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Malinverni Filho Museum
Brendha's Cafe Colonial
Restaurante Motinha
Serrano Palace Hotel
Lat Cheese
Thiago de Castro History Museum
Panetto Cafeteria
Ponto Do Lanche Brasil
Padaria e Confeitaria Sao Marcos

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No. 18 Xihai Road

5.96km from downtown, approx. 10min by car

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上海東方明珠230空中酒店 Hotel Exterior
上海東方明珠230空中酒店 Rooms
上海東方明珠230空中酒店 Rooms
上海東方明珠230空中酒店 Fitness & Recreational Facilities
上海東方明珠230空中酒店 Others
1 Reviews
No.1 Shiji Avenue, Shanghai, China
22.9km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
9.1km from Shanghai Railway Station
480m from Lujiazui
1.6km from South Pudong Road
"The VIP treatment of the hotel VIP car passageway first gives a kind of enjoyment above tens of thousands of people, haha! The hotel landscape is absolutely OK, the butler service is also very in place, the facilities are also relatively complete, and the entertainment function is very rich. The fly in the ointment is that the decoration is not exquisite enough, and some health details have yet to be improved. Overall satisfaction, it is an unforgettable experience"

0 Reviews
业辉路虹桥湖畔艺墅, Shanghai, China

0 Reviews
泗砖南路1500号37号, Shanghai, China
13.4km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
16.0km from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
"Visitors to Shanghai will find that this hotel is a fantastic accommodation choice. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 13km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 16km from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Guests will find Ancient Town Xitai, Sijing Park (West Gate) and 横塘天主堂 just a short distance from the hotel. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. This Shanghai hotel offers parking on site. "

0 Reviews
Lane 388, Dushi Road (Dushi Lu), Shanghai, China
26.6km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
19.0km from Shanghai South Railway Station
2.5km from Beiqiao
2.5km from Jianchuan Road
"The Lanpai Home Party Hotel (Shanghai Forte Park Town) provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Shanghai will find that the Lanpai Home Party Hotel (Shanghai Forte Park Town) is a fantastic accommodation choice. Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport are located 19km and 27km away respectively. The nearby area boasts an abundance of attractions including Cheng Ji Art Museum, Shanghaijiaotong University Botanical Garden and Landscape Plant Specimen Garden, Jiaotong University Minhang Campus. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. Guests of this Shanghai hotel can make use of the parking facilities. "

5 Reviews
新桥镇银都西路555弄(春华苑)666号, Shanghai, China
19.3km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
14.8km from Shanghai South Railway Station
"Beautiful environment, complete facilities, clean and tidy rooms are very satisfied with no smell, the boss is very warm and service is in place, it is a pleasure to eat barbecue in the courtyard at night, drink wine and sing songs. Come back next time, recommend"
"The value for money experience will never let you down, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful, the environment is beautiful, the house is clean and hygienic, the rest is very quiet at night, the disinfection work is very good, the price is very high."
"The room is comfortable and tidy, the surrounding environment is very good and beautiful. You can barbecue and sing, and the facilities are very good. I like it very much."

0 Reviews
鹿吉路365号, Shanghai, China
22.3km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport
35.0km from Shanghai South Railway Station
"The Shanghai Shadow House Party Hall was recently opened in 2021, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Shanghai. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located approximately 22km away while Shanghai South Railway Station is 35km away. Seeing Shanghai's sights from this hotel is easy with Laojin Strawberry farm, Dongfangguaguo Amusement Park and Liuzaozhen all close by. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. This Shanghai hotel features parking on site. "

30 Reviews
No. 109 Lane 222, Yehui Road, Shanghai, China
16.7km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
17.2km from Songjiang Railway Station
"Friends come to have a birthday party, it’s great! The decoration is high-grade, and there are many entertainment items. Everyone is very high and very happy. Let's meet again next time!"
"Very satisfied with a stay, the room is beautiful and clean. Complete facilities, there are many play, with friends, very happy to live"
"Very pleasant night, whether it is service or environment, health, very satisfied."

0 Reviews
外灶5队路上海村沐民宿, Shanghai, China
"This hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. This hotel is located near many of Shanghai's attractions including Shanghai Flower Port, Shanghai Donghai Film Park and Pig Culture Exhibition Hall. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. "

14 Reviews
建设镇红梅村1421号, Shanghai, China
"I stayed for the second time. This time, three friends took their children to visit the Flower Fair and let the children listen to the sound of frogs. The rooms and accommodation facilities here are basically complete. Several families have a barbecue and dinner. The outdoors is completely rural and primitive. Large tracts of wild flowers bloom freely, and all the sights are green. Willing to go. The best thing is that there is no other house nearby, so don’t worry about the children’s noise that will affect others."
"The sister of the store is very enthusiastic. There is a place to drink water and chat with the villa. I sit and chat with friends here. It is very comfortable to blow the hair. For me I pay special attention to the environment and hygiene of the hotel. This homestay is really There is nothing to make me picky. It's just a little bit biased. Next time I take my dad to relax."
"The host is very friendly, the guest rooms are clean and hygienic, the supplies are complete, and the facilities for public activities are well-equipped. It also provides guests with free dinner, which is full of fresh farm dishes. Quiet environment."

0 Reviews
六奉公路与航城路交叉口, Shanghai, China

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5 star

4.5/5Excellent4502 Reviews
People's Square Area Shanghai|0.47km from downtown
It's fine to stay at home, and I can't travel, so I choose to stay in a daze in a hotel in Shanghai. 🚗 Transportation: The transportation is very convenient. It is good to get out of People's Square Station of Metro Line 1 and Line 8, and it is only about 2 kilometers to walk to the Bund. 🍃Environment: The room is small and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to be alone. The window has a good view and there is no obstruction. On Nanjing Road, what can I say, shopping is super convenient, go out and turn right at the International Hotel Butterfly Crisp, turn left on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, there are all kinds of old brands 👍 🔔Service: The waiters from the front desk to the restaurant are very friendly. For these meal coupons, the front desk patiently explained clearly and did their best. Having said that, there are not many choices for the buffet breakfast, and the dinner is even less delicious. Although there is meat, the blood of half-cooked beef and mutton has a meaty smell. It could only eat some dry grilled fish, and it also ended up with the chef sprinkling too much cumin powder and pepper noodles. The small hot pot for dinner has its own characteristics. The waiter will take the initiative to ask if you want it, but the firepower is too small, and you have to wait for a long time to cook an order, so you give up 😅 All in all, it's ok, 2 nights accommodation with some meals, not too demanding, can make a living.
4.5/5Excellent4697 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road Shanghai|2.6km from downtown
Great experience with the family. We booked a theme room "octonaute". Room was big enough with cartoon dolls,logo and other articles all over. Just a bit disppointed by the 26th of december breakfest. The SPA and gym is a must .... one of the nicest sauna i have been ...into an hotel
4.4/5Excellent2793 Reviews
Train Station Area Shanghai|2.41km from downtown
First of all, Pullman Jing An is really good in terms of location. is next to the train station. It is from Exit 5 of Metro Line 1. The interior decoration is also very elegant. The restaurant is mainly the Panlu Western Restaurant on the first floor. There is also a Chinese restaurant on the 6th floor. But it's been a while, and some devices are still a bit old. The waiters are a little less hot than the new hotels. However, some of the package activities launched are really very cost-effective. It's good for business trips and weekend stays.
4.7/5Outstanding1831 Reviews
The Bund Area Shanghai|1.38km from downtown
The facilities in the room are very intelligent, and there are robots 🤖 delivering food to the room, which is very convenient to use. I heard that they are all big brands, and the location of the hotel is also very good. Xiao Zhou in the lobby is very friendly and introduces the nearby snack routes and attractions. ! The design style of the store is more suitable for young people, with a feeling of holiday style, cosy and comfortable! This hotel has a very good sense of design, which shows that the taste of the hotel is very good. Secondly, the hardware and software facilities of the hotel are very good. The faucets and shower heads are equipped with good brands, and even fully automatic toilets. Shampoo and body wash these are pretty good. And the product is also very good, the softness of the mattress is quite suitable! The front desk service is super good, beyond expectations, there are free soft drinks, biscuits, tea and fruits Sound insulation: very quiet, I usually sleep very lightly, but I can't hear the sound of the corridor and the next door at all, very good Location: The scenery is very good, you can see the Oriental Pearl! It's very close to the subway station and very convenient. You can walk along the side road and you can walk to Nanjing East Road. There are many delicious food! Finally, I would like to like Xiao Zhou and Xiao Yu who helped to check out on the last day. They have a very good service attitude and are very caring! very nice
4.6/5Outstanding5417 Reviews
Dapuqiao Area Shanghai|2.92km from downtown
Breakfast was great as always. The worker at the breakfast booth counter prepared potatoes and french toast for me a day in advance so that I could eat it the next morning! They allowed me to check in at 8:30am, and a late check out at 2:00pm the next day without any fees. Everything was great! A budget price, but still has the same amenities as a super high end hotel. The room was huge and spacious. Pillows were very fluffy. Lots of western choices in their breakfast buffet. Staff all speaks fluent English. Literally a five minute walk from Line 9 Dapuqiao subway station. I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

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Business travel

4.7/5Outstanding4177 Reviews
People's Square Area Shanghai|0.72km from downtown
The hotel is located in one of the most touristic place in Shanghai. The room was spacious and cleaned,but the breakfast was ordinary. In summery, it worths to satay there considering the price of this hotel comparing to other places in this area.
4.7/5Outstanding2916 Reviews
People's Square Area Shanghai|0.54km from downtown
Perfect location for East Nanjing Road. We were upgraded to a suite room which, although had dated decor, was very comfortable. The breakfast buffet restaurant was great with plenty of food options. The swimming pool was also a highlight. All staff we meet from the front desk, to the restaurant and to the gym were excellent.
4.4/5Excellent1885 Reviews
The Bund Area Shanghai|1.27km from downtown
Staff is very friendly .. check in great .. room utilities ok .. toilet paper is too cheap .. please change .. Italian restaurant great service but the food sucks .. nothing to do with Italy .. the staff tried really hard but every dish she brought was worse .. last time had very bad experience with room service .. everything is adjusted to local travelers test so it has lost really 5 star feel .. breakfast only serve big plates no small plate anywhere to be find ( I would never understand why ) .. danish need real improvement , not fresh too , croissants acceptable, mousli ok but no honey inside , very little western food for breakfast .. guests are mostly Chinese so I understand! FB need serious improvement!
4.5/5Excellent1477 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road Shanghai|0.85km from downtown
The Kempinski Suites were just beautiful. We were there on our anniversary trip and everything was perfect. We had wine delivered to the room, the bathtub with a view was a lovely treat, and we enjoyed having the space to spread out and relax. Everyone at the front desk was kind and accommodating, switching us to a higher room when we asked, and spoke excellent English. The location is a bit far from the Metro, but an easy walk to the Starbucks Roastery and the Nanjing Road shopping area. It was a beautiful weekend, so we rode Hello Bikes everywhere anyway 😂 Would definitely come back here again for a city getaway ❤️
4.5/5Excellent1723 Reviews
People's Square Area Shanghai|0.9km from downtown
The hotel location is excellent being right in East Nanjing Pedestrian Street. Few minutes of walking brings you to the Bund. The Select Executive Room I had was good and with it you can have free afternoon coffee and tea in the executive lounge . THE room was not so spacious but is good and clean enough. The view outside the window is not so spectacular but it is fine. All of the staff I met were very friendly and accommodating. Furthermore, most if not all of them speak English. The only downside of my stay was the breakfast. Maybe because it was during the Chinese New Year. They have quite a number of local guests that is why they have a very typical Chinese kind. There was NOT a single kind of cheese or cold cuts served though the baguette and yogurt are pretty good. In general, it was a nice staycation.

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4.5/5Excellent5366 Reviews
Changshou Road Commercial Area Shanghai|3.77km from downtown
This is my little gem in the city, to which I come for an inexpensive respite. Most things were up to standard and pleasant. There were some issues with the restaurant having a lack of foreign options, but the manager offered a resolution. I would gladly recommend this property for those looking for quality amenities at a reasonable price.
4.4/5Excellent4129 Reviews
The Bund Area Shanghai|2.48km from downtown
We booked for new year eve one night at that hotel and got quiet disappointed. First room we checked in had a nice view on Pudong skyline but the room looked very old. Shelfs were scratched and didn’t look in a well shape. Door from minibar was loose, plugs were dirty and loose what is far to dangerous when you stay with small children. No plugs at bed sites which is nowadays a must. Worst was when we went out and came back to our room. Door card was not working and our kids needed their nap. So we went 19 floors down to lobby to check with front desk to get our key cards working and after coming up a second time cards were still not working. So I got quiet angry as I have better things to do than going up and down several Townes for a stupid key card when I pay 2600¥ per night. After complaining I got offered another room in East tower and got told it has better view, which was just not true. In any case someone from front desk went with my wife to old room to get our stuff to our new room and her key card was neither working…so my wife had to wait another time that staff was organizing a physical key for that door at west tower. For a Hyatt with these prices I expect another standard. Staff was excusing and offered us a cheap French wine which was not bad but didn’t make the view better neither our stay. Breakfast was good and as north Bund is nice to walk around location is good. Will not come back as there are better options in Shanghai.
4.7/5Outstanding3054 Reviews
Huaihai Road Area/Xintiandi Area Shanghai|0.97km from downtown
What a stunning hotel!! My experience was amazing from the time we arrived and sadly when we had to leave. The service was top tier not one complaint. We were given and upgrade of our room and complimentary things because of an error with our first room. The food was great so much variety. The hotel smelled amazing and the fresh flowers created a beautiful ambiance. The staff was always friendly, smiling and accomdating
4.6/5Outstanding12273 Reviews
Lujiazui Area Shanghai|3.12km from downtown
Easily one of the most spectacular hotels I’ve stayed in. Check-in was smooth (the staff had great English, made it really easy) and I was given a free upgrade. Plus, the view from floor 85 was wonderful… both looking out my window at the city below and looking down into the hotel’s stunning atrium. Would recommend and hope to visit again.
4.6/5Outstanding6291 Reviews
Lujiazui Area Shanghai|3.19km from downtown
I never thought that No. 1 would be isolated here. From the initial apprehension to the various humanized services in the hotel at the back, especially Huo Haiyan, the guest room department on our floor, feels too friendly. During the isolation period, various supplies were continuously supplied, and the door sanitation could be cleaned in time every day. Besides, the meals these days are all very clean, hygienic and delicious. I am very fortunate to be isolated in this loving and warm hotel.

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