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Ancient Kiln Folklore Expo Area (Ceramics Museum) Jingdezhen|2.7km from downtown
Gloria Plaza Resort Xishan Lake Jingdezhen 1. The hotel is located in a very good location, surrounded by a lake and built in a quiet environment, elegant and quiet, and very close to the main attractions: only 800 meters away from the China Ceramic Museum, 2.5 kilometers away from the Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Expo Area, and about 7 kilometers away from Taoxichuan. Convenience. 2. The hotel rooms are clean and tidy, the beddings are all new, and the equipment is of high quality. The desktop is very large, which is especially convenient for those with a lot of things. 3. The hotel’s breakfast is very good, with many varieties and good taste, both Chinese and Western, and the dining environment is also good. The outdoor dining table sits by the lake, elegant and comfortable. 4. The gym is large and the equipment is sufficient. There are plenty of parking spaces and parking is convenient. Overall, it is a very good resort hotel.
4.7/5Outstanding3523 Reviews
People Square/Jingdezhen Railway Station Jingdezhen|4.38km from downtown
Really nice hotel! Staff was very helpful with our late departure allowing us to store bags. Rooms are very clean and beds are super comfortable for China. Breakfast in hotel was great, though Chinese. Hotel staff spoke English and were very foreign friendly.
4.7/5Outstanding1417 Reviews
Ancient Kiln Folklore Expo Area (Ceramics Museum) Jingdezhen|3km from downtown
This hotel in Jingdezhen is good [happy] The decoration is very porcelain, clean and tidy, and the breakfast is good. Equipped with a full set of horse oil cleaning products, the toilet is still smart, and the back garden is small and exquisite. The hotel is about 5km away from the city center. The Chinese Ceramic Museum (forced push) is nearby. The surrounding green grass fields are very eye-catching, especially suitable for self-driving tours. The fly in the ointment is that the hardware maintenance is not in place. For example, the air-conditioning fan is noisy, the TV remote control is not sensitive, and because there is a wood stove next to it, the business is booming, and the parking spaces for meals are highlighted.
4.7/5Outstanding2321 Reviews
People Square/Jingdezhen Railway Station Jingdezhen|4.15km from downtown
After the temporary decision to end the trip to Sanqingshan, I went to Jingdezhen the next day. I ordered the scenery at around 9:00 pm. I also chose the wrong room type and called the hotel to make changes. I didn’t have to place the order again and cancel the previous order. I will check in the next day. I can accurately tell the demand for my room type, and when I saw two children, I asked if I needed to increase the toiletries, which completely dispelled the discomfort caused by the poor attitude of the underground parking lot.        The room is dry and wet, with a bathtub, glass isolation but curtains, to ensure privacy, welcome fruit, sealed with plastic wrap, comfortable. Breakfast is on the 31st floor revolving restaurant, the surrounding city view is general (more old houses), the choice of food and taste are personally remembered.         The hotel is located in the city center, the surrounding dining and shopping is very convenient, we choose to take a taxi, there is a porcelain mall downstairs, you can go shopping, you can also go to the pottery street or Taoxichuan night market, Taotao little cute is very good
4.8/5Outstanding798 Reviews
People Square/Jingdezhen Railway Station Jingdezhen|4.1km from downtown
I have been on business for a long time. The quiet environment and low pillows are my two most important points. The hotel is very distinctive, quiet, and clean. I like tatami mats. Sleeping underground is safe and comfortable. I will definitely order again in the future on business trips, I hope to keep 🧹Hygiene: good 🚗 Traffic: parking spaces are a bit scarce 🍃Environment: good, very distinctive 【Family Theme Room】

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Oct 16, 2021
11 ~ 18℃
Oct 16, 2021
11℃ / 18℃
Oct 17, 2021
11℃ / 16℃
Oct 18, 2021
13℃ / 17℃
Oct 19, 2021
13℃ / 18℃
Oct 20, 2021
Moderate Rain
12℃ / 16℃
Oct 21, 2021
Moderate Rain
11℃ / 15℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Jingdezhen
Oct 16, 2021 Jingdezhen Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 25–34 kph, Humidity: 89%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/17:41
Jingdezhen Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low
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