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eSIM Singapore

Trending Singapore eSIM Options

Singapore eSIM 3 Days
  • CountrySingapore
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days3 Days
  • PriceUSD 2.62
Singapore eSIM 5 Days
  • CountrySingapore
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days5 Days
  • PriceUSD 3.85
Singapore eSIM 7 Days
  • CountrySingapore
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days7 Days
  • PriceUSD 5.03

Are you worried about internet connectivity when planning a trip to Singapore? There's a perfect solution for you! It's called eSIM. You can easily download it onto your smartphone and enjoy internet access freely overseas, including in Singapore. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about losing it, allowing you to have a comfortable network connection anywhere.

In this article, we offes a comprehensive comparison between the top 6 Singapore eSIM providers and the latest eSIM prcie by April 2024. We also explain how to choose a Singpore eSIM ,its advantages and disadvantages, and methods to set it up in a way that is easy for first-timers to understand. Please read till the end!

What is exactly an eSIM?

eSIM stands for Embedded SIM. An eSIM is like a digital version of the traditional SIM card that comes built into your device 100% digitally. It lets you start a mobile data plan without the need for a physical card. Instead, you can easily set it up online with a QR code and get it working quickly.

How Does an eSIM Work?

In terms of functionality, an eSIM connects to your mobile network in a similar manner to traditional SIM cards, but it eliminates the need for a physical component. You activate it using a QR code from your service provider, allowing you to access the internet and place calls over your network digitally.

A significant advantage of eSIMs is their ability to support multiple phone numbers and networks simultaneously, which is particularly beneficial for frequent international travelers. This feature offers cost savings and the convenience of not having to switch phone numbers. Increasingly, eSIMs are supported by a range of devices, including both iPhones and Android phones.

Which Works Better in Singapore? Comparison of eSIM, SIM card, or Wi-Fi router

eSIM, physical SIM cards, and Wi-Fi routers are means to connect to the internet overseas. While they share a common purpose, there are significant differences. Choosing a plan that suits your smartphone and travel style can make your communication experience smoother.

Below, I have summarized the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these three in a table.

FeatureeSIMSIM CardWi-Fi Router
Ease of useNo card insertion, no charging requiredCard insertion requiredRequires charging
CarryUnnecessaryAttached to the smartphoneNecessity
MeritNo need to hand over without
worrying about loss or damage
Lots of plan optionsCan be shared by multiple people
DemeritPrior activation is required because compatible smartphones are limited.There is a risk of losing a SIM-free smartphoneCharging is required
Equipment needs to be carried, handingover is troublesome

How to Choose the Right Singapore eSIM?

When selecting an eSIM provider and plan, there are several critical factors to consider to ensure you get the service that best fits your needs. From pricing to customer support, each element plays a role in enhancing your mobile connectivity experience. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed choice:

FactorWhat to Consider
ReliabilityChoose a provider that offers consistent speeds and reliable connectivity.
PriceCheck for hidden fees and ensure the price is justified by the data and services offered. Compare to get the best value.
International RoamingSelect an eSIM that supports hassle-free international roaming without additional costs, especially suitable for frequent travelers.
Connectivity & CoverageEnsure stable network coverage everywhere you go, from Marina Bay Sands to Pulau Ubin.
Customer SupportEnsure the provider offers responsive and accessible customer service, including 24/7 support options.
FeaturesLook for additional perks like speed boosts or rewards.
FlexibilityOpt for providers that offer scalable data plans and easy switching between plans without contractual constraints or fees.
Ease of Activation & SetupPrefer providers that allow quick and easy eSIM activation.

Top Singapore eSIM Plans for Tourists

Travel eSIM for Singapore Data Validity Price
Trip.com 1GB/Day 3 Days US $2.62
7 Days US $5.03
15 Days US $10.00
Airalo 1GB 7 Days US $4.50
Alosim 1GB 7 days US $6.50
Holafly Unlimited data 3 days US $18.00
Nomad 5GB 30 days US $10.00
SimOptions 1GB 7 days US $4.50

Comparison of Top Singapore eSIM Providers

There are numerous eSIMS for travelling to Singapore with different data plan and days available. Check the following 6 top Singapore eSIM providers now!

Trip.com Singapore eSIM

  • 1 GB/Day data for 3 days = US $2.62
  • 1 GB/Day data for 5 days = US $3.85
  • 1 GB/Day data for 7 days = US $5.03
  • 1 GB/Day data for 15 days = US $10.00
  • 1 GB/Day data for 30 days = US $19.99

Trip.com provides an extensive selection of eSIM choices for travelers seeking quick, cost-effective, and adaptable mobile data plans in Singapore. The options range from 500 MB daily to unlimited data, ensuring there's a plan for every one. Whether your stay in Singapore is for a single day or up to 30 days, you can select the plan that best fits your travel needs. These eSIM plans are extremely economical, making it affordable and convenient to stay connected during your trip.

Trip.com not only offers a broad range of eSIM plans but also delivers outstanding customer service. It offers 24/7 customer support to help you with any problems you may have during your visit to Singapore. Whether you need assistance with using your eSIM or face any difficulties during your journey, Trip.com's committed team is always here to help you.

Instant online purchase and activation process.
Various data plans available, from 1 day to 30 days.
Offers unlimited data plans in select countries.
24/7 customer support in multiple languages.

Airalo Singapore eSIM

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = US $4.50
  • 2 GB data for 15 days = US $6.50
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = US $11.50
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = US $26.00

Airalo offers various eSIM services for smartphones, allowing users to connect to the internet in different countries without needing a physical SIM card. The company provides access to mobile data plans in over 190 countries worldwide, offering affordable and convenient connectivity solutions for travelers. Users can easily switch between different eSIMs through the Airalo app, eliminating the need to buy local SIM cards when traveling abroad. Airalo eSIM is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

World's first eSIM store for travelers.
Offers eSIMs for over 190+ countries and regions.
Various data plans available, from short-term to long-term use.

Alosim Singapore eSIM

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = US $6.50
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = US $14.50
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = US $22.50
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = US $45.00

Alosim is a company that provides eSIM services, which allow users to access mobile network services without the need for a physical SIM card. Alosim offers international data plans for travelers, allowing them to easily connect to local networks without incurring roaming charges. Users typically download a carrier profile using a QR code or through an app, and can manage their subscription and usage directly from their device.

Focus on seamless connectivity for travelers.
Compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Easy online purchase and activation.

Holafly Singapore eSIM

  • Unlimited data for 1 days = US $6.00
  • Unlimited data for 3 days = US $18.00
  • Unlimited data for 10 days = US $37.00

Holafly offers unlimited data plans for many Asian countries. Holafly's eSIM solutions are designed to provide convenient and affordable data connectivity options for people traveling abroad, without incurring expensive roaming charges. The eSIM can be easily installed on a compatible smartphone or tablet by scanning a QR code provided by Holafly. Once activated, the eSIM enables the device to connect to local networks for internet access, allowing users to use maps, ride-sharing apps, social media, and other services without relying on Wi-Fi.

Specializes in international data SIM cards and eSIMs for travelers.
Offers unlimited data plans in select countries.
Keep all your contacts on WhatsApp.

Nomad Singapore eSIM

  • 5 GB data for 30 days = US $10.00
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = US $17.00
  • 15 GB data for 30 days = US $20.00

Nomad eSIM is an eSIM provider that allows travelers to access mobile data services in various countries without the need for a physical SIM card. With Nomad eSIM, users can download a data plan directly to their eSIM-enabled device before or during their travels. Nomad offers a variety of data plans tailored to different regions and countries, providing flexibility and convenience for international travelers.

Flexible plans based on duration and data needs.
App available for managing plans and usage.
No physical SIM card needed, activation done digitally.

SimOptions Singapore eSIM

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = US $4.50
  • 3 GB data for 7 days = US $8.90
  • 5 GB data for 15 days = US $10.90
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = US $49.90

SimOptions is an online platform that specializes in providing eSIM and mobile data solutions for travelers. The company aims to offer convenient and cost-effective alternatives to expensive roaming charges by providing SIM cards that can be used in multiple countries. With SimOptions, travelers can stay connected with voice, text, and data services without incurring high fees typically associated with international roaming.

Plug and play SIM cards for easy setup.
Competitive pricing and no roaming charges.
Covers over 200 destinations worldwide.

How to Activate Singapore eSIM

How to Activate Singapore eSIM

Usage Method

Do not scan the QR code from a camera or app other than the device you plan to use, always set up from the device that will use the eSIM.

About Installation

1. From the eSIM activation email, check the displayed QR code.

2. Open "Settings" on your smartphone's home screen, and select Mobile Communication (IOS) or Sim Card Management (Android).

3. Tap Add Mobile Communication Plan (IOS) or Sim Card Management (Android), agree to install Mobile Communication (IOS) or Sim Card Management (Android) and then scan the QR code displayed in the activation email to install.

How to Use

1. After installation, turn off your traditional Sim card.

2. When you use Mobile Communication (IOS) or Sim Card Management (Android), the LTE icon will be displayed in the upper right corner.

3. You can communicate by turning on data roaming.

4. If you are not connected to the network after the above operations, please switch airplane mode on and off or restart your smartphone.

About Suspension of Use

Tap Mobile Communication (IOS) or Sim Card Management (Android) and switch it to invalid (the same procedure applies to activation).

Reviews from users of Trip.com's Singapore eSIM

Reviews from users of Trip.com's Singapore eSIM

Things to check before choosing an eSIM plan

1. Check if your smartphone supports eSIM.

2. Check if there is a plan that meets your needs.

3. Check the procedure and settings to activate the eSIM.

4. Check if there is customer support that can help you in case of communication trouble.

eSIM plans for Singapore offered by Trip.com

Trip.com's eSIM offers a variety of plans for travel to Singapore. It is recommended to choose a plan with plenty of data and duration according to your travel needs.

Reviews from users of Trip.com's Singapore eSIM

The operation is simple, and the internet is very stable.
Except for the need to turn off domestic channels, I used it well. The price is really good.
It's convenient and super convenient, no need to take a card, no need to receive a card, no need to insert a card, everything is solved in the cloud. Then the average speed of the internet is 4G, I think it's enough.

3 advantages of using eSIM in Singapore

3 benefits of using an eSIM in Singapore

1. Reduces travel hassle

With eSIM, you don't need to buy or receive a new SIM card or Wi-Fi router. You can start data communication immediately after arrival, which allows you to plan your trip smoothly using map apps and tourist information apps.

2. No worries about loss or damage

Since it's digital, you won't lose or break it like a physical SIM card. It's also advantageous in terms of security.

3. Contributes to the environment

By using eSIM, the use of physical plastic cards is reduced, which helps to lessen the impact on the environment.

3 disadvantages of using eSIM in Singapore

3 benefits of using an eSIM in Singapore

1. Device compatibility restrictions

eSIM is not available on all smartphones and devices. Some models, brands, or carriers may not support it. Therefore, you need to check the device compatibility information before using eSIM.

2. Smartphone settings

To use eSIM, you need to set it up on your smartphone. For first-time users, the setup may feel complicated.

3. Phone number is not available

eSIM typically does not provide a phone number, or there may be additional charges. This can make communication difficult if you don't have a local phone number for things like restaurant reservations or receiving authentication codes.

Singapore eSIM Supported Devices

Before purchasing an eSIM product on Trip.com, please check whether your mobile phone can support eSIM.

eSIM Sinagpore
Applicable models for eSIM
Applicable models for eSIM
Applicable models for eSIM
Applicable models for eSIM
Applicable models for eSIM
Applicable models for eSIM

eSIM is a Must-Have Item for a Fun Trip to Singapore!

eSIM is a must for visiting Singapore

If you're planning a trip to Singapore, eSIM is definitely a recommended item. Connect to the internet smoothly and get the information you need anytime, from shopping areas to tourist attractions and restaurants.

Trip.com's eSIM is supported by many travelers for its reliability and convenience. Why not take this opportunity to use Trip.com's eSIM for your trip to Singapore? A comfortable communication environment will undoubtedly enhance your wonderful travel memories.

FAQ about Singapore eSIM

  • Is eSIM available in Singapore?

    Yes, eSIMs are available in Singapore. Providers like Trip.com offer eSIM plans that are both cheap and fast.
  • How to buy SIM card in Singapore for foreigners?

    Foreigners can easily purchase a SIM card in Singapore online via platforms like Trip.com. Activation can be done instantly using a QR code provided at the time of purchase.
  • How do I activate eSIM in Singapore?

    To activate an eSIM in Singapore, you typically need to:Choose a plan and purchase it from an eSIM provider.Receive a QR code from the provider.Scan the QR code with your compatible smartphone to download and activate the eSIM profile.
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