay: Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and fresh seafood at Manila Bay. Take a relaxing bay cruise for a unique perspective of the city skyline.

● Museums: Immerse yourself in Filipino culture at the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Ayala Museum, and the Mind Museum.

● Shopping: Explore bustling shopping districts like Divisoria for bargain finds and Ayala Center for upscale shopping.

Manila offers various transportation options:

● Taxis: Metered taxis are readily available and provide a convenient mode of transportation.

● Tricycles: Three-wheeled vehicles are common for short trips within neighborhoods.

● Buses: Public buses and private shuttles connect different parts of the city.

● LRT and MRT: Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) lines offer a quick way to navigate the city.

Exploring Manila is a fascinating journey through history, culture, and urban life, with transportation options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

The content of this article was created on 1 November 2023.