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0.63km from ALAS Mediterraneum
The Klee is an unpretentiousness yet nicely appointed hotel in Schoeneberg/Friedenau. It’s located near the Bundesplatz and Friedrich Wilhelm Platz subway stops. The neighborhood is relatively quiet, though Bundesallee has its share of daytime traffic. The lobby is located on two levels with comfortable seating for about twenty people in various areas. The reception staff was friendly and helpful. The clerk at the desk made a real effort to put people in their rooms ahead of the 3:00 p.m. check-in as they became available from the cleaning staff. Sometimes small kindnesses offer a clue to the service philosophy of the staff. Coming down to the lobby jet lagged at 4:30 the morning after my arrival, the night clerk was nice enough to offer to get me a coffee, and the chef who came in at 5:30 offered to fix early breakfast for me. Our room was very clean, with good ventilation/climate control and ample closet and luggage storage space. Lighting was good. Our room looked out on the main street (Bundesallee), but any traffic noise was filtered out by the windows. Mattresses on the beds were firm and made for a good night’s sleep. The neighborhood is not a huge nightlife area, but there are a number of cafes/restaurants within easy walking distance, to include Vietnamese, vegetarian, Italian, Spanish, and Nepalese/Indian. The Klee was pleasing. In Hemingway’s words “a clean, well lighted place”
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
1.24km from ALAS Mediterraneum
TL;DR: I forgot (God knows how) to cancel a 14 days stay at Carolinenhof Hotel. I notified them on the day of my scheduled arrival .I begged them to charge me 2, 3 or 4 nights but they refused and charged me *90% of the entire 14 days stay* - 662€. I had planned a trip to Berlin to meet a dear friend who now lives in Central America. We didn't know if his apartment will be big enough for the two of us, so I booked 2 hotels on Expedia. When he got his place we decided I could stay with him, and I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO CANCEL the hotels. I can’t explain why. I am usually a very responsible person, but this slipped out of my mind into a black hole. I realized I have these reservations in berlin on july 10, the day I was supposed to check in. Called Expedia immediately, and they said they would try to help. They talked to the first hotel – which kindly charged me for two nights and that was the end of it. Carolinenhof refused to Expedia’s request made on my behalf so I went there myself. I talked to two executives, who didn’t even bother to introduce themselves to me (no name tags). They told me they simply have to charge this amount and there is no debate about it. They scolded me for being irresponsible and kept explaining I had signed and agreed to this policy and this is it. I practically begged, at that time in tears, to be “fined” for 2, 3 or 4 nights – but not 90% of 14 nights. I told them it is unfair, and that I understand that this 90% cancellation policy makes sense when it comes to a weekend stay, but not two whole weeks (in July). I told them again and again that I made a mistake and fully understand that I should pay for it – but so much money is not fair. I was 2 days late canceling a 14 days stay, not a 4 days stay. If I had canceled only two days before, they wouldn’t charge a cent. When I told them I was a school teacher and can’t afford to give away 662€ for nothing, they said that a school teacher should know better and that I set a bad example to my students. They, of course, didn’t want to hear about the other hotel’s conduct with me. BTW, I asked them if they would apply this policy to a month’s stay and they answered “yes” without hesitating. I also asked If I had stayed here for a week and then tell you my plans have changed and I have to go in 2 days, I’m sure you would have said “thanks you for your stay with us” and not charge me for the entire stay? But they assured me that they would, that if a person has to cut his stay short they charge him for the full time, even with a two days’ notice before leaving, and I think anyone making reservation with them should know this. I was also told that people like me cause hotels financial damage – just the other day some businessmen booked 5 very expensive rooms and didn’t show up, and the hotel didn’t have their credit cards or anything and lost a lot of money. I said that this story makes me all the more frustrated, because I realize now I am paying for those missing bu
4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews
1.27km from ALAS Mediterraneum
I was really impressed. The Berlin City West hotel is attached to the Berlin Messe hotel - it is just a budget option. There is a shared bathroom (which when I used it was always clean). The room has a sink, a table and chair, a wardrobe and a TV (and obviously a bed!). The room was serviced daily and the receptionists were always very helpful. The hotel itself is in a residential area. It's true that it is not in "central" Berlin, but it's important to remember that Berlin doesn't have one centre per se, but rather lots of small centres. The hotel is located between two S-Bahn stations on the S-Bahn Ring. The stations are about 5 and 10 minutes away respectively. I extended my stay here and will use the hotel next time I am in Berlin.
4.2/5Very Good15 Reviews
1.28km from ALAS Mediterraneum
This is the second time in three years that I have lived in this hotel. Very close to the subway station. The size of the room is suitable, there is no charge for children's beds. Breakfast is 12 Euros and there is a big supermarket nearby. It is close to the Tagore airport, and the taxi is about 17 euros. Going to Schönefeld Airport is far away. It is very convenient to come from the central railway station. I will choose this hotel next time.
4/5Very Good22 Reviews
1.28km from ALAS Mediterraneum
Someone said here you get what you pay for, which is true to a point but I expected more! I arrived with my 9 year old to stay for 3 nights but had accidentally agreed to share a bathroom which wasn't going to work. Upon arrival I was asked to pay an €30 euros per night for the family room (not my choice). The family room was supposedly the better rooms. I travel regularly with my child and always stay in double rooms without any issues. I ended up paying nearly €54 for the room and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The room was basic and basic is fine, but this was supposed to be a superior room so I naively expected a kettle for a hot drink and seeing that it was a family maybe even a fridge..? What I got I was a standard double room that had a funny lingering smell and a carpet that needed a clean. However, what I was mostly disturbed about were the towels. I know what fresh towels smell like and the towels I arrived to were not clean. So the following day I tested it out by rubbing some dirt on 2 towels and leaving them on the floor as instructed. Hanging neatly on the rack was a towel I had left on the floor with black eyeliner all over them. So the next day I made sure to soak up my towels so they’d be changed. I want to be fair and balanced including taking into account the good location. The fact remains, some of what I witnessed can easily be fixed and for that price I can get better in most European countries. With regard to staff, I felt most were indifferent, not really engaged except for two of them, one of whom was the male Italian who can teach some of his colleagues a thing or two about good customer service.
4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews
1.35km from ALAS Mediterraneum
My partner and I stayed 6 nights at Two Hotel By Axel during new year, and that was a very nice experience. Rooms were great with good size, cleaning spotless and wonderfull reception staff, always nice to be meet with a smile. SPA and gym, clean and functional. Only minor downside were, that elevators are extremely slow, and one of them could only carry two normal weight persons, even that the listed limit were 4 persons. Strange. Will definitely come back.
4.3/5Excellent12 Reviews
1.52km from ALAS Mediterraneum
The hotel was a very good choice. It was just as the pictures were depicting. The facade and the interior remind the bell-époque buildings. The size of the room was adequate for two people. The room itself was clean and well designed. We had a daily room service. Fast check-in and checkout. Polite and supportive English-speaking personnel. Free public parking on the left front side of the hotel, paid public parking places (free during the weekend) on the right side just opposite to the main entrance of the hotel. Very nice breakfast room on the 5th floor. Nice location, quite neighbourhood, although not quite close to the city center but very well supported by metro lines very close to the hotel. On the other hand, although quantity and quality of breakfast was decent for the price of 10€, I would prefer more sweet options (cookies, cakes and pastries). Coffee was too strong for us, but this is a subjective observation.
3.5/510 Reviews
1.68km from ALAS Mediterraneum
The room looked right as on the picture. Big shower room, fridge, some cups and spoons in the room. Comfortable beds. Lamps on each bedside. Good wifi. No keys! So you are not afraid to loose them. A code entrance to the room. Great location - 3 min to metro, big shop downstairs. Minuses: - only one towel for person. - No walls in shower, so all bathroom floor was wet after taking shower. Great place for this price!
3.4/512 Reviews
1.97km from ALAS Mediterraneum
We spent 4 nights at this hotel and it was very good. It's close to the public transport and the neighbourhood is peaceful and safe. The room was O.K. and clean, the double bed was comfortable. There is a lift, it's very good.The staff is friendly, they help when you need. The buffet breakfast was good and we could find some tasty food.
4.5/5Excellent11 Reviews
2.01km from ALAS Mediterraneum
Despite this hotel being a short drive from the centre of Berlin (tourist spots), the incredibly trendy set up inside and friendly staff throughout makes any taxi fee into town worth my money! Staying here has been so lovely, rooms very tastefully done (basket ball net & squishy max brown ball kept us entertained every morning), clean/well serviced everyday and great view down onto the Main Street from our room (love to people watch!). Our friends stayed in the bigger room and that was also fab if you’re staying for a while maybe go for this option. Benedict downstairs is the best for brekkie toooo, the business’ work hand in hand perfectly.
3.7/511 Reviews
2.06km from ALAS Mediterraneum
Strongly NOT recommended, awful place. First of all, this is NOT a regular hotel, It's just an 4th. floor of an old building with noisy toilets, rooms and reception just in daytime. In other meaning it's closer to the a hostel category than a "hotel". The location is not bad, (but in suburb) because there is an U-bahn sideline close to the "hotel", but even this fact, the center of West is few kilometers from there, and the Eastern Central is very far. There was NO HEATING in my room for 5 nights and days (!) and they didn't want to repair it. The staff didn't replied my asks and slammed the phone down (no reception here, as I wrote, they are smart, no reception, no complaining!) in late evening, when I get cold. The next day when the staff came back to the "hotel", they gave me a cheap radiator, that was the "heating" for those days. They didn't say "sorry" or anything just told meg arrogant comments, like "what's your problem, now there is a radiator". I tried to explain for the blonde young lady (the only one who spoke English from the staff) that the radiator is not a correct solution in a "hotel", but she and her boss didn't care about the guest's problems. There was NO WATER for hours one morning, and nobody gave any info to the guests. So this happened meanhwhile some guests used the toilets... Imagine that. There was no HOT WATER for the last morning for hours, but it wasn't real surprise after these terrible days. After this two guys (from the staff) not only knocked the doors but went to my friend's room meanwhile he was under the shower and they knocked there at the shower.. They didn't act they are a hotel staff, because it is not a hotel. There was ALWAYS a weird noise from the toilet box, when you use that (any room!) or when you use water there. This noise is kind of symbol of the place. When you are on your bed you heard that noise from different bathrooms too. The breakfast (what I read here at the comments "fantastic"?) - is exactly the same every day without any hot food (even no omlette or a sausage) and without any fresh fruits, it is some sad cheese, salami and bread, minimal sweet thing and some really low-budget tea and coffee. That's their breakfast (and their attitude!). If you want to enjoy Berlin, choose a better place, what is not hard in this city. We never had a bad place like this, in this fantastic city. The reception lady (I'm sure she doesn't know the hotel business) said "you cannot do anything, you already paid your room, but put us to the embassies blacklist, hahaha" - and she was laughing.
4.2/5Very Good10 Reviews
2.14km from ALAS Mediterraneum
The Hotel Schoenberg could surprise you. It is, at best, a 3 star hotel worth a 3 star rating, but I’ll give it 4 stars for exceeding expectations. It’s an older building on a busy street in a middle class largely residential neighborhood in the west, at some distance from top tourist sites ( but the city hall, or Rathaus, where JFK gave his famous speech, is just a few blocks away and worth a visit). Entrance is nondescript and reception is up a flight of stairs. The elevator maybe fits 2 people. But our room on the 3rd floor was lovely...high ceilings, older details, large windows....a comfortable double bed...minibar and and tea...large vintage wardrobe...even a pants presser. Though we faced the busy street we could hardly hear the noise even with windows open— and just in case, the hotel supplied earplugs. The bathroom was reasonably contemporary and updated. The only drawback was the large step in tub and hand held shower arrangement. There were not enough secure hand holds to step in and out safely. The tub itself made for a very deep bath. Staff were friendly and welcoming, the breakfast was fine, and most of all, th3 price is right. The s-bahn stop is a few minutes walk and just a few stops to Friederichstrasse, which will put you in the center of many things. So if you want to be a bit adventuresome, see a different neighborhood ( lots of shops and restaurants of various types), and save some money, this could be the place for you.

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4.9/543 Reviews
Breakfast is okay, but it is still more monotonous than the domestic hotel. The location is very good, the entrance is the Potsdamer Platz, there is also a subway station, the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament Building, the Berlin Shopping Center are very close, and there is a Mobai at the door, very convenient. There are also other companies sharing bicycles with children's seats, but the QR code can't be scanned. I don't know how to use them, but the hotel has a bicycle with a child seat for rent, 30 euros a day, 15 euros a day. To the northwest of the hotel is a large Tiergarten park, which is in a good environment with trees, grass and water.
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4.4/596 Reviews
Our room on the 13th floor was standard category. Spartan in decor, purely functional in layout, the room was clean, the tv worked and it had a minibar plus good view . No tea or coffee making facilities but that might just be a Radisson feature. However, when I needed help in checking in on line for a flight home, the wonderful lady at the Customer Relations desk was just amazing. I never established her name, but think her surname was 'Williti'. She is absolutely a gem and patiently managed to get us check-in with EasyJet, and printed out our boarding cards. Thank you so much. My wife and I were then treated to a trip to the 37th floor to enjoy the magnificent views. It was a very kind gesture and one we won't forget. I hope Radisson Alexanderplatz management appreciate they have a star on their team.
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4.8/549 Reviews
The Riu Plaza is a 4-star place owned by the Spanish Riu chain, obviously aimed primarily at business and conference people. But it's a good place to stay for holidaymakers too. - Very well located in Schöneberg, 150 metres from Wittenbergplatz (and a little further to Nollendorfplatz in the other direction), so pretty easy access on the U-bahn to almost everywhere, and only 1 stop from Zoo Garden terminal for airport buses. - large, airy rooms, with good views (we were on 16th floor), comfortable bed, excellent and spacious shower and good bathroom in general, fast lifts - a good bar, with friendly bar and wait staff, and not overpriced, just off the reception desk area - generally friendly and efficient front desk staff (but see further on) - not expensive, at least in winter; we paid only just over 100 euros a night, which is good value Its flaws are minimal, but...: - Breakfast is too expensive. Sure, it has all the usual breakfast buffet stuff, but it significantly adds to the cost of the holiday to cough up 19 euros pp each day (we stayed 4 nights). Having just come from an excellent central hotel in Lisbon, where we had an excellent breakfast for 12 euros pp each morning, it seemed excessive, so we settled for a nearby cafe each day. - Make sure you put the 'do not disturb' sign on your door each day if you don't want to get up early. The first day we were there, Monday, having arrived in Berlin at half past midnight, we were woken up at 8.45 am by a cleaner banging on the door. Happened again at the same time a couple of days later when we forgot to put the sign out. Sorry, when you're staying for 4 days, there's no reason to clean the room that early - and I blame the management, not the cleaners, who just do what they're told. - Some of the staff are a little slapdash. E.g., the kettle in our room had been ruined by an idiot previous occupant trying to use it as a coffee perculator, so there was a baked-on layer of coffee on the bottom of it. On our way out the next morning, we took it down to the front desk - the guy there actually asked us to take it back up to our room on the 16th floor, and assured us it would be replaced by the cleaners. When we returned from sightseeing 6 hours later, guess what - the ruined kettle was still there in our room. Fail! I know this is a 1st-world problem, but the original front desk guy should have just taken the kettle and organised to get it replaced. When we took it down again, this time the woman on the front desk took it from us, and a short time later a new kettle was in our room. I don't want to criticise the place too much, as it was pretty good overall and we'd stay there again. But it felt a little impersonal, and while most of the staff were excellent, some were not well-trained or motivated enough to deal properly with issues, relatively minor though our's were. Thus, it gets 4 stars, not 5.
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4.6/5149 Reviews
A particularly good hotel is a German hotel chain. It didn't have breakfast. It seemed very expensive. The hotel location is very good. It is just 5 minutes walk from the Berlin train station, and there are many subways and buses nearby. The hotel rooms are particularly large and clean, with a domestic 4-star feel. Front desk service is average, English needs to be improved, check-in time cannot be advanced, and luggage can be stored for free. The hotel also offers a free German bus day card, which can save a few euros a day. Especially affordable. Highly recommended. The pictures were taken by me in real life, I hope they can help everyone.
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4.9/522 Reviews
We had our honeymoon at Siam Kempinski Bangkok and we really love it. We booked that hotel because our fave restaurant is situated there, sra bua by kiin kiin. So for our first Yr anniversary, we decided last minute to have weekend in Eastern Germany and try 1 night in Aldlon kempinski and decide later on if we will extend 1 more night or drive somewhere again. My husband was so excited for this stay because of what we experienced in Bangkok. So we checked in today and was given room 302.sadly it was facing the back part of the hotel, with scaffoldings/construction site and smoking area for staff. Wanted to let it pass and just close the curtain but I'm sad thinking how excited my hubby was for this stay. I checked our agoda booking and it stated executive room with street view. So gathered my courage and called reception while hubby was parking the car. As soon as I asked if they have a better view room, I was told that the rate is higher as it is a different room type. When I mentiond about the street view stated by agoda, was then told to wait and he will call back if there is an availability. Male staff called back, I think aryan, saying a staff is on the way to assist. We waited 10 mins not touching anything, to be considerate. Moved to 338.okay Street View indeed. But nothing special. But at least no scaffolding. Not complaining coz that was the booked room. But still dreaminh how beautiful Siam was. Lol. Just wondering if this time of pandemic all the rooms are booked out? If not maybe give the best rooms to guests who takes the risk to travel? Just an opinion (of course to guest's advantage) :D So anyway, even though we are a couple, 338 has 2 single beds joined together but weren't stabilised. When my husband sat on one bed, it kinda moved or rolled. We stared at each other and just laughed it out. We couldn't be bothered calling again to ask for a room change nor someone to fix it. We just want to sleep in tonight and check out tomorrow. Thanks to aryan for calling back to check if we are happy with the 2nd room. He offered to send someone to check on the bed issue but hubby was really tired of the long drive, we couldn't be bothered. Still love kempinski. Maybe not to stay here again, but, next time we come back once sra bua is operating again. Lesson learned, don't expect too much.
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4.5/533 Reviews
We went over to Berlin to celebrate our anniversary as a family. Stayed for 3 nights and we enjoyed our stay. The hotel location is very good as you have restaurants and cafes all around the hotel within walking distance and right downstairs you have a huge supermarket to buy all your daily needs or like me shopping for great items to bring back home to try. The staff at the hotel are very nice and friendly. I want to say thank you to Guest Relation Manager Rika Hundrack for helping me arrange a special surprise for my husband to make our stay a little bit more special! We also went to the gym it is well equip. Rooms are a good size the kids (ages 14 and 11) enjoyed their privacy in the bunk beds room and us too. Just a tip will be nice to have a few more english channels or maybe have the option to change languages in some of the programs. Other than that i cannot think of anything else. As for those who are drive to Berlin there is hotel parking but also free parking outside the hotel just double check with staff which area its on the street where there is a fish cafe is located. Thanks again Mercure MOA Berlin.
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