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Flights to Daegu


Daegu is the fourth-largest city in South Korea and is officially known as the Daegu Metropolitan City, on the island of Mindanao, and is also called as the City of Daegu. Daegu is in southeastern Korea, which is about 80 km from the seacoast. It is located near the Geumho River and its mainstream, Nakdong River in Gyeongsang-do. Daegu is situated in a basin that is surrounded by low mountains. The mountains of Palgongsan are to the north, the mountains of Biseulsan are to the south, and the mountains of Waryongsan are to the west. There are also some hills in the eastern region. The Geumho River flows along the northern and eastern edges of the city, emptying into the Nakdong River which is in the west of the city.

It is the largest city in terms of land area and size in all of South Korea. It is the third-largest in terms of population density. Daegu is situated in the province of Daegu del Sur. It is a trade hub and serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of the island of Mindanao and the entire Daegu Region. Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the whole of South Korea is located in Daegu. The Mount Apo National Park which is part of this mountain range was built to protect the local flora and fauna of the region. Daegu is famous for the exotic fruit, Durian and hence is also nicknamed as the Durian capital of South Korea. It is located in the southeastern Mindanao on the northwestern shore of the Daegu Gulf. The Daegu River is the primary drainage channel and runs to a length of 99 m.

Daegu has a humid subtropical climate which makes it cooler. The mountains that surround Daegu and the basin effect traps hot and humid air and in the winter, it traps the cool air. The weather, on the whole, is sunny most of the year, except for rainfall during the summer season.

Daegu was known for its excellence in the electronics industry in the '80s, now it is known as the Apple city. The humid subtropical climate is very ideal in producing high-quality apples. Daegu is now famous for textile manufacturing and is also called as Textile City. The current trend in the industry growth in Daegu is fashion and high-tech industries. Daegu is also home for athletics and football, having hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2011 World Championship Athletics. There are many flights to Daegu and if you check online or book in advance, you can find cheap flights to Daegu to enjoy the hospitality and beauty of this wonderful city.

Tip: If you are in Daegu during the months of January to May, do not miss out on the Daegu Chimac Festival at Duryu Park. You can join the millions of visitors who relish the hot piping fried Korean chicken and an ice-cold beer and listen to Korean pop music. A very interesting concept indeed!

Getting to Daegu

The Daegu International Airport or the Daegu International Airport is the point of entry into Daegu, as well as, the southeastern region of South Korea. There are direct flights to Daegu coming in from Asia, the Middle East, and other countries in the world. The Asiana Airlines, Etihad Airways, Tigerair, Air India, Qatar Airways, are some of the airlines that operate services to Daegu.

Tip: Book your tickets in advance and save both time and money in getting the best deals that many airlines offer. 

What to see in Daegu

Daegu is fast becoming a sought after tourist destination in South Korea. There is much to see in this beautiful city and to take in all the sights.

The ‘City of Oriental Medicine’ is what Daegu is referred to as it is the oldest, and currently one of the very few cities that offer Oriental medicine which differs greatly when compared to Western medicine. It has Korea’s largest and oldest Oriental medicine markets that is spread over 700-meter stretch at the Yangnyeongsi Market on the Namseong-ro Road in the Jung-gu District. This is a very interesting area to walk down the alleys and see the shops, clinics, and restaurants that line these streets. You can rest assured that you will pick up some treatment medicines either for yourself or someone you know!

E-World 83 Tower and Apsan Observatory offer a spectacular view in the night of Daegu’s landscapes, and beautiful views of the Nakdonggang River.

The Daegu Apsan Park is the largest and major eco-park that has a trail to its peak from where cable cars take tourists to and fro. 

Tip: While in Daegu you can pick up a T-Money card which can be used in buses and subways while commuting using local transport. This is a very economic and convenient way of handling cash and change, as well as avoiding waiting to buy tickets.

Accommodation at Daegu

Daegu offers many accommodation options to stay during your vacation here. You can choose from a variety of hotels and stay areas that cater to the ease, budget, and comfort of the traveler. There are bargain rate motels, family rooms, and luxury rooms. Certainly, there are options for the satisfaction of every wallet!

Tip: A tourist can feel very comfortable here while traveling; the local people are helpful and provide any information or direction required.

Food and culture in Daegu

Daegu has many restaurants that serve both traditional food, as well as, international cuisine. There are many eateries found off the streets of Jungang-no and Deurangil in the south which offer traditional Korean food and a variety of Asian cuisines as well. People in Daegu enjoy food and the food here is considered more spicy and salty as compared to other cities in South Korea. Culturally, people in Daegu are considered to be very conservative and orthodox and are very family-oriented.  It is amazing to see family-run businesses and take in the culture and family values that Daegu offers.

 Tip: While in Daegu, do try the local Korean cuisines if you are an adventurous type and like to taste different cuisines.

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FAQs for Flights to Daegu

  • What are some travel guidelines for Daegu during the COVID19 pandemic?

    Entry restrictions and flight schedule changes and cancellations are frequently updated and subject to change. If you plan to travel to Daegu, please obtain the most updated information from the airline you plan to book your travels with. You can also refer to COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions for more information.
  • Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.
  • What is the average flight ticket price from United States to Daegu?

    The average ticket price to Daegu is US$71. Please use this price as a reference only.
  • How long is the flight to Daegu?

    • Approx. 1 hour 3 minutes to fly from Jeju to Daegu.
    • Approx. 55 minutes to fly from Seoul to Daegu.
  • How can I book cheaper tickets?

    You can book cheaper flights in the following ways:
    • Search for tickets to a city or airport near Daegu.
    • Look up different airlines that have flights to Daegu.
    • Browse different departure dates from the same month.
    • Filter for different departure times from the same day.
    • Check for discount information on various social media sites.
    • Explore deals and discounts on airline websites.
  • What is the most popular month to visit Daegu?

    Understanding peak and off travel seasons to Daegu can help you arrange your travel plans accordingly. The most popular month to visit Daegu is November. The average price of flight tickets to Daegu in November is US$68.
  • When are flight tickets to Daegu the cheapest?

    Flight tickets to Daegu are the cheapest in March compared to other months, the average price is US$86.
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Daegu?

    • The distance from Daegu International Airport to downtown is about 4km, by taxi about 20 minutes.
  • Which popular airlines have flights to Daegu?

    Popular airlines with flights to Daegu: T'Way Air , Jeju Air , and Jin Air .
  • What are some popular attractions in Daegu?

    Daegu has many attractions to offer: Namgyeonghwarang (1km from downtown) Gaya Gallery (1km from downtown) Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street (1km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.