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Malinverni Filho Museum
Brendha's Cafe Colonial
Restaurante Motinha
Serrano Palace Hotel
Lat Cheese
Thiago de Castro History Museum
Panetto Cafeteria
Ponto Do Lanche Brasil
Padaria e Confeitaria Sao Marcos

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Junlan Hotel Anhui Lucheng Hotel Exterior
Junlan Hotel Anhui Lucheng Hotel Exterior
Junlan Hotel Anhui Lucheng Rooms
Junlan Hotel Anhui Lucheng Rooms
Junlan Hotel Anhui Lucheng Fitness & Recreational Facilities
374 Reviews
Shengquan Township Dai Lake Road and Binhu Road intersection northeast, Xiao County, Anhui, China
33.8km from Xuzhou Railway Station
"After booking, Hong, the assistant manager of the front desk, helped apply for an upgraded room type. Thank you very much. I was also worried that I would not sleep well because of the problem of staying at the hotel pillow. The next day, the neck pain is more gratifying. The hotel pillows provide two kinds of high and low for people to choose from. The bed pillows and quilts are also very comfortable. I am very satisfied [fangs] check out and asked us to stay. Experience, proof that I value the customer experience very much. Every staff member inside is very good, the security at the door is also enthusiastic to help guide, overall politeness and etiquette are in place The hotel is very comfortable and is recommended"
"🔔 Service: Hotel service is very good, lobby manager Ena service is very good, help upgrade room type, give welcome fruit 🍃 Environment: The hotel has a good environment, close to the park, and the scenery is very good 🧹 Hygiene: The rooms are clean and hygienic. It is good that the newly opened hotels are equipped with air purifiers. 🚗 Transportation: Close to Xiaoxian North"
"The front desk staff are better, and they take the initiative to ask this question, such as classmate Xiao Wang. But I have to say that the breakfast buffet and dinner buffet are the messiest and noisiest Naradas I have ever seen. It is said that there are free housing activities, but this cannot be a reason. Since you are Narada, you shouldn't engage in such activities. It was originally a buffet at a star hotel, but it turned out to be a food stall. A little appetite is gone."

1865 Reviews
No. 1326 Fuxiao Avenue, Suzhou, Anhui, China
6.5km from Suzhou Railway Station
"This is one of the best star-rated hotels in Suzhou for the first time. It is built by the lake and living by the water. It is one of the best. It has a high-end aura with high brand recognition. Ctrip makes a reservation on its own, and it is more cost-effective to choose an online breakfast package. The service to the store is more intimate. Generally, the big bed room can be upgraded as long as there is a lake view room, which is more suitable. Offline bookings can also enjoy breakfast. This is really unexpected and intimate. There are cafeterias, coffee bars and Chinese restaurants on the first floor. They are still more convenient, with good taste, moderate prices, and small servings. The rooms are well cleaned, soundproofing is also good, drinks are provided in a regular manner, special attention is paid to epidemic prevention and disinfection, and takeaways are not allowed in. Thanks to Deng Mengting’s care at the store, I can be sweet or salty, and I also included fruits, which is remarkable in terms of image quality, service awareness, and service standards. Will still choose to stay next time."
"I am very satisfied with this hotel. The location, environment, facilities, service, catering, hygiene, etc., the quality is not built in a day, and the hotel’s comprehensive management and staff quality must have been a lot of work, making the guests feel at home . It is a pity that the weather is not so good, otherwise it will be more comfortable to look at the outside environment from the window (Figure 7). I will not hesitate to introduce it to my friends."
"There is a small surprise when you check in. The room is presented with a local zodiac paper-cut (it is said to be a local intangible heritage in Suzhou). In addition, there is a tall art exhibition area in the lobby. You can buy it directly if you like it. The buffet restaurant dinner is very rich, with local characteristics, the point is ~ cheap! The Hilton Hotel deserves its name, a landmark of Suzhou, this time it’s worth coming to Suzhou [呲牙]"

202 Reviews
Yingbin Avenue (in the Agricultural Expo Park), Lingbi, Anhui, China
3.2km from Lingbi Railway Station
"It’s very close under the elevated, and I went to Huashan for a self-driving stop. The rooms are large and the hotel is luxurious, and the beds are very comfortable and very good! I didn't enjoy the environment when I arrived in the middle of the night, but the air was very good in the morning. The sun at the door would breathe the fresh air and drive on the road. Originally, I planned to return here. The high speed was too congested, so I moved to Yangzhou! I will come next time I have a chance 🍃Environment: 🔔Service: 【Family Theme Room】"
"The first time I stayed at Zhong'an Hotel, I was attracted by this environment at first sight. Thank you very much for the sales manager Li to take us to visit the rooms and patiently introduce it. The breakfast is very rich, the hand-made yogurt and freshly squeezed juice are great, and I will come back next time I have the opportunity 😬."
"The parents' hotel is really unexpected. Unexpectedly, there is such a beautiful place that can be regarded as an attraction, whether it is a walk at night or exercise in the morning, it is an excellent place. There is nothing to say about the service, the staff is well trained and the service is very attentive."

45 Reviews
No.88 Binhu Road, Guolin Park, Economic Development Zone, Dangshan, Anhui, China
10.4km from Dangshan Railway Station
"First of all, the staff's service attitude is very warm, simple, practical, and friendly to children! Very satisfied with the fact that we did not drive, with children, you can also pick up and drop off! The view inside is very comfortable, decompressed, and there is a certain retro feeling. Everyone likes the color at night, I think the texture of the pear tree during the day is also very strong. There is floor heating in the tent, wipe the floor, children are playing barefoot, because there are children who have not had time to take pictures 😅 but it is the same as the photo. When I left, the child did not want to go, I want to stay for another night 😄 and wait for the autumn pear ripe, have the opportunity to brush two more. I took a few photos for future customers' reference, real scene original camera. We came from Xiaoxian next door, and returned today..."
"A very good trip, the tent room is really special, there is a balcony, there is a small courtyard, the morning air is very good, the courtyard is full of pear trees, yes, special thanks to the lady at the front desk for delivering breakfast to the room 🌷🌷 night view is also Very beautiful, with small tents, barbecue stations and so on! Many small attractions are also very careful! Recommended!"
"Accommodation is free of park tickets, tent-style hotel, room space is really small, but all the necessary facilities are clean and hygienic, but the fly in the ointment is that the door of the tent has only a zipper and no lock. Didn't dare to sleep 😂 Grass barbecue in the evening, the dishes over 200 will be sent to the large oven to bake them, only one small meal will be charged, and the rest will not be charged. Singing small songs, grilling and grilling, blowing two bottles of beer, sizzling~ cozy"

684 Reviews
No. 177 Yingbin East Road, Suzhou, Anhui, China
4.4km from Suzhou Railway Station
"The sanitation is too general, especially in the bathroom, there are a lot of water stains on the countertops of the sink, which are obviously not cleaned. The sanitation is very perfunctory, and it is very insecure for people to live. At the very least, a qualified hotel should look comfortable. Everyone has a sense of security invisible, especially in this extraordinary period. It's not worth living. The price is a five-star price, and all conditions cannot be met at all. Children staying in the college entrance examination, an extra bed will be charged another 200 yuan, which feels a bit dark."
"In order to stay in the International Hotel for the college entrance examination, the hotel is very considerate. A lot of cheering slogans for the college entrance examination are prepared for the students in the lobby, and things for the college entrance examination are also prepared in the room."
"To answer everyone’s questions first, the breakfast room is very large and generous, and the location is a bit close. It is 10 kilometers away from Wanda and the parking lot is large. What I like most is that it was originally a double room ↑↑↑ suite, the price has doubled. Saved 500, which is good overall."

47 Reviews
No. 001, Hecheng Comprehensive (Commercial) Building, Yinhe 3rd Road, Sanba Street, Suzhou, Anhui, China
4.9km from Suzhou Railway Station
"The location of this all-season hotel is very good, there are commercial streets around it, and it is also close to Wanda. The decoration style of the lobby is very warm and you like the smell of fragrance. The lady at the front desk service is very good, check-in is fast, the room layout is reasonable, the facilities are complete, the Xiao Ai classmate is very cute, the breakfast is rich, the tableware is clean, the hotel staff are very enthusiastic, the price is super, and the hotel is on a business trip in Suzhou Preferred hotel! The decoration is very good overall, I feel very angry"
"The newly opened all-season house has an excellent location and convenient transportation. There is a parking lot at the door and a large commercial street next to it. It is only a 5-minute walk away. The young lady at the front desk has a very good service attitude, very enthusiastic and proactive. The rooms are clean and tidy, with complete facilities, and the stay is very comfortable. The breakfast is rich in variety and tastes good. High cost performance"
"The staff is very good, the room is very comfortable and tidy, the equipment is good, there is a residential snack street nearby, close to the gathering, the most important is very quiet"

48 Reviews
Room 901, 9F, Building 4, Huanyu International, Renmin Road, Suzhou, Anhui, China
3.9km from Suzhou Railway Station
"Hahahahaha happy! I wanted to find the entrance to the five-star praise before, so I called the front desk to ask, and finally did not find where to praise, today, I can comment on the wrong hit! ! Because the hotel was booked late for the exam, I chose a hotel a little farther from the test room. I didn't expect to give me a lot of surprises. First of all, the environment is very hygienic and very formal; Second is the service, especially intimate and warm, the Christmas Eve day is full of the upcoming exam, a little holiday mood did not have, but received the hotel front desk carefully prepared Christmas Eve gift, the warmth of that moment can now remember; The location of the hotel is also very fast, the e-sports chair in the room is also comfortable, the snacks that need to pay are clearly marked with the price, don't worry about the misuse of the things charged; the bed is very soft, the windows are facing the street, and the view is very good. In short, this time I stayed at the hotel, there was no other inconvenience except the location of the hotel far from the test room. I was too satisfied with my stay ~."
"Very good hotel, for girlfriends birthdays, parties, booked for girlfriends. The pictures are authentic and reliable, and the boss and waiters are very enthusiastic. 2⃣️: The service is on call, as much as possible to satisfy us ✌️ 💓 And the consumption is not high‼ ️💰 per capita is less than 100 yuan, open black, 4 people play mahjong, hahaha, 5 people go to the Internet cafe for 30-50 an hour, and playing mahjong is almost the same. The price/performance ratio here is super high. Tried the water for those who will stay later, yes, very good, five-star praise"
"Very good, traveling with friends, the bed is very soft, very comfortable, playing games with friends, the internet speed is very fast, peripherals are good, very comfortable, highly recommended!"

1 Reviews
薛园路埇桥印象商业街10栋201室, Suzhou, Anhui, China
"This hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The hotel is just 4km away from Suzhou Railway Station. With multiple attractions nearby including Suzhou Museum, Suzhoushida Theater and Hanhai Lifang Dongwu Wangguoshi Nei Theme Park, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. Guests of this Suzhou hotel can make use of the parking facilities. "

215 Reviews
No. 3 Yunji Culture Commercial Street, Suzhou, Anhui, China
4.4km from Suzhou Railway Station
"The characteristic of this hotel is that it is in Yunji. Yunji is a special snack night market. Blessed are those who like food, all kinds of food, from barbecue to various local specialties, and the hotel rooms are quite big, the sanitation is also very good, there is an underground garage, and Yes, the breakfast is really mediocre, and I don’t feel very different every time I go there. Generally speaking, it is good!"
"The room is large and the business trip is very comfortable! The service is very good, the front desk sent breakfast and late check-out. Next time I come to Suzhou, I will choose this hotel to stay. The front desk staff outside the hotel feels very warm."
"Neat and simple hotel, easy to order takeaway, breakfast is okay, the room is clean, simple style, refreshing and sanitary, front desk service is enthusiastic, dinner restaurant is convenient to order, it is good to live if you don’t ask for too much"

0 Reviews
"This hotel is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Suzhou. The nearby area boasts an abundance of attractions including Yongqiao District Cultural Center, Chenxuanmashu Club and China Stone Museun, Suzhou. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. "

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5 star

3.5/549 Reviews
Metaxourgeio Athens|0.72km from downtown
The surrounding area is a slum, don't walk around or you will be caught by various people. Convenient transportation, just three subway stops to Constitution Square. The surrounding restaurants are also good. The restaurant on the ninth floor of the hotel has a nice view and a good breakfast. Hotel equipment and services are good, and the price is very high.
4.7/5Outstanding43 Reviews
Plaka Athens|1.13km from downtown
The hotel location is very good, about 500 meters from Constitution Square, there is an airport bus and subway directly to Constitution Square, but it is not easy to get a big box on the old street. All sights are within 1000 meters' walking distance. The restaurant on the 8th floor of the hotel is particularly complete and spectacular to see the Acropolis, and you can also see the night view at night. The rooms are large and comfortable, the service is good, and the breakfast is very good. I stayed 5 days back and forth. I would come to bed every afternoon to send chocolates. The balcony door could be opened from above to adjust the room air. The bed and quilt were very comfortable.
4/5Very Good62 Reviews
Plaka Athens|0.98km from downtown
This hotel is awesome. The hardware facilities and service standards are absolutely first-class. The lobby is very magnificent. The top floor restaurant overlooks the Acropolis. It is a pleasure to eat and eat in such a picturesque and transparent top floor restaurant What's more, the hotel has a wide variety of breakfasts, a wide range of colors and fragrances, and excellent hotel services. It is an unforgettable hotel. I will stay at this hotel next time I visit Athens. The price of this hotel is similar to Athens Plaza, but the hardware of Electra Metropolis is better, especially for breakfast. The variety, taste and dining environment of this hotel are much better than Athens Plaza. I will stay at this hotel next time.
4.9/5Perfect29 Reviews
Koukaki Athens|1.83km from downtown
This place was amazing! Location is great was able to walk every where we wanted to see and shopping/eating locations. You are greeted as soon as you walk through the door would defy be booking again when we go back
4.9/5Perfect68 Reviews
Syntagma Square Athens|0.96km from downtown
The room is a bit old. But there is flavor. Live in the room facing the Constitution Square. Don't live in a room where there is a door leading to other rooms, and the kind of room that is locked later will have nightmares at night. Overall, the hotel is well-maintained. The room facing the Constitution Square has a wide view and you need to give more money. There is a city sightseeing bus nearby, which is convenient for travel.

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Business travel

4/5Very Good76 Reviews
Victoria Athens|0.92km from downtown
Service was good, staff were attentive, rooms were large, clean and safe. Located in the old town, the hotel is a bit dated. can. The Acropolis on the top floor has a good view and the telescope can see clearly.
4.5/5Excellent77 Reviews
Koukaki Athens|1.81km from downtown
The hotel is very close to the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis. It can be reached within a ten-minute walk. The hotel is a small hotel similar to a family hotel. We live on the 5th floor and have a very very large terrace. , Great! Breakfast is also very delicate. I like to eat Greek yogurt and chocolate with stirring, and big star fruit. Children like to eat. The front desk of the hotel is also very good, helped me to copy my passport for free, thank you. Next time I go live
3.9/570 Reviews
Kolonaki Athens|2.62km from downtown
The company we received before helped us make a reservation for a few days, and then I didn’t want to move around, so I continued to renew the subscription at his house. The overall service is good, the front desk is very enthusiastic, and the front desk has different snacks every day to entertain guests for free; buffet breakfast It’s not bad; the traffic is a 15-minute drive from the hotel to Syntagma Square, the room is relatively clean, and the room facilities are up to three-star standards in China, everything else is OK.
5/5Perfect67 Reviews
Syntagma Square Athens|1.02km from downtown
The hotel is one of the best in Athens! The staff was really amazing! The location is one of the best in Athens with a breathtaking view! There is a small pool in 10th floor where you can enjoy swimming. There is also aqua aerobic class every Thursday! We had a great experience with trainer Angelos! This guy is amazing! They should have more classes like that! You can have access to everywhere. Acropolis is just 20 minutes by foot! We will return for sure!
4.7/5Outstanding46 Reviews
Plaka Athens|0.89km from downtown
A wonderful hotel, in the center of Athens. Breakfast is delicious. The exquisite treatment, the employees always tries to help you. From my room you could see the Acropolis ... What a Wonder to sleep while looking at it illuminated!

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4.4/5Excellent57 Reviews
Omonia Athens|0.33km from downtown
Generally, a great stay. Large and comfy bed. Exclusive looking rooms with welcoming drinks (wine). Had issues with the air conditioning, we did have air conditioning where it was over 20 degrees due to the winter seasons, only warm air was coming out. Eventually, we had a room changed and had cold air flowing. Just to watch out, I had all my documents and money in the safe apart from £100 which I have hidden in my suitcase just for an emergency situation. I completely forgot about that money until I got back home to look out for it, definitely not spent it. RIt was on my third night I believe, which was the first service day I have requested and money went missing. I only realized that when I got home. I phoned the hotel but they said about their reliable staff and nobody said anything.
3.9/568 Reviews
Athens|3.08km from downtown
The hotel is great, the rooms are large, the service is attentive, the rooftop pool and the little brother from the hotel are impressive! Breakfast is rich! The only drawback is that it is not in the center of the city, so it is not a problem to do homework traffic! The journey to beauty ~
4.7/5Outstanding74 Reviews
Neos Kosmos Athens|2.92km from downtown
Good breakfast. The hotel is very close to the subway station, and I can see the Acropolis from my room.
4.8/5Outstanding40 Reviews
Omonia Athens|0.16km from downtown
The breakfast was very good and the variety was great. Sitting in the open-air restaurant, you can see the Acropolis. The hotel is 20 square meters, but the price is already very large. It's near Constitution Square. The location is superb. There are many Chinese restaurants and bars nearby.
3.2/574 Reviews
Kolonaki Athens|2.42km from downtown
The breakfast was quite rich, the hotel staff was very nice and the room was clean and tidy. It is basically next to the US Embassy, and is also close to Megaron, 5-7 minutes on foot. The city centre of Constitution Square is 2.5 km away and is also acceptable. There are subway stations and bus stops nearby. The x95 has direct access to the airport. There are also supermarkets, restaurants and bars nearby, and life is convenient. The price is slightly higher.

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