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Wowo Home

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No. 555-557 Ciyun Road

18.47km from downtown, approx. 33min by car

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Wangfu Holiday Villa Hotel Exterior
Wangfu Holiday Villa Hotel Exterior
Wangfu Holiday Villa Rooms
Wangfu Holiday Villa Rooms
Wangfu Holiday Villa Fitness & Recreational Facilities
24 Reviews
No. 300 Qingzhen Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.5km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"The location looks like it is in a villa area. We arrived late. Auntie was waiting for us outside the door. Auntie was very enthusiastic. The room was very clean. The central air conditioner was more comfortable. The room was cleaned by the aunt. The family discount is super cost-effective.... My son said he would live here next time he comes to play!"
"The environment is very good. It is about 10 minutes drive from Wuzhen scenic spot. Aunty is very friendly. The room is very clean. The main thing is that the aunt cleans by herself. The location is in the city center. It is convenient to go anywhere. Overall satisfaction🈵"
"The hotel is very clean, the hotel bedding is washed by the proprietress herself, the environment is very good! The proprietress is also very enthusiastic, the hotel has good soundproofing, and the facilities are also perfect. I will live next time!"

22 Reviews
No.300 Qingzhen Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.4km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"This time I went out for a group trip, I found this villa online, and after reading the pictures, I felt that the price was very affordable. After calling the boss for a few questions, I decided to book two nights. When we left on the same day, we encountered something. It was delayed until very late. The butler patiently waited for us until the evening. When we checked in, colleagues praised and cleaned very clean! Everyone lived in the room type they liked. The breakfast for two days was very rich. We all had enough to eat. It was so pleasant to have breakfast at home. Sleeping at night is very quiet, the environment is great 👍 Especially the housekeeper reminds us a lot of things every day. His parking place is very large. Our car arrived late on the first night, and it didn't stop well. The housekeeper said that he was afraid that someone else's car would wipe our car and remind us to park safely. The weather was a bit gloomy the next day, and the housekeeper was particularly intimate to open the air conditioner for us. When we left, the charger was still in the room. After the housekeeper found it, the boss said that they sent us the freight themselves. It was very touched! This stay is the biggest gain of our trip! After returning, everyone said that they would organize family to come back for a holiday next time ⛱️ Thank you very conscientious boss!"
"Very good environment, super like, breakfast is very rich, indoor newly renovated, but no smell, modern hotel-level service and family leisure vacation accommodation of more than five-star hotels, when leaving, the butler sister also gave us tea in our real estate, very warm and cozy, The actual is better than the picture, very close to the scenic spot, there are many places to eat nearby, the traffic is very convenient, come back to Wuzhen next year and live here."
"The house is high-end and clean, the big sister is very warm and thoughtful, the breakfast of fruit is also very rich, and finally left the big sister also prepared a casual gift, five-star praise!"

867 Reviews
No. 939 Ziye East Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
25.2km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"Great breakfast. Outdoor swimming pool with view on the natural reservoir absolutely gorgeous. Room spacious and with a very good design. Clean and quiet. The bar can make good cocktails with the price in line with the service and location. Only one note is that the umbrella in the room were both with problems but anyway a very good hotel experience and service. "
"Great architectural reference to the ancient water town! The regular rooms are a bit challenging due to the limited sun exposure, damp and moldy smell. The courtyard suits are superb. Food selection is limited but delicious, definitely try the chef’s set menu. Convenient location to the ancient water town. "
"Overall level is great Room design is very reasonable The interior of the hotel is also beautiful The only breakfast without a cheese plate is unacceptable"

14 Reviews
No.778 Yuerong Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
55.3km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
3.0km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"It takes about 90 minutes to drive in downtown Shanghai, which is quite easy to find. There are only 26 rooms and 6 tents in an area of 80 acres, so the per capita space is very large. Let me talk about living first. I live in Ping An Village. There are 2 buildings in a courtyard, all with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room. The rooms can be locked, but the living room cannot be locked. If you go out, you are always a little worried that others will enter by mistake. Because the hall is shared, if there is only one family, you will live with a strange family, which is a bit awkward. If you eat, it’s just a local restaurant. It’s ok for a two-day stay. The dishes taste good, but if you eat for more than two days, you really feel starved to death [流汗][流汗][流汗] After all There are really few choices, and I hope there will be a western restaurant in the future. If you bring children, riding, biking, kayaking, etc. to kill the time is good. It is said that there is a paddy field swimming pool, but it was not opened when I went there. I checked the size visually. The outdoor one is really small, so I can only play in the water for a few children. In addition, there is a large shed in the parking lot where strawberries are grown, and there are 2 rabbits, which can also kill an hour [happy] There is a pottery art museum in Tugyao, the celadon glaze is very bright and bright~ On the whole, it's a pretty good manor, I hope it can be developed better, and I will go there in the future~"
"Two couples with one order, the room given to us was not even together. One is a detached house, and the other is a two-bedroom type that needs to share the same hall with others. We negotiated with the housekeeper whether we could change it. We could change the two pairs of people into one apartment and leave it alone to others, but it didn't work. In the end, we negotiated with others to change the room. At this point, the awareness of hotel service management needs to be improved. Overall satisfaction in other aspects. If you want to change from a boutique homestay to a high-end homestay, you still need some warmth."
"I am surprised that there is such a good place to spend vacation. The locals don't know, they will come again next time."

148 Reviews
No. 1 Wujiangjun Road, Xizha Scenic Area, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.4km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"Although the price is more expensive than other hotels, it is worth it. All the staff are in place, warm and attentive, and feel at home! The location is in the second half of Xizha Scenic Area, close to Wenchang Pavilion and Bailian Tower. Recommended stay"
"Service is very good, very intimate, the environment is too beautiful, the hardware is also good, the air conditioning button such a place is slightly aging font blur, recommend this."
"Every time I come to Wuzhen, I like to come here, at least once a year, like the thick tea and small bar here."

1032 Reviews
Xizha Street,No.18 Chayi Street,Xizha, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.6km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"According to the old rules, this Wangjinli boutique hotel has the following advantages: 1. The hotel is located in the Xizha Scenic Area of Wuzhen. It is very convenient whether you are taking a scull or hanging out to eat and drink. There is no traffic in the Xizha Scenic Area. Cars need to be parked in the parking lot outside the scenic area. After checking in at the tourist service center of the scenic area (accommodation includes free tickets), the luggage will be checked in to the hotel and people will take a battery car to go there. The whole process is not complicated. Even during the May 1st Golden Week, it took a total of half an hour before and after it~ 2. The decoration of the hotel is very Chinese, the public area is magnificent, the hardware in the room is not bad, slightly worse than the international chain five-star, but it should be considered the best in the scenic area. You can see through the window of the room that there is a small bridge and flowing water. It is very quiet after the tourists gradually disperse in the evening~ 3. In terms of software services, the good impression of this trip to the south of the Yangtze River continues. The hotel staff are very enthusiastic and patient, answer all questions and answer requests, and will take the initiative to provide suggestions~ Disadvantages: 1. The sound insulation is not good, the common problem of wooden structure hotels is understandable, but it is indeed a problem~ 2. There is no master switch in the room, and the night light is too bright~ 3. Cost-effective in peak season~ In summary, you can give this Wangjinli boutique hotel a score of 86. If you come to Wuzhen to play (it is best to come when there are fewer people), it is recommended to live in the Xizha Scenic Area, and the best hotel in the scenic area is Wangjinli And pillow water~"
"The hotel is located in the innermost part of the Xizha Scenic Area. It is quiet in the noisy area. After checking in at the service center at the entrance of the Xizha Scenic Area, the people and luggage are sent to the hotel by the scenic battery car together or separately. Hotel rates are a bit expensive on weekends, hardware is not bad, and breakfast is a bit lacking in five-star standards. It is most convenient if you want to visit the night view of the ancient town."
"The hotel has convenient transportation, convenient boat and car, quiet environment, good smell in the lobby, good luggage service attitude, warm and professional front desk service, breakfast is quite hearty, there are local snacks, fresh fruits, and experience waterfront And a good choice"

51 Reviews
Building 5,Yujiangnan Residential Community, No.300 Qingzhen Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.6km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"> The room is good and clean. Complete facilities, kitchen utensils, etc., the basement is bright, will not be wet and cold, there is a billiard table, go and massage chair mahjong table > The location is in a community, basically a townhouse with rows and floors. Not far from the east-west gate scenic area, very convenient The landlord is particularly good, contacted in advance, asked will be very patient, and gave a clear picture to find the house. The landlord lives next door, the breakfast is quite rich, the taste is good, there are tea eggs, various buns, porridge is directly served by the rice cooker. The overall experience is great, thank you store"
"The boss lady is very nice and enthusiastic. She contacted us one day in advance for all matters and waited for us at the door in advance on the same day. Our group of 8 big and 1 small booked for 2 nights and upgraded us to the largest villa, so that we can live comfortably, and even if we stay in it for a day, we will not feel bored with our own projection KTV. The place is also easy to find, and it is also very convenient to take a taxi from the Wuzhen scenic spot. Also gave us breakfast, which solved our big problem in the morning. The porridge made by the lady boss was delicious."
"The landlord is very attentive, and he also prepares the play guide in advance. Stay with mineral water and fresh fruit. The house is fully equipped with pool tables, mahjong tables, and massage chairs. Two more decks of cards were sent here. There are a lot of beds, suitable for multiple families. Breakfast is delivered as needed. It's not far to the attractions. Suitable for living when traveling by car. Very cost-effective."

513 Reviews
Near Hongqiao Road (No.10 Tanjiaqiao), Hongqiao Village, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
28.5km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"The hotel is ideally located, 3 minutes from the entrance of the West Gate, and it is very convenient to travel. The overall style is simple and simple, with no extra cumbersome things, clear and refreshing, and full of humanity. Room service is in place, with free drinks, fruit, not worth the money but it is intimate. Fully equipped with a small library, the book is of good quality and can be spent in the time. There are bicycles to travel, it is recommended to go to Nanzha Old Street. The self-contained restaurant tastes very good. I personally think it is the best in Wuzhen, and many locals come to eat. The outdoor swimming pool is a red spot and many people come to take pictures. The overall feeling is very comfortable, and it is very comfortable not to go to the hotel. It’s good to go to Wuzhen to play this house."
"The entire village is full of carefully designed simplicity. The room is the design of the current industrial style. Most of the appliances are made of metal, including bathtubs, washbasins, vases, tea pots, etc. Stayed at 603 and 301. Very clean and comfortable. It’s a pity that it’s too hot to enjoy the terrace and yard. The bookstore in the hotel is very quiet and you can quietly read an afternoon book."
"Good location, walk to the gate of Xizha Scenic Area for ten minutes; breakfast is good, there is a heated swimming pool, suitable for children, the pool is not deep. There are not many parking spaces in the parking lot. More high specifications, the price is slightly more expensive. The items in the room are relatively high-end, as well as air purifiers. Petty designer house."

398 Reviews
No.418 Xizha Street, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
29.2km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"A very satisfying experience: 1. Come to Wuzhen by car, the car parks outside the scenic area, the accommodation service center checks in, there are service staff to help carry the luggage, the battery car is delivered to the back door of the hotel, and the service staff is greeted to help carry the luggage. The service is very warm. You can apply for a parking ticket at the front desk when you check out, which is very warm. 2. The location of the hotel is very suitable, beside the main street of the scenic area, it is convenient for traveling and going out. It is close to the theater and there are open-air movies and storytelling performances without rain at night. 3. The hotel’s breakfast is very user-friendly. It is selected from the three set menus one day in advance, including the meal time. Children are free. The handsome guys at the front desk are very nice. I brought two children and he offered to give children meals. The dishes are exquisite and enough to eat. 4. You can add a crib for free when you stay In short, it was a very pleasant and comfortable travel experience!"
"Good cleanliness and service, feeling Wuzhenxing value for money, night view and daytime feeling, breakfast can be delivered to the room to eat, not enough can be added! Will have the opportunity to come again, bought a package with a shake barge, I feel pretty good!"
"The hotel environment is very beautiful, antique, breakfast is very rich, very special, in the future, if you have the opportunity, you will choose Wuzhen Xingguan."

43 Reviews
乌镇镇环河东路2118号乌镇汽车度假中心1幢1088室1层, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
25.8km from Tongxiang Railway Station
"Recommended by a friend, taking advantage of the National Day to take the child to live in an RV, was not disappointed, the child liked it very much, besides the RV, there are also some activities, there are quite a lot of people, the children had a great time, and I happened to have two lawn weddings. , The environment here is very good, it is very suitable for bringing children to play, the staff are also very enthusiastic, there is still a little place that has not been built, I heard from the staff that they are going to build a wooden house hotel, it is quite unique, come to experience the wooden house next time"
"The interior of the RV is larger and full of functions than imagined. There are kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, as well as a lot of snacks and drinks. It comes with a courtyard and there is also space for outdoor activities. The RV is located at the campsite, with a nice view and a lot of space for parking and everything. The service is in place, the staff is kind, and the quilt needs to be added quickly. A great stay experience, especially the children are very satisfied, it is worth the money"
"Although this trip was rainy, the children were still very happy. Our family of four lived in just right, and the space was large enough. As soon as we arrived in the underground garage, the butler came directly to the garage and took us to the RV courtyard. The breakfast on the next day was also delivered to the residence by the butler on time. It was also suitable for a few friends to travel together. On sunny days, we could also have a picnic in the courtyard."

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5 star

4.6/5Outstanding867 Reviews
Wuzhen and Surrounding Area Tongxiang|12.34km from downtown
Great breakfast. Outdoor swimming pool with view on the natural reservoir absolutely gorgeous. Room spacious and with a very good design. Clean and quiet. The bar can make good cocktails with the price in line with the service and location. Only one note is that the umbrella in the room were both with problems but anyway a very good hotel experience and service.
4.7/5Outstanding609 Reviews
Tongxiang Urban Area Tongxiang|1.89km from downtown
The breakfast is rich, the service is very good, the parking is convenient, the surrounding facilities are all available, the hotel is opposite the botanical garden, and there is a large complex near the hotel. Hotel price is super high! recommend!
4.6/5Outstanding1575 Reviews
West Gate Scenic Area Tongxiang|15.35km from downtown
The hotel’s pick-up service is very convenient. There is a small tea room at the door. The special refreshments provided by the hotel are also delicious. The river channel outside the window of the room is exceptionally quiet. The location of the sink is slightly smaller, and the overall feeling is very comfortable.
4.7/5Outstanding2696 Reviews
West Gate Scenic Area Tongxiang|14.97km from downtown
Love the authentic buildings of China. The ambience made people drunk as in the old Chinese painting. Public amenities namely buggy, boat, toilets and pave ways were excellence and convenience indeed to all visitors. Food was nice and variety. It would be special if the hotel could introduce a Chinese local snacks corner comprises of all local Chinese food for example, a type from each minority tribe.
4.7/5Outstanding999 Reviews
Wuzhen East Gate Tongxiang|13.64km from downtown
Wuzhen Tour Hotel chose the Yunbeier Hotel for three days and two nights. The hotel is very close to the Dongzha Scenic Area and is only a five minute walk away. The front desk is very welcoming and there are welcome snacks and fruits at the entrance door. The services are very thoughtful and provide a round-trip transfer from Xizha and Wuzhen Bus Station. We have saved a lot of time directly to the parking lot. The timely and meticulous breakfast of the aunts is also very rich. When I left the store, I also sent Hang Chrysanthemum very intimate. Overall, it was a very satisfying experience, five-star hardware and five-star service attitude! Unfortunately, the photo of the family was shot less. . .

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Business travel

4.4/5Excellent490 Reviews
Tongxiang Urban Area Tongxiang|0.52km from downtown
The Heart Living Hotel (Tongxiang Heli Shangwu Jiudian) is located close to the Ruifeng commercial pedestrian street and also within easy reach of the downtown area.This Tongxiang hotel offers a variety of room types ranging from standard rooms to suites completed with central air conditioning, international direct dial telephones and free broadband internet access.
4.6/5Outstanding3163 Reviews
West Gate Scenic Area Tongxiang|14.97km from downtown
I love everything in this hotel. Breakfast is good & delicious. You need to send them your luggages soon in morning because they will send your luggages to front desk help you. I think you don’t want to go around for sightseeing with heavy luggages !
4.8/5Outstanding1008 Reviews
Wuzhen and Surrounding Area Tongxiang|14.53km from downtown
We had a lovely stay here - the place is really tranquil in nature, no noise from the street at night just the usual noise from children staying at the hotel. Perfect place to relax. The hotel is close to nearby restaurants and has a parking lot available for free which is convenient. The breakfast is a set Chinese meal, but can really be improved. The room is spacious, well kept and the terrace was pleasant. Overall a good choice for the weekend to visit the Ancient Town (also very close to the hotel). The staff don't speak English but can assist you on WeChat.
4.6/5Outstanding429 Reviews
Wuzhen and Surrounding Area Tongxiang|13.37km from downtown
This hotel is really great. I booked a duplex suite for 330 nights and upgraded the duplex family room to the store. The room is bigger. There are two rooms on the upper floor and two double-bed rooms, which can accommodate four people. It has a lot of space. . Breakfast will be delivered to the room the next morning, so enjoyable. The environment is also very good, there is a small swimming pool downstairs and a lounge area, a lot of books, very literary and artistic. The room is also very clean and tidy, highly recommended
4.5/5Excellent572 Reviews
Wuzhen and Surrounding Area Tongxiang|14.72km from downtown
The hotel room is very good, clean and clean, and it also has a swimming pool. We booked a room without breakfast. The boss also gave us a free upgrade to give us breakfast. He also taught us to buy a one-day tour package ticket. Dongzha in the morning, and in the afternoon. Playing in Xizha at night, you can save money and it’s thoughtful. The hotel is right in front of the Xizha scenic spot, so it’s super convenient and worth coming again👍👍

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