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4.6/5Outstanding433 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|2.12km from downtown
The hotel should be newly renovated. The room is large, clean and tidy. The room color is really good. I like it when I open the door. When we booked, the price is not high. I think that a hotel like this would sell at a high price. On the 20th floor, there is a room where the aunt service is in place, and she likes it. When we arrived, there was a small night market downstairs, there was a supermarket opposite, there was a shopping mall about one kilometer away, parking was free, and there was morning retreat. When I was in the room, I was not tall, some black security guards, people are very good, our tires are tied up, patiently tell us where to repair the tires, call us for various consultations, this hotel if I still I will still live in Ulanhot.
4.8/5Outstanding718 Reviews
Ulanhot|3.7km from downtown
I ordered a business double room, and then upgraded to a deluxe double room for free at the hotel. The first thing I felt when I entered the room was that the room was large, clean and tidy, and there were fruit gifts. There is milk and bread as a gift. There is also a seafood buffet on the first floor. There is only 78 people on a group purchase. The dishes are very rich. I don't know if it is because I am a guest who eats the buffet. The deposit is also confiscated. When I went out, Didi couldn’t locate it. I asked the front desk of the hotel and told me that they rarely use Didi. Then they enthusiastically called for a taxi for me, which is also very formal. The overall feeling is good, and I can still recommend it.
4.7/5Outstanding84 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|1.56km from downtown
The service of the hotel is very good. Any problems are solved in time. I am very satisfied. Thank you. The location is easy to find, a big logo can be seen at a glance, the environment is very good, and the atmosphere is also 🈶️The traffic is very convenient, the service is getting better and better, the service staff are not far away, and they take great care of them. It is very interesting to give a good review. It is very suitable to experience with the object. A shop that will not step on thunder at all. You can come with confidence and be bold, and it is basically the same as the description.
4.3/5Excellent289 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|1.11km from downtown
I ordered it for my parents. I went in and looked at it. There is no difference from the picture. The whole thing is very good. My parents are also satisfied. However, it is recommended to put a cushion or a cloth sheet on the sofa, which looks like stains that cannot be washed off. All TV members have to be watched, and they can’t cast screens yet. I hope to improve it. But it's already good for this price point!
4.7/5Outstanding192 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|0.56km from downtown
This hotel must be promoted, great, 1000 times better than the hotel I stayed in Dalian. The room size is large. And the picture is very respectful, true and accurate, traveling in this golden season, can be set to such a high hotel with the price of cabbage. The parking location in front of the door is very good. There are large windows, the lighting is particularly good, and the bathroom is particularly large. Super silent. There is breakfast around, which solves the problem of eating hard. About 300 meters around a turn. Suitable for all types of travel. There is no problem in the room with two big beds, especially spacious. Even the slippers and toiletries are prepared differently from other small hotels. For example, the price of the home is lower than the price of the dry land, but the treatment is higher than all the hotels.

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Hotels near Ulanhot Station

4.6/5Outstanding82 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|0.86km from Ulanhot Station
The hotel is a chain type, and the supporting facilities and services are unified and standardized. The store’s signs are very conspicuous, and the location is also very good. It is very close to the department store and the May Day Night Market, within walking distance. The front desk staff was very welcoming. On the day I arrived, they quickly checked in for me. The room is clean and tidy, and the TV and air-conditioning are all controlled by voice intelligence. The big bed is also very comfortable, and I have a good rest at night. Overall, I am very satisfied with this booking!
4.8/5Outstanding72 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|1.09km from Ulanhot Station
I like this store very much, affordable, well-equipped, disposable wool bath towels are reassuring, cute robots are convenient for food delivery, haha, washing machine dryer saved me this man who will not wash clothes; the room environment is warm and comfortable, clean and hygienic; Very close to the train station and major shopping malls, very convenient to travel; and the front desk service was patient and thoughtful, making me feel the warmth of a home! There are friends who go to Ulanhot, recommend this store!
5/5Perfect22 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|2.22km from Ulanhot Station
Hanting Hotel is clean, beautiful environment, good service attitude, comprehensive facilities, laundry room, restaurant, spacious and bright rooms, convenient transportation, is a good choice for travel
4.5/5Excellent64 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|1.58km from Ulanhot Station
Wife’s signal is very good, hot water and other facilities are perfect, but the only drawback is poor sanitation, bugs on the bed, and itching all over the body the next day Not suitable for bringing children, children cannot live in such a sloppy place, If you don’t ask for toilet paper in this hotel, he may not provide it. The price is still relatively affordable. If the affordable price is higher, I suggest going to Ulanhot Sunshine Hotel, where the price ratio is relatively high, it is 10 yuan more expensive, a little farther from the train station, and cleaner
4.7/5Outstanding79 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station Ulanhot|2.66km from Ulanhot Station
Passing Ulanhot on the way to Arshan, booked the Xing'an League Hotel on The Xing'an League Hotel is very close to the famous attraction of Ulanhot Genghis Khan Temple and is within 5 minutes walk. The parking lot is large, and there is a yurt-style banquet hall here at night. There is a square in front of Genghis Khan Temple, which also makes the hotel a little noisy at night. The hotel is not big, but it is clean and clean, every detail and corner is very neat. The waiter is also very friendly and check-in and check-out are very efficient. Besides the indoor situation, the room is small, there is no bathtub, it is very clean, and the spare parts are not bad. Breakfast is OK, if not picky, it is definitely no problem to eat enough, overall, the price is not high.

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May 23, 2022
14 ~ 31℃
May 23, 2022
14℃ / 31℃
May 24, 2022
Light Rain
12℃ / 20℃
May 25, 2022
13℃ / 24℃
May 26, 2022
13℃ / 26℃
May 27, 2022
13℃ / 26℃
May 28, 2022
12℃ / 27℃
Ulanhot Weather: Best Times to Visit Ulanhot
May 23, 2022 Ulanhot Weather: Clear| Northeasterly Wind: 17–25 kph| Humidity: 19%| Sunrise/Sunset: 04:12/19:26
UlanhotTravel: Suitable| Umbrella: Not Required| UV Strength: High
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