What is Test & Go Scheme in Thailand and 10 Recommended Test & Go Hotels

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What is the "Test and Go" Program in Thailand?

When Covid-19 first began in early 2020, many countries decided to cancel travel to and from foreign travelers completely. However, once Governments significantly reduced the risk, there were new policies of being quarantined for seven days before being able to travel. Furthermore, the Thai government has sought to simplify the traveling process by their new policy to establish Test and Go Hotels Bangkok.

It is, in simple terms, a quarantine protocol that allows travelers to maintain safety and not have to be fully restricted for a week or more.

Who can use "Test and Go"?

Any Traveler that is fully vaccinated with an insurance policy covering any Covid related medical cost up to $20000 can enroll themselves into the Test and Go program.

What is the procedure to use "Test and Go"?

The traveler must first have an RT-PCR test 72 hours before their departure for Thailand.

They must book Test and Go Hotels Bangkok with SHA Plus+ certification provided by the government. On the first day, you will take a rapid antigen Covid test and be quarantined in their room until results come out to be negative. You can then travel freely and will have to return for another test on the fifth day.

List of top 10 best Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Carlton Hotel Sukhumvit

The Carlton hotels provide plush luxury and many amenities for their guests. It's one of the best Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok because of the views of skylines and the fresh cup of coffee right in your room to enjoy. They will provide you with a swimming pool, lounge area, and room service available at any time of the hour.

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The starting price of the room is 62 dollars, and you can make your booking for accommodation from Trip.com. Book your cab to 491 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand.

Carlton Hotel Sukhumvit

The majestic skyline views of the city amidst the central part of Bangkok

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Novotel, Siam Square

One of the key aspects to look for a Test and Go Hotels Bangkok is the connectivity and convenience. This hotel not only has Spa, Message, Parlors, and so much more but also lies in the heart of the city. You can easily travel from the airport, get your testing period done and board the Yommarat Railway Station to start an adventure trip. Being in Siam Square gives you easy access to all the shopping and best food joints available.

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The hotel address is 392/44 Siam Square Soi 6, Rama I Road Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand. Accommodations start at 57$, and book your room through Trip.com.

Novotel, Siam Square

The hustle and bustle is on full display of Siam Square surrounding the hotel.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: W22 by Burasari Hotel

For many travelers, booking two extra days at the hotel can be expensive. For people looking for cheaper Test and Go Hotels Bangkok accommodation, W22 is the way to go.

At $19, you get great accommodation with open interiors decorated with trees and an old-school look. In addition, you get a bar, restaurant, luggage area, and 24-hour front desk support.

The address to the W22 hotel is 422 Mittphan Road, Pomprab Sattru Phai, Bangkok, 10100, Thailand. Find a Room that is price matched to deliver the best offer possible at Trip.com.

W22 by Burasari Hotel

Grand interiors showcasing latest architecture with a well-decorated environment.

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Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: The Quarter Ari by Uhg

If luxury has a name, it is the Quarter Ari, a sprawling hotel inclusive of every amenity you can ever imagine. You can conduct pleasure, business, and meditate within the 15-floor structure.

Massage Parlor, conference hall, Playrooms for Kids, Cafe, bar are all present, ensuring the inconvenience of Test and Go as worth it.

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Prices start at $53 for a basic superior room containing a microwave, separate shower, refrigerator, etc. To reach the hotel, go onto your maps and put the address- 428 Soi Phahonyothin 10, Phahonyothin Road, Phayathai Samsen Nai, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand. Then, get your room booked from Trip.com for a hassle-free experience.

The Quarter Ari by Uhg

The beautiful mix of glass and metal structure in the middle of the main city.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Prince Palace Hotel

As the name suggests, The Prince Palace is all about the grand and majestic image that makes a traveler feel like a king. You will get all the amenities, plus it is certified SHA plus+ for the best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok. They have business contact with the hotel if you test positive of being Covid-19.

It features a styling that can be best referred to as multicultural, with the dining hall being inspired by Japanese culture. In other parts of the hotel, there is a distinct shade of middle eastern colors. The hotel is located at 488/800 Bo Bae Tower, Bangkok, 10100, Thailand, and book your room at a starting price of $21 from Trip.com.

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Prince Palace Hotel

The beautiful red heading of Prince and with glowing city of lights.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok

The Baiyoke Sky Hotels have an interior design that keeps the New York skyline look in mind. It looks not only incredibly striking from the outside but gives a whole new perspective for the visitor inside.

The address to reach the sky hotel is 222 Soi Ratchaprarop3, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand. The average cost of the room starts at $33, and you can make your booking from Trip.com.

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Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok

The strikking skyscraper stands out spread across the city.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom

The Holiday Inn is designed to be a marvelous modern designed structure with strong edges creating a unique look from every side. The interiors of their rooms have strong pastel colors creating calming and pleasing tones. It is one of the best Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok because it's near its heart. They have been serving since 1990 and have gained quite a reputation.

The address is 981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand, and the lowest price for a room starts at $57. Pre Book today by going to Trip.com today

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Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom

The green lights surround the city building bringing your eyes to the Holiday Inn.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Centre Point Chidlom

The color white takes a strong focus for this hotel as it dominates the whole hotel from outside to inside. Centre Point is luxurious but also attempts to be simple in presenting itself. It combines the cultural identity of Thailand into an all-inclusive package for Travelers. Conducting a Covid check can be stressful, so Test and Go Hotels Bangkok make it easy.

The hotel's address is 60 Langsuan Soi 1, Lumpini, Bangkok, 10320, Thailand, and you can take some Tuk Tuks around to travel. The average rental cost for a hotel room is $37, and you can easily get the price matched at Trip.com.

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Centre Point Chidlom

The white skyscraper bathed in warm glow, adding attraction to wood structure.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre

One of the unique qualities of this hotel is that it has a whole convention center alongside it. For many travelers who are specifically coming for the event having a Test and Go Hotels Bangkok alongside is convenient. You can easily quarantine yourself, go through the convention, and be extremely safe. As a plus, you will enjoy all the amenities like Gym, swimming pool, and bar alongside your friends.

The address to reach Centara Grand is 999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand. The minimum room rate starts at $82, and you can book your tickets by clicking here.

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Centara Grand

The old school building looks to showcase the heritage of the convention center.

Best Test and Go Hotels Bangkok: Pullman Bangkok King Power

Pullman makes itself look different and unique from its competitors by the large glass panels alongside the hotel. It brings a new level of elegance, and through the hotel rooms themselves, all the materials used are high premium and well thought out. It mixes further with bars, spas, shopping complexes, and an extensive botanical garden.

The address to reach this hotel is 8/2 Rangnam Road, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand. The average room starts at $58, and to book one yourself.

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Pullman Bangkok King Power

Pullman Bangkok King Power

FAQ about Test and Go Hotels Bangkok

  • What are the procedure to follow in case of a Covid test turns out to be positive?

    In case you test positive on the first or the fifth day you would have to stay quarantined within the hotel. Your costs will get covered under the Covid protection insurance you have purchased. .

  • How does the test and go and sandbox differentiate from each other?

    The test and go programs are more flexible allowing you to travel across Thailand in between the tests. In the case of Sandbox you have to stay for seven days at the locations allowed by the Thailand government.

  • What is the length of quaranti that you have to go through in Thailand?

    A minimum quarantine in Thailand is about 10 days and it’s completed with a negative Covid test.

  • Is it required to get Covid test when leaving Thailand?

    Yes you will be required to get a negative test result and a health certificate to leave the country.

  • How long can a traveler stay in Thailand for ?

    The tourist visa provided allows you to visit Thailand for 30 days, and then you are legally required to return. However, You can extend it by paying a fee for another 30 days.

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