Hotels Near Cafe Tini In Slidell Review

3.9/510 Reviews
This is a decent property but understaffed. On day our room was not made up. Other rooms where people had checked out had not been made up. People had reservations but could not be checked in at 11 pm because rooms had not been made up Also front desk was left unattended for long periods of time while sole employee attended other guests. Plus their printer was out of toner for several days and they couldn't print anything, slowing down check-ins. The staff was friendly but frustrated/frantic.
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3.8/510 Reviews
Upon my arrival, I noticed construction going on. There was prior notification by the staff person when I called this location or the website. My husband and I had to travel through the back side of the building through dirt, debri etc. We were allowed to exit through the front once we booked the room; however, we had to manually pull and open the sliding doors. When we entered our room, we noticed that the bathroom was grossly filthy. The toilet had urine in the bowel and feces on the seat. The door had brown smear marks and splashes on it. When I informed the front desk, she offered to clean the room, but initially refused to give me another room. The second room had filthy floors, nasty shower glass (soap scum) and red stuff in the shower area, hair particles all over the sink, poorly cleaned microwave area with previous food crumbs, rough towels, partial used toliet paper, and crumpled bed linen. I was unable to shower. I had to go to my in laws home to shower. I asked the housekeeper if she could reclean the bathroom because the area around the toliet was filthy and shower area. She replied, she could, but the floors won’t come clean. Upon my return to the room, the bathroom looked the same nothing was cleaned. The common coffee area was filthy. The receptionist at the desk was cleaning the area as she stated our manager is on the way. There is no parking space. This is not a reflection of Hilton property. I am certainly contacting the corporate office. Please do select this facility. I laid 113.00 for one night for this room. I was traveling from Atlanta, Ga.
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