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4.1/5Very Good52 Reviews
0.09km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Had a great experience staying at Hotel Nuve Singapore! Staff Careleen & Ratna were very friendly and helpful. Upon asking for amenities within 5minutes they are able to provide me. Would definitely come back again if I were to look for a simple and short staycation.
3.2/57 Reviews
0.09km from Aladdin's Exclusive
This capsule hotel is decent, although it is but a small subsidiary of it's larger cousins like Nuve Hotel, Nuve Heritage hotel and the likes. This capsule hotel doesn't have many beds, but it's price is decent and so definitely worth booking in advance for this place if you're on a tight budget. It is definitely worth the money. I commend the cleanliness of the toilet and pretty good capsule pods, large enough for stayers to hang out in their own capsules. I was lucky to have very considerate backpackers during my three night stay there, and everyone basically kept to themselves, which I was completely fine with. I was a little disappointed with it's communal area and what they had to offer. They have a small dart and target hanging on the wall, and a set of ping pong sets sitting around with no table tennis table to be seen. There was no water dispenser or fridge, which meant i had to go out and purchase water on my own. They did have a small water boiler for use though. Expecting that their communal area would be better provisioned, I was rather disappointed with the lack there of. The communal area was also accessible to public, and didn't feel at all homey or exclusive to patrons. Breakfast was also rather disappointing, there was only white bread, two to three kinds of spreads, packet coffee, teabags, one plain cereal option and UHT milk. And none of these items are available after breakfast. The internet is somewhat spotty during peak hours, the 5G is not reliable in the communal area and their regular wifi becomes rather slow during peak hours of the night; to say the least since everyone would probably be using the internet then as well. Front desk was amazing, checking in and out was very good. Staff were friendly, helpful and polite. Overall a good experience, and I'd definitely recommend Bond Boutique Capsule Hotel, so long as you aren't fussed about breakfast or an exclusive communal area.
4.3/5Excellent383 Reviews
0.1km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Booked this hotel because they serve halal breakfast and their kitchen (landmark) is halal certified. Unfortunately,for breakfast we were given bento sets, a pack of drink and an apple. 2 sets per pax. 1st bento: fried bee hoon with potato wedges. 2nd: 2 slices of chocolate cake, scrambled egg and 2 sausages. However,serving staffs @landmark were very friendly and nice especially the Indian lady. No child pool. Need to book a slot for swimming. We were given 1hr to swim. Cons: The pool is at level 5 which is the same level as the restaurant where there were so many non hotel guests especially during dinner. You swim infront of them,share the toilet/shower room with non-guests! Check in was a lil bit slow. Room: booked the family room (1 king &1 single bed). Quite spacious. They provide iron,hair dryer and a small chiller.
4.3/5Excellent39 Reviews
0.19km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Traveling with two friends, I don't think there are too many options for finding a room with two single beds in Singapore. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the hotel from the nearest metro station, Bugis. The room we lived in was Room 203, which was a long and narrow room. Two single beds were placed in front of and behind the room. There is a window that cannot be opened. There is a small refrigerator, TV, small desk, slippers, two bottles of mineral water, hair dryer. Toiletries and towels are changed every day. The bathroom is basically hot and has a lot of water. The mattress was thick and thick, it was comfortable to sleep, and I didn't want to leave the bed. The only drawback is the lack of daylighting and lighting in the room. During the day, the light coming in from the window is very weak. The light in the middle of the room and the bathroom is small yellow and dim. Only the light in the front entrance of the room is bright enough. If you like the bright room, it should not be suitable for this room. The breakfast restaurant is not big, it feels a bit like a family kitchen. Every day, the little chef will give us a menu after confirming the room number. There are basically four meals to choose from. The breakfast style is very family. Coffee and fresh milk, boiling water, fruit juice, etc. are placed on the side of the bar. The location is not obvious. Find it. On the last day, the check-out time was 12 o'clock, the movement was slow, and no one came to rush after the time was over. After returning the keys from the room, I found something to forget, and the lady at the counter gave me the keys immediately. On the whole, the hotel feels old, but clean and tidy. The room is taken care of daily. The service staff is kind and friendly. In terms of location, there is a short distance (15 minutes) to Bugis MRT station, but there is a bus stop diagonally opposite the hotel, and there are also 7-11. There are also grocery stores nearby, and you can simply buy some daily necessities, and there is also a small street with Wenqing style to walk around. It is a hotel that you can consider staying again (except room 203 haha).
3.9/5125 Reviews
0.24km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Location was near to lot of things..mustafa center,bugis street,orchard street etc.walking distance to bus stop but around 10 minutes travel to mrt and the wash room was really clean and very well keeping was was really small would expect to have more space when it has around 200 square feet.bit I think its with the nu much space in the room.breakfast was good.several varieties but not much.still its good value for money.overall our stay was pleasant.
4.5/5Excellent208 Reviews
0.24km from Aladdin's Exclusive
The location of the hotel is near (walkable) from MRT stops (Bugis and Promenade). 1) Good location closer to MRT's 2) Round the clock front desk - friendly staffs 3) Free Breakfast - During my stay they had cornflakes, bread, butter, jam, egg with mushrooms, bacon noodle and you can take coffee from the coffee maker. Breakfast timings are 7:30 am till 9:30 am 4) Pods are sufficiently spacious, you can sit on the bed and your head won't hit the roof 5) They had soft bed and good mattresses 6) climbing up to the upper pods might be tricky, if you are heavy it will be really challenging as the ladder is small and it need a bit of maneuvering 7) The pods are separated into rooms so in a room there can be 4 single pod and 4/3 queen pods 8) Each room has only one AC, this is a down side cause at night with SG weather it can really get sultry - temperature adjustments cannot be done 9) You will be staying with very close proximity to others, so you will hear snoring, for me I was not able to sleep because of loud snores 10) Not sure why people usually took showers in the night, if you are person who take shower in the morning then the bathrooms will be relatively free 11) Bathrooms and toilets were clean and well maintained 12) They give you a towel which I think is good cause most of the pod hotels in SG don't give one Overall, if you want to stay on a budget and if you're ok with not having to adjust AC temp and people snoring, its an good place to stay.
2.5/518 Reviews
0.25km from Aladdin's Exclusive
My partner and I arrived at different times, he checked in (even though the booking was in my name) and I came later that evening. They let me up and I slept. No problems the next day/night but on the morning of the 3rd I left all of my stuff in the room and we made a run to hand my passport into the embassy for a visa (Indonesia). When we got back to the hotel I was refused entry because I hadn't signed in? The same woman at the desk who let us out in the morning asked for my passport. When I explained it was at the embassy she refused further help. I offered my drivers license, a picture of the passport, even to email it but she kept saying no. I even had the booking confirmation email. I told her I couldn't collect my passport until 8pm and she said "then you can't come in until then". All of my stuff was in the room, my partner was allowed up to get some of it but we had planned to shower, get changed and decide where to go for the day as we had no plans till later in the evening. The woman was very unforgiving and unhelpful, offering no alternatives or leway despite us being 3 days into our stay and having seen me multiple times already. We had already had issue with cockroaches in the room and with it being such a tiny space (exact same size as a single room). Overall really upset and disappointed. Would not come again.
4.7/5Outstanding261 Reviews
0.28km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Two-night Staycation during Covid-19 Phase 2 We booked our stay with a week in advance, noting a request for early check-in and late check out. The day before the stay, we gave them a call to see if our requests were granted, and they advised us to call again the next day after 10am, as they were not sure if the current occupant of the space would be checking out early. When I did call the next day, no one was answering the phones until just before noon. When they did answer though, they said we could already check in as our room was ready :)) Upon arrival, we were of course cleared first with their COVID-19 SOP. I thought check-in would happen on the 25th floor as I read the lobby was there, but probably because of the COVID-19 measures, check-in procedures were completed at the ground floor. I indicated that it was our anniversary in our booking notes, so we received a small welcome package of their signature lotions, lip balms, and bath gels, as well as a nice card - only the card said HONEYMOON :)) Shortly after arriving in the room, we also received the refill of our minibar - it was part of the measures to minimise staff from constantly going back and forth guest rooms. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to fit all the new items in the fridge, but we made it work :) Other items that were replenished upon request was the coffee capsules, tea, and water bottles. The swivel TV was really convenient, as we were able to comfortably watch from the bed and the corner lounge area while enjoying the 180degree view of the city. The only minor issue was that I expected the TV to be loaded with Netflix, but it only had cable channels. The hotel offered us HDMI cables, which we decided not to get anymore since we were only watching one thing during our stay in the evenings - the election coverage :)) I was a little concerned about the bathroom before we arrived, as I read reviews that the shower area was open and would splash all over the bathroom floor, so I was relieved to see a full glass door that kept the water pretty much confined in the shower. The separate toilet area also had floor-to-ceiling windows - number 1 and 2 with a view if that's your thing :)) If not, they had automatic wooden shutters to keep your business private. There was no hairdryer in our bathroom upon arrival, but we were easily able to request for one. We spent our next two mornings at their breakfast buffet. The table on our first morning was a little small, but they seated us at a nice sunny area with big table space on the second morning. You can access the menu via a QR code, and make your requests to their buffet staff, who would bring your orders directly to your table - another COVID-19 measure. The food was good, although I felt the options were a little limited, again probably because of the COVID-19 situation. The pool and the roof top bar, Mr. Stork, can only be enjoyed through reservations, so make sure to reserve as early as possible. Overall we had a good two-day stay. The gentle daylight from the floor-to-ceiling windows was energising in the morning, which was really great for me as I have been having difficulty with my sleeping patterns lately. A small concern would be that there was some dust in the lounge area, under the sofa and the table, as well as the overhead lighting, which was rectified the next day when we requested housekeeping to go over it. I'm putting the mishaps (dusty lounge area, no one answering the phones sometimes) probably because of a lower amount of staff. All of them were polite and helpful though, particularly the buffet server who kept refilling our drinks every time he saw our glasses empty :))
3.7/520 Reviews
0.29km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Visited Bistro XY this week, which is a small restaurant situated in the lobby area of XY Hotel, for lunch with a friend. It was my first visit to this interesting corner of Bugis, which is one or two bus stop distance away (depending on where you board the bus) from Bugis MRT Station on Victoria Street. XY Hotel is a unassuming townhouse building in a quaint conservation area in between the main streets of North Bridge Road and Victoria Street. We had a table nearer to the kitchen area, which was also directly under the glass bottom of the swimming pool above us. It took a while for me to get used to seeing waves (and reflections) on the table mat and the food. I had tapas for appetisers (mussels and mushrooms in olive oil), prawn aglio olio in yellow noodles as the main. The tapas were light and did helped to “raise” my appetite. The prawns in the pasta were a bit tough to de-shell but otherwise quite refreshing as it was the first time I’d tasted it on yellow noodles. Dessert was durian cakes - soft and fluffy. I had to resist the temptation to ask for more. The Bistro opened just two months ago. Staff are friendly although you could tell that they could be quite new to the job. I took the opportunity (with the manager’s permission) to visit some of the guest rooms. Each of the room has its own painted design and quirkiness. Being a 3 storey building in a mid terraced row, there are not much views from the guest rooms. If you would like to experience living in a historic part of Singapore with a strong ethnic flavour and the convenience of a MRT Station, this is a good place to explore.
4.6/5Outstanding638 Reviews
0.3km from Aladdin's Exclusive
Booked 3 rooms for family staycation. I would like to thank Ms Dillah and Mun kind assistance in arranging an earlier check-in for the 2 rooms. Front desk staff are all friendly and helpful. The room is spacious and clean. Water pressure of the bathroom is good! However, I was kind of disappointed that the club lounge did not open. Nevertheless, they do send food and drinks to our room at 6pm, and will refill our drink every 45mins. The lady that serve the drinks and the guy that serve the food was very nice and friendly. The food (chicken chop with truffle mash potatoe) is DELICIOUS, and the white wine (requested during 2nd serving) they offered is nice!!! But didn't had chance to ask what is the brand, as I left the room after 2nd serving. Not sure how long they serve the drink, I guess till 7:30pm? Great location, so we can easily bring our parents to Haji lane to walk around and feel as though we are on vacation. Ginger Restaurant decoration is lovely!!! But the breakfast serve at Ginger restaurant was pretty average to me... Wouldn't mind having as a package, but wouldn't pay the price for the kind of food serve. Service at the restaurant were much slower too as staff tend to look at the floor instead of the guest. But its CNY so I shall not comment much. But there's one aunty that serve food with big lovely smile. Its a petty that I didn't take note of her name. Overall experience staying in Park Royal Hotel Beach Road is good! Would definitely recommend if you are looking at staycation situated at convenience location filled with hipster cafe and nice restaurant.
3.9/514 Reviews
0.3km from Aladdin's Exclusive
The room is quite small. But I suppose that's what we've paid for. There was no overhead shelter to our room so it becomes very inconvenient when it rains and it was raining throughout our stay. The grounds were filled with puddles of water leaving us all wet all the time. There was also not many facilities to speak of. It's basically just a decent room and clean decor.
4.6/5Outstanding273 Reviews
0.31km from Aladdin's Exclusive
The room was wonderful and clean, had a wonderful time there on a solo staycation to just rest and do a bit of work. Had I planned for a longer stay, I might have bought stuff to cook in the very well equipped kitchen that came outfitted with a steam oven. Bed was comfortable and love it that I was able to connect to Bluetooth on the sound system. Love the view of the shophouses as the surrounding buildings were much lower. One complaint was the shower heater. The water remained cold for the 5 mins that I attempted to have a shower. Had to call for service staff to have a look at it. The immediate solution offered was to run the bathroom sink and kitchen taps at the same time to activate the heating - which to me, was an awful waste of water. Took the fastest shower ever to ensure I do not waste any water. I had looked forward to a having hot shower with the raintree shower. In this day age where we try to be as environmentally conscious as much as we can, this was a boo-boo for me. The bathroom sink had a smell emitting from it, could smell it when I was brushing my teeth. WiFi connection wasn't that great, halfway through my Skype work call, I had to use my mobile hotspot. All things else, it was a good room at a good rate. I am not sure if I would come back again though - unless you fixed the shower. No way I'm ever have to run 2 taps to take a shower.

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4.7/5856 Reviews
Marina Bay
Actually requested for highest floor with amazing view but they didn’t fulfil my request. It’s okay, they also mention to make advance booking for swimming pool and so we did, but pool is fully booked, felt so disappointed. During check in we try our luck again for the pool, lucky there is last 3 slot of us. Around 7pm went swimming, but no one was there. (Wonder why they say it’s fully book) 😕 In the afternoon try to make booking for pool again, again they say fully book. We didn’t bother to go down to check. Aside from that, we do appreciate the gifts that comes in the package that include late check out at 6pm, inclusive of breakfast and semi lunch buffet for 2 adults. Room was very spacious and clean. Overall we are happy with our stay there. Definitely we come again.
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4.6/52108 Reviews
Orchard Road
I booked for my fiancé's birthday and in lieu to celebrate New Years. Firstly, early check in was given as to prevent the crowd during the New Years Eve. Very smart move made by the hotel which I am very thankful for! It helps to control the crowd. has emailed me to WhatsApp the hotel as were told by the hotel to request for early check in. Replies by the hotel staffs were fast too! After checking in, I called to reserve the pool but it was sad I could not go as it was raining! The room was rather small but that's fine by me! The shampoo and body wash given smells nice! I usually do not use hotel's shampoo/bodywash but this hotel's toiletries was quite nice! The view from the toiler was not bad too! You need to of course close the blind to have a private shower. Was given free macaroons delivered by the robots to my room as it was my fiancé's birthday! Super kind gesture made by the hotel staffs! We were super touched! The next day, when I went down to pick up my breakfast as I choose to take away(can select to dine in or take away), the staff could not find my breakfast order as my breakfast order was misplaced by one of the staffs (the one I gave my order sheet to) But that's okay because I did not mind waiting for them to pack my food again. I was also granted late check out! Overall, pleasant stay! The team was all very friendly and approachable. Thank you!
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4.7/5446 Reviews
There was a 3-hour delay in checking-in but we were reasonably compensated in the form of complimentary parking and dining credits. Kudos to the front desk and concierge staff who were efficient and patient, especially with some unreasonable guests (no need to make things difficult for those who are trying to make your stay better). Food quality of in room dining was good and the safety measure was well managed at the pool. Thank you to all that have served us during our stay, you are Awesome! Just one thing not so pleasant thou, the service attitude of a particular male staff at Ash and Elm was rather bad that’s why we decided not to dine there. Seemed like somethings don’t change (bad experience with Ash and Elm years back), so except for the restaurant, we would love to come back again 😁
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4.7/5678 Reviews
Marina Bay
Beds were clean and comfortable. Front desk staff service was friendly and professional. After the 1st night, was woken up by drilling and hammering noises at 9 plus in the morning. Breakfast in room dining was ordered at 930am, arrived at 1150am as in doom dining department could not cope w the huge amount of orders. Was informed that our breakfast would arrive at 1130am. So first day, wasn't impressed w renovation noises that disrupted our sleep and a breakfast that was more of brunch. Did request for room change and was given another room. Air conditioning in the new room was not working well n had to request for a fan. Overall, the old building and maintenance of the hotel would place it as a 4 star hotel rather than a 5-star rating.
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4.6/51981 Reviews
Sentosa Island
From booking communication through email, Aisyah was the best. Everything went smooth and all our requests was accommodated. Even the room upgrade. Thank you so much Aisyah! :) Check in was smooth and Vin was really friendly and welcoming. As for the room (1015), it was almost perfect! Room was spacious enough for two and the view was AMAZING!!! Truly a panoramic view. Balcony was great, but it would have been better if there was a brighter light for lounging out during the evening. Only improvement I guess would be some of the staff being more friendly specially by the pool and beach area. In other Shangri-la, guests would go directly to the beds and a staff will bring the towels and some water for refreshments. We did not experience this here in Rasa Sentosa. Not sure if this is because of covid. But it would still be great if the staff would in those areas be more welcoming and friendly. Overall, had a great time and had a great birthday celebration. We would definitely come back for another quick getaway from the city. Thank you so much!
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4.2/54932 Reviews
Hotel Boss is about the location. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel and Lavender MRT Station is 200m away. Bugis and City Hall area is a short bus ride away and Kampong Glam is within walking distance. Check-in was surprisingly quick, given the long queues inside the lobby as well as 2 separate long queues outside the hotel (one along it's drop-off point via Syed Alwi Road and another along its front - Victoria Street). The staff were friendly and welcoming. Pretty good attitude given the large crowd and check-ins. It's a mid-range hotel with many rooms. The rooms, however, are pretty small. Tiny, I would say. I have got a Triple Room and the distance between the foot of the bed and the desk is about a person's width. The en-suite toilet is tiny too. A big-sized guy like me would hit the wall or the basin when I changed inside the toilet. There are no traditional toilet paper dispenser. Instead, what was installed was a tissue paper in a cylindrical container where you pulled down piece by piece. This was installed by the mirror behind you if you used the bowl, so it was pretty inconvenient. The water strength of the tap and showers were good. Toiletries and towels were provided and replenished/changed daily. The bed was comfortable but only one pillow was provided and the pillow was thin. The air-con is pretty strong and given the small size of the rooms, the room was cooled pretty quickly. There is no wardrobe but an open-style hanging system was used with 6 hangers. Coffee and tea was provided as well as a kettle. The mini-fridge was great! The strength was great and chilled my drinks quickly. One really bad thing about Hotel Boss is that they have pretty thin walls. I could hear the muffled sounds of my next-door neighbours talking and the sound of the TV. There were some shouting two doors down and that was audible. Had to call the staff up to handle and they did a pretty good job. The in-room telephone wasn't working well and I could not hear anything after 2 calls down to the reception but they sent a guy up after that to make sure things were good. Breakfast was provided and served at their 4th floor Halal-certified restaurant. It was a choice between a Chinese or Western set. Serving was great with the typical breakfast items, in addition to yogurt, bread and cereal with milk. There were queues at certain times of breakfast (after 9.30am) but that was probably due to the high occupancy rate. All in all, I believe the Triple Room I stayed in was too cosy for 3 adults. I loved the service and condition of the room. It was convenient to get to a lot of places. However, one thing to note is that they would locked the front doors (facing Victoria Street) from 9pm-5am and you would have to access via it's drop-off point (facing Syed Alwi Road and Kallang River).
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