How to Get from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown

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How to Get from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok City
Planning to travel to Bangkok? This article offers 5 transport options Don Mueang Intertnational Airport to Bangkok City, and detailed comparison between the 5 transport methods, including cost, travel time, frequency, pros, and cons. 👀✨Stay with us till the end!

5 Ways to Get from Don Mueang Intertnational Airport to Bangkok City

Know nothing about how to get from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok City? There are 5 transport options for getting from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok donwntown, including SRT trains, airport buses, rental cars, taxis, etc.

Transport Option Approx. Cost Travel Time Frequency Pros Cons
SRT Dark Red Line $0.33-$1.15 20 mins Every 12-20 mins -Affordable
-Limited service times
-Further transfers
Airport Bus $0.80-$1.30 45-90 mins Every 15-30 mins -Cheap
-Various routes
-Longer Travel Time
Car Rental From $18/day
[12% OFF]
30-60 mins On Demand - Comfort
- No waiting
-More Expensive
Taxi $9-$15 30-60 mins 24/7 -Convenient
-Door-to-door service
-More Expensive
Pre-booked Taxi From $26.88/day
30-60 mins 24/7 -Convenient
-Easy online booking
-More Expensive

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Train

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Train

Source: Wikipedia

There are 2 types of train to get from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok downtown: the SRT Dark Red Line train and the SRT Northern or Northeastern Line train. You will take a 5 to 10-minute walk from the airport terminal to both train stations. Here is overview of the two types of trains.

SRT Dark Red Line

SRT Dard Red Line

Source: The SRT Red Line official

The SRT Dark Red Line, officially named Thani Ratthaya Line, is a new commuter train line in Bangkok. It operates between Bang Sue Station and Rangsit Station, covering a distance of approximately 26 kilometers. This SRT Dard Red Line much faster than the ordinary train line. From Don Muang Airport, you can get to Bang Sue Station in just 20 minutes.

Timetable & Ticket Fare

SRT Dark Red Line
Operating Time 05:30 to 24:00
Frequency Every 20 mins from 05:30 to 24:00
Every 12 mins during 05:00-07:00 & 17:00-19:00
Ticket Fare12 to 42 Baht ($0.33-$1.15)
Travel Time about 20 mins

How to Take Train from Don Mueang Airport

You can reach Don Mueang Train Station via the climate-controlled elevated walkway, which is approximately a 10-minute walk from Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1.

This SRT Dard Red Line operates between Bang Sue Station and Rangsit Station. The SRT line is on the 2nd floor of Bang Sue Station. You need to go to the underground level to take the MRT line that stops at Hua Lamphong station.

SRT Northern or Northeastern Line

The SRT Northern or Northeastern Line connects Bangkok with the northern region of Thailand, with major destinations including Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Phitsanulok, Lampang, and Chiang Mai. The Northeastern Line serves the northeastern region of Thailand, including Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, and Nong Khai.


The train to Bangkok will take about 50 minutes, and you need to take the MRT/BTS, a taxi, or a tuk-tuk to reach your accommodation.

TrainsDon Muang Train StationHualamphong Train Station
Ordinary 31406:0206:50
Ordinary 30206:4707:35
Ordinary 34207:4208:30
Ordinary 31808:0208:50
Ordinary 20809:2710:15
Ordinary 30409:4710:30
Ordinary 340*10:2711:10
Ordinary 21211:2212:10
Ordinary 20213:1714:05
Ordinary 23413:3714:25
Ordinary 21019:5220:35

Ticket Fare

Between Bangkok and Don Muang Airport, the train ticket is extremely cheap at 5 THB ($0.10).

Type Price
Ordinary Train 5 THB ($0.14)
Other trains (except DRC) 20 THB ($0.55)

Where to Buy SRT Train Tickets

In Thailand, SRT train tickets can be purchased through several channels:

  • 1. Online Booking: You can book SRT train tickets online through the official State Railway of Thailand website or through It's advisable to book in advance, especially for popular routes or during peak travel seasons.
  • 2. Train Stations: Tickets can be purchased directly at any main train station in Thailand. Larger stations like Hua Lamphong in Bangkok have dedicated ticket counters for advance bookings and same-day travel.
  • 3. Mobile Application: SRT has a mobile application called "SRT E-Ticket" where you can book and pay for train tickets using your smartphone. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Bus

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Bus

Source: Wikipedia

If you're heading from Don Muang Airport (DMK) to downtown Bangkok, you can also choose the airport bus. The orange buses are the traditional ones, while the blue buses are the more modern shuttles serving this journey.

You'll find four different airport shuttle services, each following a unique path. If you're staying near Khao San Road, the A4 airport bus provides a direct route to the popular backpacker area. The airport buses are on the ground floor of Don Muang Airport, just outside of Gates 6 and 12.

Timetable & Fare of Airport Bus

Bus Num.RouteTravel timeFareFrequency
A1 Route Airport – BTS Chatuchak – Chatuchak Bus Terminal(vice versa)30-45 mins 30 THB ($0.80) Every 5 minutes between 6:15-0:30
A2 Route Airport – Victory Monument(vice versa)45-60 mins 30 THB ($0.80) Every 15 minutesbetween 06:30-23:00
A3 Route Airport -Lumphini Park(vice versa)60-90 mins 50 THB ($1.30) Every 30 minutes between 7:30-23:00
A4 Route Airport – Khaosan Road/City Centre(vice versa)60-90 mins 50 THB ($1.30) Every 30 minutes between 7:30-23:00

Major Stations of Airport Bus

Bus Num. Major Stations
A1 Central Lat Phrao Mall, BTS Mochit/MRT Chatuchak, Chatuchak Bus Terminal
A2 Kasetsart University, Central Lat Phrao Mall, BTS Mochit/MRT Chatuchak, Saphan Kwai, Ari, Sanam Pao, Victory Monument
A3 Din Daeng, Pratunam, Ratchaprasong, Ratchadamri, Lumphini Park
A4 Khao San Road, the Democracy Monument, Phanfa Bridge, Lan Luang Yommarat, Tha Prachan, Tha Chang

How to Buy Airport Bus Tickets

To buy bus tickets at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, you can follow these steps:

1. Find the Bus Terminal

Don Mueang Airport has a designated area for buses and public transportation. Look for signs that direct you to the bus terminal or ask airport staff for assistance.

2. Choose the Right Bus Service

Depending on your destination, you might have several options for bus services. Common choices include:

  • A1 and A2 Airport Bus: These shuttle buses connect Don Mueang Airport to the BTS Skytrain (Mo Chit Station) and the MRT (Chatuchak Park Station), respectively.
  • Public Buses: There are several public bus lines that serve the airport and go to various locations in Bangkok.

3. Purchase Your Ticket

Once you've identified the right bus service, you can usually buy tickets at the bus counter or directly from the bus conductor. Some services may offer the option to purchase tickets online in advance.

4. Payment

Be prepared to pay for your bus ticket in Thai baht. Some services may accept credit cards, but cash is the most commonly accepted form of payment.

5. Board the Bus

After purchasing your ticket, proceed to the designated boarding area. Make sure to keep your ticket handy, as you may need to show it when boarding the bus or during the journey.

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[12% OFF] Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Car Rental

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Car Rental
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Renting a car at Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok is also a good option for group travelers to explore the country. There are a wide range of vehicle types available to cater to different visitors, including Economy Cars, SUVs, Vans, Hybrid Cars, etc. Major car rental companies include Toyota, Nissan, and Honda.

Models Capacity Discounted Price (12% off)
Small 4-5 passengers From $18/day
Medium & Large 5 passengers From $38/day
Premium 5 passengers From $77/day
SUV 5-7 passengers From $29/day
Van 7 passengers From $34/day
Coupe/Cabrio 2 passengers From $587/day
Pick-up 2-4 passengers From $31/day

✅Required Documents for Car Rental✅

Before you rent a car in Thailand, ensure you have the following:

  • Valid Passport
  • Driver's License (IDP)
  • Credit Card
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Booking Confirmation
👀Please note that your driver's license is valid for the entire duration of the rental period. If you're staying in Thailand for an extended period, be aware that an International Driving Permit is typically only valid for a maximum of one year, and you may need to obtain a Thai driver's license for longer stays.

How to rent a car at Don Mueang Airport

  • Step 1. Book a car through website or App(It is recommended to make an appointment in advance during peak time).
  • Step 2. Choose your pick-up locations, pick-up and drop-off date, your Residency, and Driver's Age, then tap "Search" to enter the detail page.
How to rent a car at Don Mueang Airport
  • Step 3. Select the type of car you need based on the size of your group and the amount of luggage you have. Click on "Book" to enter the detail page.
How to rent a car at Don Mueang Airport
  • Step 4. Fill in your name, email, phone number, and tap "Book Now" to the payment page.
How to rent a car at Don Mueang Airport
  • Step 5. Customers can use a wide range of credit/debit cards or Paypal to complete the payment.
How to rent a car at Don Mueang Airport
  • Step 6. When you go to pick up your car, you'll need to present your passport, credit card, driver's license, and IDP.
  • Step 7. Make sure to return the car on time and with the agreed-upon fuel level to avoid additional charges.

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Taxi

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Taxi

Taking a taxi from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown is a convenient but relatively expensive option compared to public transportation. Here are some key points to consider when taking a taxi from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok:

  • 1. Travel Time: The travel time to downtown Bangkok can vary significantly depending on traffic conditions. Without traffic, it can take about 30-45 minutes, but during rush hour or heavy traffic, it could take over an hour.
  • 2. Average Cost: The cost of a taxi ride from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok is usually around 300-500 THB (approx. 9-15 USD), including toll fees. However, this can vary based on the exact destination, traffic conditions, and time of day.
  • 3. Late Night Surcharge: There is no specific late-night surcharge for taxis in Bangkok. However, between midnight and 6:00 AM, there is a surcharge of approximately 1.25 USD (50 THB) added to the meter fare.
  • 4. Payment: Taxis in Bangkok generally accept only cash in Thai Baht. Some taxis might accept credit cards, but it's not common, so it's best to have cash ready. Make sure to have smaller denominations, as drivers may not have change for large bills.
  • 5. Tolls: There are tolls on the expressways when traveling from the airport to downtown. The driver may ask for the toll fees in advance, or you may pay at the toll booth. Be prepared to pay these fees in addition to the fare.
  • 6. Tips: Tipping is not mandatory in Thailand, but it is appreciated. If you're happy with the service, a tip of 20-50 THB (around 0.60-1.50 USD) is a nice gesture.

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Pre-booked Private Taxi

Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown by Pre-booked Taxi

Booking a car online is also a convenient way to travel from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Downtown. The journey from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok take about 30 minutes to an hour. However, during peak hours or in bad traffic, it could take up to 1.5 hours or more. To get from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to downtown Bangkok by pre-booked taxi, follow these steps:

  • 1. Book in Advance: Before your arrival, book a taxi through online platforms such as, Grab, All Thai Taxi, etc.
  • 2. Confirmation: After booking, you should receive a confirmation of your reservation. This may include the driver's details, meeting point information, etc.
  • 3. Meeting the Driver: Go to a designated meeting point and find the car.
  • 4. Verify Your Ride: Before getting into the vehicle, verify that the driver and car match the information provided in your booking confirmation.
  • 5. Enjoy Your Ride: Once you're in the taxi, relax and enjoy the ride to your destination in downtown Bangkok.
  • 6. Payment: If you haven't already paid online, you will need to pay the driver at the end of your trip.

How to Get from Don Mueang Airport to Popular Bangkok Destinations

How to Get from Don Mueang Airport to Popular Bangkok Destinations

Source: Wikipedia

Other Public Transport Optoions in Bangkok

Besides the transportation from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok, the city offers various public transit options for getting around easily.

  • BTS: The BTS Skytrain is an elevated train with two main lines, the Green Sukhumvit and the Dark Green Silom, connecting key areas in Bangkok.
  • MRT: The MRT Subway is an underground train that serves different parts of the city and works well with the BTS. You can pay for rides with a single-use token or a rechargeable MRT Card.
  • Chao Phraya Express Boat: For a picturesque route, the Chao Phraya Express Boat travels along the river.
  • Tuk-Tuks: For short distances, you can also catch a ride in a tuk-tuk, which is a three-wheeled motorized vehicle that's a fun way to see the city.

From Don Mueang Airport to Popular Bangkok Destinations

Here are several popular Bangkok destinations from Don Mueang Airport:

Destination Transport Option Route Travel Time Cost
Khao San Ro Bus Take the A4 bus 30-60 mins $1.50 (50 THB)
Siam Square Bus & BTS Take a bus to Mo Chit BTS station and then the BTS to Siam station 60-90 mins $3-$4 (100-130 THB)
Grand Palace Bus & Taxi Take the A4 bus to near Khao San Road and then a tuk-tuk or taxi 60-90 mins und $2-$5 (70-160)
Sukhumvit Road Bus & BTS Take a bus to Mo Chit BTS station and then the BTS to Sukhumvit station 60-90 mins $3-$4 (100-130 THB)
Silom Bus & BTS Take a bus to Mo Chit BTS station and then the BTS to Sala Daeng station 60-90 mins $3-$4 (100-130 THB)
Chatuchak Market Bus & BTS/MRT Take a bus to Mo Chit BTS station or Chatuchak Park MRT station 45-70 mins $2-$3 (100-130 THB)

Late-night & Early-morning Transfers from Don Mueang Airport

ate-night & Early-morning Transfers from Don Mueang Airport

Source: Wikipedia

Arriving at Don Mueang Airport at late night or early morning and know nothing about how to go to downtown Bangkok? There are various transport options for visitors to make overnight transfers:

Transport Option First/Last service Average Cost Travel Time Notes
SRT Dard Red Line 05:30/00:00 12 to 42 Baht ($0.33-$1.15) 20 mins The traffic is typically lighter, so travel times may be shorter
Bus A1 Route 6:15/0:30 30 THB ($0.80) 30-45 mins
Taxi 24/7 300-500 THB (9-15 USD) 30-45 mins Between midnight and 6:00 AM, there is a surcharge of approx. 1.25 USD (50 THB)

Overnight Stay Recommendations

For visitors who arrive overnight at Don Mueang Airport, take a look at 4 featured hotels within 1km:

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4.3/51407 reviews
Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok
Hotel in Bangkok
4.2/547 reviews
ZZZ Hostel - Don Mueang Airport
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Airport pickup service
4/5682 reviews
Moca Hotel
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24-hour front desk
Luggage storage
4.5/5267 reviews
Sloth Hostel Don Mueang
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24-hour front desk
Luggage storage

Must-Have Travel Apps in Bangkok

If you're planning to visit Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand, I've got some must-have travel apps for you.



Grab is Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing app, providing a wide range of services like taxis, bikes, auto-rickshaws, and car rentals. It's a must-have for getting around Bangkok easily and safely. You can also order food and groceries through the app.

Google Maps

Google Maps

This is an essential app for navigating the city, finding local attractions, restaurants, and more. It provides real-time GPS navigation, traffic updates, and details about millions of places. offers convenient booking services for flights, hotels, car rentals, and even local tours and activities. It’s a one-stop app for planning your travel. As Platimum & Diamond Members of, you can access a free airport lounge, earn more Trip coins, get more off on hotel booking, reduce refund fees for trains, etc.



This is a delivery app that can bring you anything from food to documents anywhere in Bangkok. It also offers messenger and taxi services. It's a great tool for those days when you just want to stay in your hotel room but still want to enjoy local cuisine or need something delivered.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Are you searching for the ideal place to stay in Bangkok? ✨We've prepared a list of fantastic hotel in Bangkok for you!

Whether you are looking for luxury or budget-friendly hotels, whether you are a business traveller, or solo adventurer, our featured hotels guarantees an excellent base for your trip to Bangkok!

Trending Hotels in Bangkok

5 star

4.1/5Very Good1438 Reviews
Siam Bangkok|2.01km from city center
A great hotel which was excellent value for money. The lobby alone is impressive as you arrive, and staff is very polite and helpful, from the stewards opening the door, to the desk staff and also the cleaning staff. Rooms are spacious and comfortable although the mattress in my room would benefit from an upgrade. Amenities are great, the gym has a very decent amount of equipment and the pool is very nice too although pretty much always in the shade so even in the middle of the afternoon the water isn’t too warm! Finally the location is very decent too, there’s a 7-11 just outside the hotel and you can walk to China Town within 25 minutes. I would definitely stay there again. That said, I was somewhat disappointed that despite being told I was upgraded to an Executive room, my room had a view facing the opposite building instead of the cityscape which was what I expected based on the pictures.
4.1/5Very Good594 Reviews
Silom/Sathon Bangkok|0.28km from city center
I stayed this in 2016, and now the hotel room is refurbished the room into ALL WHITE color which is okay. Bright and looks modern clean , though to me a bit boring (perhaps to put one iconic color on the sofa or chair, but maybe that’s the designer concept) . Downside : The design is a bit lack of safety , why they painted the door stopper with white color ? My feet hit it 3 times every time I want to put something in the cupboard , the bathroom door also not safe. Notice also the bathroom does not cleaned thoroughly. Took pic on the shower water knob. Disgusting
4.2/5Very Good425 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|5.68km from city center
I chose to stay in this hotel becuz of the rating and the location… however, it was quite a disappointment. Check in took me a bit time because I arrived earlier than normal check in time… but they let me check in earlier and gave me a room… which was good… However, when I checked in my room, I was doing make up in the toilet and I didn’t hear the bell rang… the staffs of the hotel opened the door with their key and I was shocked… they called the receptionist to ask what was wrong and I could not understand what was wrong… They told me” madam it was okay!” Obviously it was not okay for me! Then 2 mins later, a receptionist called for some gift for another guest they left in the room. I saw it when I checked in but I didn’t touch it…so they wanted to come to my room and get it. I said okay. So they came to get it. At night, I was in the room. I noticed somebody(guests staying next door) was trying to open the access door which really scared me. Like someone wanna break into my room. Luckily I booked just one night… I don’t think I would ever stay in this hotel again. It is not worth the money and also the facilities are very basic.. like they were trying to time some normal apt into a service apt… however… if you are planning to stay for short term, pick a proper hotel!!!
4.2/5Very Good1476 Reviews
Riverside Bangkok|2.99km from city center
Good to have free boat shuttle to Sathorn pier which is close to Saphan Taksin BTS. And the hotel staffs were nice and helpful. When we reported that there were noise from air conditioner, they arranged a new room next day and upgraded my room as well. Will back again for my next trip.
4.3/5Excellent743 Reviews
Siam Bangkok|3.59km from city center
Really clean and easy to travel. Good breakfast buffet. Recommended for the travelers because it's really easy to access to many tourist spots.

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Business travel

4.5/5Excellent831 Reviews
Silom/Sathon Bangkok|0.82km from city center
Booked 2 queen room but upon check-in it wasn't available yet, thus concierge was nice to offer the king room instead. We had a fuss free check in. It's a pity they have obsolete their signature salted and unsalted butter which I had it years back when I stayed at the hotel. Nonetheless, I will still stay at W again
4.4/5Excellent1506 Reviews
Ratchadaphisek Bangkok|7.64km from city center
Seamless check in and front desk staff is very helpful. Walking distance to Huai Khwang MRT station and night market: Great location for local food delights🤩
4.6/5Outstanding1090 Reviews
Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok|10.71km from city center
Right on BTS Line 1 / Central 🚇 Blue Sky Staff, Concierge, Bell Desk, Check-Out 💯 Did not eat at Thai Restaurant or Pool. Housekeeping good. Facilities work well. Can update tile/carpet. Value logical. School across street has a music show each morning, but it’s not disruptive in this residential area. Mall is big. Park is pretty.
4.4/5Excellent975 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|9.02km from city center
This is my first time at Amber Hotel 85. Great value, Nice room and comfortable bed, Closer to the main road .Near by BTS Onnut 7 mins walk. Breakfast only 159 baht. The staff were very welcoming and very helpful. Thanks you MR. PAUL and Bellboy .ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ
4.5/5Excellent274 Reviews
Ratchadaphisek Bangkok|5.16km from city center
Lancaster Bangkok was the best five-star hotel I've seen in Bangkok. The hotel is huge and has an amazing gym and swimming pool. The location is very close to the Phetchaburi metro station and to the train station of the airport train. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the airport Suvarnabhumi by car.

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Family friendly

3.8/52069 Reviews
Khaosan Road Bangkok|4.47km from city center
Hotel is in the prime location but as per the photos in the app while booking it was not like same. This is first time when a hotel charge for luggage handling when you checkout and go for 3 to 4 hours outside before taking the flight. Beds are making sound while you take a side also.
4/5Very Good858 Reviews
Khaosan Road Bangkok|3.03km from city center
Luxurious Oasis in the Heart of the City I recently had the pleasure of staying at the prince palace and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I stepped into the elegant lobby, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism by the attentive staff. The room itself was a haven of comfort and style. The furnishings were modern yet cozy, and the bed was like sleeping on a cloud. I particularly enjoyed the thoughtful touches like the plush bathrobes and high-quality toiletries. One of the highlights of my stay was the hotel's dining options. The breakfast buffet offered a tantalizing array of dishes to suit every palate, from fresh fruit and pastries to made-to-order omelets. For dinner, I dined at the hotel's restaurant, where the culinary team showcased their skill with a menu featuring both local delicacies and international favorites. The hotel's amenities were also top-notch. I made good use of the fitness center, which was well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and the spa provided a serene retreat where I could unwind with a massage after a long day of sightseeing. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of my stay was the impeccable service. Every staff member I encountered went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction, whether it was arranging transportation or providing recommendations for nearby attractions. Overall, my experience at [Hotel Name] was nothing short of exceptional. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious and memorable stay in the heart of the city. I can't wait to return.
4.4/5Excellent681 Reviews
Chinatown Bangkok|2.07km from city center
Location wise is very good in the middle of Chinatown. Pros in staying here is u won't get hungry every where is food. 7/11 is also beside only.still got mini money charger outside hotel if u run out of bath. Will still here again next time. MRT is also 3 mins walk. Service is good too.
4.1/5Very Good1599 Reviews
Silom/Sathon Bangkok|0.82km from city center
Excellent hotel, for the price we paid, I don't think there is anything I can pick on. 1 thing they might want to improve km is their lifts, is pretty outdated & slow. Other than that, everything is just perfect. P.S. the pool is cool
4/5Very Good957 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|3.87km from city center
Big hotel with gym, swimming pool, racket ball and a muay thai ring. Seems like they have promotion for Indian guests, many of them staying. Check-in is not that bad as others comments. I checked in at 4pm. Room is bigger than modern hotels but the hotel has seen better days. No smell, clean enough and AC cool. Ten minutes walk to Terminal 21.

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Hot spring

4.4/5Excellent432 Reviews
Chidlom Bangkok|2.5km from city center
Very classy hotel and very mysterious in its charm... From now on I will stay at the Muse hotel every time I am in Bangkok, I am a future customer now. Imun very big Thanks especially to Mr William at reception who is very welcoming and professional. I recommend this hotel to people who know how to appreciate it discreetly…Thank you to the staff.🙏🙏🙏
4.4/5Excellent1502 Reviews
Ratchadaphisek Bangkok|5.42km from city center
This hotel proved to be well above my expectations, it's a 4 stars but you feel like you're in a 5 stars. There are many amenities in the room and the swimming pool on the 12th floor is excellent. The Internet is very fast, which is essential for my work. The location is also very advantageous, very close to the metro and shopping malls. I will definitely book again in the future.
4.2/5Very Good749 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|5.26km from city center
The hotel rooms are spacious, clean and very modern. They have international charger provided. Good for family as they have children play area, service is good but they dont offer or suggest which place/tourist spots to go to.. the staff get our room number and said they will check for us but i think they forgotten to get back to us. Though it is near to thong lor station its not a walk in distance; still a long way to go.. they have shuttle bus every hour to send u near mrt station. Otherwise, u have to book your own transport via grab or bolt. In summary, we enjoyed our 5days stay in the hotel. 👍👍👍 may i suggest to have more foods selections and also u may suggest tour package or day tour package provided.
4.3/5Excellent205 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|3.9km from city center
Location is good. Pretty close to terminal 21. The best thing was that they had a waiting room with shower and comfortable sofa. We arrived so early in the morning but the staff allowed us to rest in that room. It was very helpful and nice. Will def stay again!!
4.5/5Excellent343 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|6.11km from city center
I recently had the pleasure of staying at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor, an IHG Hotel, and I can't say enough about how fantastic my experience was. First and foremost, the hotel's location in the vibrant Thonglor neighborhood is outstanding. It's close to a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, making it a perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers. The service provided by the staff was truly exceptional. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. They went above and beyond to ensure my stay was comfortable and memorable. The room I stayed in was not only spacious but also immaculately clean and well-maintained. The modern design and thoughtful amenities created a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. I particularly appreciated the well-equipped kitchenette, which added a touch of homey convenience to my stay. The complimentary breakfast was a delightful start to each day, offering a wide selection of dishes to suit various tastes. The hotel's commitment to cleanliness and safety protocols was evident throughout my stay, which provided added peace of mind.

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4.2/5Very Good940 Reviews
Pratunam Market Bangkok|3.41km from city center
It's good to stay But old building who loves retro vibes Rooms were normal Good location to eat n shopping Night life's Has its own bars n restaurants The Good things was can watch the city from the highest level Observation desk n sky lounge
4.2/5Very Good1211 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|8.63km from city center
Worth the price, I booked the deluxe room with pool view and I loved it. The room are super clean, room cleaning is done everyday, and you are provided with water , coffee and tea bags everyday as well. The pool is lovely and there is a fitness place as well. The location is perfect and there’s money exchange post just around the hotel. The staff was welcoming, I made lots of friends. There is a live band session every night. Their food is amazing and the breakfast is superb. I’ll stay at Qui anytime I’m in Bangkok.
4.4/5Excellent1618 Reviews
Pratunam Market Bangkok|3.2km from city center
It was quite a good experience when staying with Vince Hotel. Every staff was very friendly and not to forget the 24 hours buggy to nearby places. A thing to take note, you must call the WhatsApp number to request for a buggy service. Because at first we tried to write a message for the pickup service, then there’s no reply from them. Then we decided to call then the driver arrived promptly. One thing to make it easier to get to the pickup point, scan the QR code at the buggy service counter as it will direct you to the hotel website which includes a much more clearer location guide. We struggled to get to the pickup point when reading the paper map provided… Another thing to mention is the daily morning buffet was quite good. The food selection was different every day and taste was not bad except during our last morning (21st May).
4.4/5Excellent203 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|3.53km from city center
I have stayed in the hotel many times throughout the last 3 years. I only had praises for this hotel always, in regards to location, amenities and the comfort. However upon my recent stay I realised that the lack of service at the front desk has declined. I noticed alot of new staff and honestly I did not have the same experience as had the previous times. The only employees that's were great were the concierge, the individual that checked me in and the house keeping. The rest of the front desk need to be trained to be more polite and adhere to a customers requirements. Unfortunately for reasons I will no longer stay here from this experience.
4.6/5Outstanding253 Reviews
Riverside Bangkok|4.27km from city center
Excellent resort ,lavish international buffet breakfast they take care of all your request with a smile! Always smiling and ready to help staff Check in was seemless and very obliging. Especially the duty manger Pepe thanks to her .for making our stay more memorable. Wold recommend the resort for beautiful memories

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4.3/5Excellent1466 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|7.78km from city center
The hotel was a great place to stay. The utilities were supplied, some of which were requested, and the rooms are tidy. The staff was really friendly and always had great service. Because it is close to the BTS train and bus stops, the location is great. The area is dotted with numerous eateries, massage parlors, and convenience stores. Additionally, we were given a connecting room with a pleasant view on a high floor. For the money we spent, the spread and breakfast are both decent. We will undoubtedly return to this hotel. Thank you.
4.5/5Excellent1027 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|8.73km from city center
everything was nice and clean. spa service was terrific. shower pressure was good. I'm not sure about cousine and bar. for location there might be some other good options but metro station just in front of it. coffe shop in first floor is a better option for breakfast.
4.6/5Outstanding1067 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|4.42km from city center
This hotel was absolutely fantastic! It's located in the center of Sukhumwit, making it incredibly convenient to explore in any direction. From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos from the staff. They were always ready to assist us with anything we needed. The pool was really beautiful, provided a refreshing escape from the city heat. We spent hours lounging by the poolside and enjoying a swim. The Cooling Tower - Rooftop Bar on the 34th floor – it was a gem! The mixologist whipped up some of the most creative and delicious drinks we've ever had. Overall, our stay at this hotel was truly memorable. From the convenient location to the excellent service and amenities, it exceeded all of our expectations. We left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and already planning our next visit. If you're looking for a hotel that offers both comfort and luxury in the heart of Sukhumwit, this is definitely the place to be!
4.4/5Excellent575 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|3.93km from city center
It's great to be back again, Mercure Hôtel. Soi 11. This trip is from 19 june to 23 June 2024 Check in greathing staffs so friendly I'm so surprised they remember my name. Feel like 2nd Home. Been stay this hotel number of times . Staff named Mr Ken was so helpful . Thank you so much, Mercure Staffs You have a very wonderful team.
4.4/5Excellent345 Reviews
Sukhumvit Bangkok|3.84km from city center
The Eleven hotel is one of the best hotels that I've stayed. From the front office counter to the housekeeping staff, Thai me up restaurant manager, waiter & waitresses at Level 9, front door security officers and all hotel staffs are the examples of great service. I was made very welcomed and will definately recommend this hotel to my relatives, friends and colleagues for their visit and holidays to Bangkok, Thailand.

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Popular Attractions in Bangkok

1. The Grand Palace👑

The Grand Palace👑

The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings located in Bangkok, Thailand. It served as the official residence of the Kings of Thailand from the 18th century onwards. Constructed in 1782, the palace is a significant historical and cultural landmark in Thailand, showcasing the architectural creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people.

It is home to several ornate temples, pavilions, and gardens, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses a famous statue made from a single jade stone. Today, the palace is used for hosting royal ceremonies and welcoming the king’s guests, state guests, and other foreign dignitaries. It is also a major tourist attraction.

  • 📍Location: Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 4.5km from downtown.
  • 💵Entry Fee: Starting from $24.76, with different packages available.

2. SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World🐠

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World🐠

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, which situated two storeys underneath the Siam Paragon shopping mall and covers approximately 10,000 square meters. The aquarium is home to hundreds of different species, including penguins, octopuses, and sharks.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of interactive exhibits, a glass-bottom boat ride, a 4D cinema, and even the opportunity to dive with sharks. It's an educational and entertaining destination for families and marine life enthusiasts.

  • 📍Location: B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 2.4km from downtown.
  • 💵Entry Fee: Starting from $24.84, with different packages available.

3. Golden Dome Cabaret Show🎉

Golden Dome Cabaret Show🎉

The Golden Dome Cabaret Show is a popular entertainment event, which features a spectacular performance by transgender artists, showcasing their talent in music, dance, and acting. The show is renowned for its extravagant costumes, stunning choreography, and impressive stage design.

It offers a unique blend of traditional Thai and modern Western performances, making it a must-see attraction for tourists visiting Thailand. The Golden Dome Cabaret Show is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, providing a platform for transgender performers to express their creativity and talent.

  • 📍Location: 252/5 Soi Ratchadaphisek 18, Khwaeng Huai Khwang, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, 8.7km from downtown.
  • 💵Entry Fee: Starting from $16.38, with different packages available.

4. Safari World Bangkok🦁

Safari World Bangkok🦁

Safari World Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. It is a drive-in zoological park divided into two parts. The first part is Safari Park, an open zoo with wild animals like zebras, deer, giraffes, lions, bears, tigers and many others. The second part is the Marine Park which features marine animals and shows like the dolphin show, sea lion show etc.

  • 📍Location: 252/5 Soi Ratchadaphisek 18, Khwaeng Huai Khwang, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, 8.7km from downtown.
  • 💵Entry Fee: Starting from $16.38, with different packages available.

FAQs about Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Donwntown

  • What are the transportation options from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok?

    There are several transportation options to get from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok, including trains, buses, taxis, car rentals, etc.
  • Are there any shuttle services from Don Mueang Airport to downtown Bangkok?

    Yes, there are airport shuttle buses such as the A1 and A2 that can take you to key transit hubs like Mo Chit BTS station and the Victory Monument, from where you can connect to other parts of the city.
  • Is it safe to take a taxi from Don Mueang Airport at night?

    Yes, it is generally safe to take a taxi from Don Mueang Airport at night. However, always ensure that the driver turns on the meter or negotiate the fare in advance. It's also advisable to use reputable taxi services and avoid touts offering rides.
  • What is the fastest way to get from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Donwntown?

    The quickest method from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Donwntown is by train. From Don Muang Airport, you can get to Bang Sue Station in just 20 minutes.
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Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok