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4.4/5Excellent53 Reviews
Abu Dhabi Corniche Abu Dhabi|3.11km from downtown
The hotel is not far from the sea, and the sea can be seen in the room, but the sea in Abu Dhabi is not endless. There are many Chinese tour groups. The swimming pool is relatively small, about 56 meters in diameter ... On the second floor, it is not like the large outdoor pool of the Palm Island Hotel. The gym is generally big. After making a SPA, the Indian black fat girl took the initiative to ask for special service afterwards. What is the rhythm ...
4.4/5Excellent20 Reviews
Abu Dhabi City Center Abu Dhabi|3.81km from downtown
we was bored during the weekend and the public beach was safe or at least we felt so, i checked trip hot deal and it was le meridien , close , nice and affordable, so we booked me and my friend , it was one night so everyone seems kind and cool, we enjoyed the beach.
4.2/5Very Good125 Reviews
Abu Dhabi City Center Abu Dhabi|0.94km from downtown
I stayed at the hotel once in October last year due to work. I never missed it. I purposely stayed at the hotel again when I brought my children and family to Abu Dhabi during the Spring Festival this year. During the four days, I felt the warm, thoughtful and meticulous service of the hotel staff, and I was very satisfied. I also highly recommend it to friends who visit Abu Dhabi. Specific reasons for recommendation: 1. Transportation is extremely convenient, especially for friends who want to take a bus to Dubai. Next to the bus terminal, the bus to Dubai runs every 20 minutes and tickets can be bought at any time. Of course, you need to buy a bus card, which can continue to be used in Dubai (I was silly, I didn't notice that this silver card is a Dubai bus card, and I bought [cover face] again in Dubai). As for the attractions in Abu Dhabi, because each attraction is quite far away, you need to take a taxi anyway. This hotel is close to the Presidential Palace and the mosque, which is very suitable as an intermediate point. 2. Convenient for eating and shopping. There is a big mall next to it. There is a big supermarket underground. It is said to be the cheapest supermarket in Abu Dhabi, and everything is sold. There is Starbucks in the mall. We have eaten at the buffet hotpot restaurant opposite the hotel twice in four days and once in Dubai. It is suitable for the elderly and children who are not used to foreign dishes. 3. The breakfast at the hotel is very good. There are many varieties. Oatmeal and salty porridge are suitable for our Chinese stomach. There are many vegetables and fruits to choose from. You must know that vegetables are more expensive than meat ... In addition, our children should be 7 years old. Breakfast is charged, but the lobby manager (sorry forgot my name) heard that this is my second time staying, and I took my family to live on holiday. I was very friendly and waived our children ’s meals. People feel warm. There is a waiter who looks like Jet Li. If a friend comes across, you can see if it looks like a haha. Maybe too many people asked, we said he knew "Lianjie Li" as soon as he asked. 4. The top-level outdoor swimming pool environment is very good. There is also a shallow pool suitable for little children. The bar by the pool is very tonal, and many foreigners order a glass of beer and lie in the sun. In short, I am very glad to have chosen this hotel again, my mother and daughter are very satisfied.
4.8/5Outstanding37 Reviews
Abu Dhabi City Center Abu Dhabi|7.45km from downtown
I have always liked the Anantara brand, so I chose it when I went to Abu Dhabi. The geographical location is convenient, and the proximity to the mangroves and the Persian Gulf is also the main factor in the choice. The field environment is good, the river is surrounded, and the viewing and walking are very useful. Breakfast ingredients are fresh and plentiful, and the outdoor and indoor dining seats are comfortable. You can dine while watching the mangroves outdoors, and the service is warm. Front desk and room service are quite satisfactory. The hotel occupies a relatively large area, and the courtesy service is good. The standard of service throughout the day meets its brand standards. The hotel is suitable for vacation, sightseeing and travel. The Grand Mosque and the Louvre are more convenient.

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Yas Island hotels Review

4.6/579 Reviews
The hotel design is very modern, surrounded by the marina and the racing track, and the overall feeling is very good! We arrived at ten in the morning, so let's check in early, it was great! Although the room is on the second floor, the marina and racing track can be seen from the balcony. Breakfast for children is more expensive, but the variety and quality are good. The hotel bar environment is very unique, the view on the terrace is very good! The rooftop pool is also well designed!
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4.6/518 Reviews
1. I didn't eat breakfast because our schedule was full and I couldn't get up late in the morning. Sorry 2. We don't need extra beds, sorry. 3. I think the hotel location is very good. There is a free bus opposite the entrance square to Yas Island attractions and supermarkets, such as Ferrari Park, shopping malls, and Warner. 4. I regret to read the online pictures and think the central hotel is better. I ran to the Yas Island Central Hotel on the opposite side for one night. The Central Hotel is not recommended because the rooms are small, the toilets are small, there is no terrace, and there is no sea view. 5. The staff at Park Hotel is very nice and will send us luggage to the room. The center hotel doesn't care, and the magnetic card on the elevator is not easy to use. In short recommend Park Hotel. Because our room was filled with stuff, the internal photos were not taken. The actual room looks better than the online pictures.
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4.5/5200 Reviews
Abu Dhabi International Airport Area
It’s very close to the airport, and I have some experience. Thank you for your patience. There are parking lots, but there seems to be a lot of cars, and the hotel’s buffet is not very delicious.
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4.3/526 Reviews
Oh great! The hotel is located in the middle of the Formula 1 racing track, surrounded by a marina; local tyrants can sail directly to check in! The hotel room is very large, and Bao Da Bao Bao Ma took 2 children to live without pressure! There are balconies to see the port view or sea view. Breakfast is rich and the room decoration style is modern and simple and stylish! We stayed on Christmas Eve and Santa Claus came to give us gifts. The children were so happy! Next to the hotel are Ferrari, Warner Bros. Paradise, IELTS Water World, IKEA and IELTS Shopping Center! It can be said that everything is fun! & # 128077;
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4.8/513 Reviews
Experience a very good hotel! Not in the downtown area, there is a large villa area along the beach, and the night walk is very quiet. It’s Valentine’s Day when I check in, it’s very emotional. The hotel's service is in place. I will send an email to confirm the reservation before I travel. The hotel will reply and welcome soon. The front desk staff was very friendly and welcoming, and the waiter with parking was very welcoming. It was a feeling of being at home. The hotel rooms are large in size, with a very good view and a very high price/performance ratio. The breakfast is very rich, with hot water and hot milk, mainly Western food, but also fried noodles. There is a shopping mall next to the hotel and a fast food restaurant upstairs. Most of the hotels are European and Indo-Pak, and there are very few Chinese. In short, it is the best hotel for this travel experience. Very recommended to stay.
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4.3/536 Reviews
The Crowne Plaza breakfast has always been good, not to say much. It's easy and free to park here. Room facilities are good and the price is reasonable. Yas Island is relatively quiet and feels different from the city center. However, it is best to think about transportation, we feel very convenient to travel by car.
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4.2/512 Reviews
Good welcome and hi and good services for gym and swimming pool
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4/511 Reviews
The view from the hotel is very good, the golf course can be seen from the balcony, and there are birds flying on the balcony every day to feed the food and add a lot of fun. Going to Ferrari to play a taxi, very close to the track, very cost-effective, there is a bathtub, children like to bathe inside.
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